Blockers Getting in Line at Bills’ Training Camp

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Getting excited without cause is what sports are all about.  Irrational exuberance allows us to overcome the trauma of dreams not working out previously.  That regrettable scenario pretty much happens every time.  There’s no escape, so look to the future like a true optimist.

Inventing reasons why everything will be okay is the domain of fans in general and those following the Bills in particular.  They broke the pattern by being pretty good last year, so why not make it a trend?  Take expecting the offensive line to make life easier for a roster in flux.  These five lions must work together as one.  Forming Voltron is the only way to defend the universe, or at least the quarterback.

It’ll be tough to retain possession with so much turnover.  Camp’s about recalibrating after many of last year’s starters skipped town.  Even more concerning for the hiring manager, only one-fifth of the jobs are set.  The rather sudden respective departures of Eric Wood and Richie Incognito mean chances for new players to shine if you’re going to be deliriously optimistic.  I don’t know any other way to endure August.

Any calmness about the offensive line is credited to a crafty veteran who’s been dominating since 2017.  Dion Dawkins already makes Bills fans comfortable even though it’s only his second year.  I double-checked, as it feels like he’s been around awhile.  The man who’s already a fixture doesn’t seem like the type who’d grow complacent because he won a job.  Maintaining that seal is the proper way to maintain relaxation, at least for those watching.  I almost forgot Cordy Glenn exists.

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The only thing odder than investing so much faith after a rookie year is before.  The Bills hopefully stole Wyatt Teller in plain sight.  The man who last blocked for Virginia Tech seems enthusiastic and mean, which is good news considering there’s an immediate job opening he can grab.  Camp reports have noted he’s undergone understandable struggles, but someone fresh out of college has all month to learn.

This line is hopefully getting a player back without losing him.  John Miller was only gone figuratively.  Coaches decided they didn’t want him gleefully flattening enemies for some baffling reason.  Instead, they preferred sticking a city bus on the race track.  The curious choice to switch from an effective strategy to a zone blocking folly that hamstrung their auspicious guard has been discarded.  A wasted year’s only advantage is enjoying the return.

Life contains countless mysteries such as why The Rock chooses those scripts.  Also, where could Ryan Groy start?  The offense could miss the precious reserve in his old role of not playing much. At the same time, Russell Bodine moved to Buffalo for work, and him winning a starting role would mean they could keep Groy as a backup who could ‘not start’ at three positions.

This group has opportunities available, which is a nice way of saying we must wait to see who plays the best.  Take how Marshall Newhouse is trying to start for his fifth club even if he’s presently filling out the second team.  Like Michael Caine, he shows up everywhere eventually.

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Under the rosiest scenario, players they once counted upon to start way back last year would be valuable for depth.  Vlad Ducasse and Jordan Mills are in luck if competition brings out their best.  The latter allowed six sacks last year, so either a reduced role or philosophy change would be of great assistance.

The simplified scheme will hopefully lead to straightforward enjoyment.  Staffers are expected to knock over whoever’s in front of them, which is what the position should be.  There will be no more deciding just who they’re supposed to confront.  That moment of contemplation is better suited for Dungeons & Dragons time.  Rolling dice takes too long.

Everybody –  learn to be amazing quickly.  The season will drag otherwise.  Full-time blockers must compensate for the rest of the roster’s transitional period.  The professional roadblocks are enduring similar upheaval.  But excuses aren’t going to stop ornery defensive ends.

One of the new starters will be snapping to a mystery man.  We still won’t know much even upon learning the name.  Buffalo’s breaking in a new starting quarterback whether it’s the untested rookie, barely-tested second-year guy, or marginally-experienced veteran.  Meanwhile, the receiving corps is holding out until reinforcements arrive.  They’re going to be waiting for Godot the entire season.

The line shouldn’t be expected to save the rest of the offense.  Citizens of Metropolis presume Superman will swoop in and vanquish whatever’s menacing them.  Human nature means constantly resisting ingratitude.  But these unsung superheroes are used to others getting the acclaim for what they set into motion.  Sudden stability would be the greatest blessing they could create.  It would be manifested by keeping others upright.

Editor’s babble: I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on the offensive line at Bills’ training camp on Sunday. Some names are familiar, but the final configuration remains to be seen. Thanks to Anthony Bialy for always bringing his unique perspective to our blog. You can follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy. 

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