Bills really are going to play a game Wisconsin this time…

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It’s Sunday morning and I’m still trying to figure out if the Buffalo Bills really beat the Vikings in Minnesota last week. Has there ever been a more unpredictable Bills’ team in franchise history? The years all seem to melt together after awhile but I don’t recall one this weird, especially as early in the season as we are at this point.

The 2018-9 Bills’ season certainly started out with a bang, and not in a good way. If life followed Hollywood script, Nathan Peterman would be throwing for 400 yards a game with 6 TDs and O INTs each week and Josh Allen would be carrying a clip board, while incubating safely on the sidelines.

Instead, we’ve got leaping rookie quarterbacks flying into end zones and lighting the Twitter world on fire. This is the kind of chaos perfectly suited for a guy like Josh Allen.

Even though we have yet to see the real Allen emerge in terms of personality, you know deep down inside he would totally approve of raucous tailgating and table smashing. After all, he went to college at Laramie and will likely be a first-ballot Hall of Famer at the “the U-dub”. He’s already a legend in Wyoming.

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So what can we expect from our young quarterback who plays more like he’s into rodeo than football?¬†Will Josh Allen bring new meaning to the term “Lambeau leap”? Pretty sure Brian Daboll hopes that will not be the case.

The biggest question I have is why Vegas oddsmakers are so willing to stick their heads in that oven again and make the Bills more than a ten point underdog against the Green Bay Packers (last I checked). Didn’t the oddsmakers get summarily roasted last week? They must be gluttons for punishment.

If this Bills team is ANYTHING at this point, they are without a doubt extremely unpredictable. Kind of like their rookie quarterback.

Will Buffalo’s luck change because this time they really are going to play a game in Wisconsin? Anybody’s guess how the fates will treat the Bills on Sunday.

A hobbled Aaron Rodgers is a good thing for the Bills, but will the defensive line be able to generate the kind of pressure they did against the Vikings? If Lorenzo Alexander can keep drinking from the fountain of youth and Tremaine Edmunds keeps the learning curve steep, they definitely have a shot at it.

However, a lot will depend on whether or not Buffalo can get a running game established. That’s the next mountain the Bills need to leap.

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The guy I hope to be watching intently during this game will be CB Ryan Lewis. It would be a travesty if he didn’t get the start over Phillip Gaines, whose ceiling has already been defined at the position.

Lewis could prove to be a gem of a find after Vontae Davis’ bizarre retirement. He more than held his own last week and the biggest beneficiary Lewis’ success was Tre’Davious White, who terrorized Vikings WR Stefon Diggs. The fact the Bills snagged him off the Patriots’ practice squad makes it all the sweeter if he pans out at the position.

All I can suggest at this point is that cardiac care units in Western New York be prepared for this Bills’ football season, because the only thing that seems certain is there will be many more heart-stopping moments (good and bad) along the way.


Editor’s babble: Just when you think you’ve seen it all as a Buffalo Bills fan. Achieving equanimity while watching this team play football is a mental exercise in futility at this point. If you can stand it, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.¬†

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3 Replies to “Bills really are going to play a game Wisconsin this time…”

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  2. Bills (+9.5) @ Packers Line started at 10.5

    After a shocking 27-6 win on the road over the highly rated Vikings can the Bills go into the fabled Lambeau Filed and pull out another road victory?

    The Bills have a chance if they play as aggressively as they did last week. The Packers O-line is banged up and Rogers is hobbled by a knee injury.. Trent Murphy and Jerry Hughes dominated the Vikings O-line last week and the Bills will need a repeat performance today. It will be T. White taking on the Packers best WR Davante Adams in a excellent match-up. Bills MLB rookie Edmunds is improving each game as he is started to react to plays instead of thinking and then reacting. Safety Micah Hyde returns to face his former team..

    Bills will have Shady back but they shouldn’t rush him as Ivory and Murphy played well last week filling in… Josh Josh Josh will be exciting to watch as he is the Bills future, the Pack will be able to watch film on him and offer a few surprises but Josh does not get rattled… The Packers will be without starters DT Wilkerson and LB Perry and as a team have only 6 sacks in 3 games. Bills could be without TE’s Clay and Groom as both are nursing injuries.

    Bills go into Lambeau and pull off their 2nd stunner in a row, if they don’t win outright they will surely cover the spread…

    Bills 30 Packers 27