Taking your Bills’ Training Camp questions!

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Consider yourselves warned. If you enjoyed my silence on the blog lately, it’s coming to an end very soon. I’m returning to the homeland Aug. 4-11 to attend two training camp sessions (Sun. Aug. 5 and Tues. Aug. 7th), as well the Bills first preseason game against the Panthers at ‘The Cap’ on Thurs. Aug. 9th. So get your popcorn ready for some training camp jollies!

In an effort to organize the mess also known as my brain, I decided to put out a blog post to keep track of any questions or comments you may have for me to check out while I’m at training camp. It’s something I did in a past life as moderator on the Buffalo Bills Message Board, and something I’d like to follow up with for the blog.

You can bookmark this post for that week or if you follow me on Twitter (@RobynMundyWYO), I’ll post a link daily asking for your commentary/questions. Use the comment section to post questions and dialogue among each other.

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So let’s get started by identifying what you may want me to look at while I’m at camp. Here’s my short list of objectives to examine, but I’ll be happy to refocus my attention to any specific area of interest you might have.

  • Quarterbacks – duh. Of course.
  • Offensive line – because I’m obsessed with the guys up front. Every position on the line with the exception of LT is up for grabs at this point. Bodine vs Groy… who starts at RT, LG, RG?
  • Defensive line – because I’m also obsessed with the guys up front on this side of the ball. How fast will Harrison Phillips pick up this defense? One of the biggest questions I have is how Trent Murphy looks since we’ve yet to see him fully practice. Will Shaq Lawson respond to the challenge?
  • Tremaine Edmunds – I’ll be visualizing him implanting his helmet into Tom Brady’s abdomen. OK, so I really want to see if he looks like he’s got command of the defense and how teammates respond to him.
  • Charles Clay – if they baby his knee as expected, I don’t expect to see much from him at training camp. Still think his knee is barely functional and they will limit him at camp. O’Leary intrigues me and Daboll might just figure out a way to use him more.
  • Secondary – Expecting this group to excel again and for Tre White to exact his revenge for being virtually ignored by the national media. Will Vontae Davis regain his prior form? Who wins the nickel corner job?
  • Wide receivers – I’m not as flipped out as some about the lack of talent here. Every year players step up unexpectedly and outperform expectations. I’ll be watching to see who has chemistry with which quarterback because at this point the offense is a complete unknown.
  • Daboll – Will be watching how he commands his offense and see if we can identify what type of offense he’s going to run. My guess is it will be exactly as he says, an offensive game plan altered every week to adjust to the opponent. Imagine that.

That’s just a general outline of what I’ll be trying to decipher while at camp. I’d like to use this post to provide a platform for dialogue as we go along through camp. So let’s get started by outlining your specific questions and comments and go from there.

What do you want me to focus my attention on at Bills’ training camp while I’m there? Hit the comment section and let’s get this party started!

Editor’s babble: Also want to pass along a reminder about the upcoming “Big, If True” event at Elmo’s Bar on Thursday, July 22 from noon-4 p.m. This event is held to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of WNY. Incredible work being done by this organization for many years!

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