Sat. July 28: Bills’ Camp Practice Tweets

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Good morning from the foothills of the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming. So it looks like today will be the first padded practice for the Bills at training camp. Let’s hope we get to see more about how the coaching staff intends to set this team up for success.

Looking forward to checking out how this coaching staff runs training camp next week when I arrive in WNY. This will be my fifth trip to training camp, and each coaching staff seems to have a completely different approach to camp.

Let’s roll:

Editor’s babble: And that’s a wrap for today. Well, well, well… the theme for today was all about people being surprised by Josh Allen’s progress. Imagine that. There is another 8:45 a.m. practice on Sunday and I’ll be gathering tweets for the roundup. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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4 Replies to “Sat. July 28: Bills’ Camp Practice Tweets”

  1. Thanks for all the updates Robyn!

    Nice to see Allen have a good day. Seems like he makes a couple of spectacular throws in a row, then will throw a duck. McCarron seems to be steady, but unspectacular. Peterman seems to have regressed from minicamp/OTA’s.

    I wonder if the Bills will try trading Lawson, like they did with Ragland last year as Lawson has been unable to get starting reps from Trent Murphy?

  2. Also, sounds like Daboll’s offense uses a good amount of RPO’s and appears to be more of a modern NFL offense. So far, I’m liking the sound of that.

    Still remembering that this is just the start of camp, so I’m trying to temper my expectations, but I’m liking what I’m hearing so far.

  3. Robyn, Thank you so much. I feel like a big shot up there with the likes of Chris Brown, Joe B, and Sal Capaccio. 😁 Bob aka @billsnmetsfan