Bills Quarterbacks Impressing at Mini-Camp

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Before anyone gets too bent out of shape, yes we’re aware that they’re throwing in gym shorts against a soft defense, but it’s still nice to hear that the Bills quarterback rotation has looked good during OTA’s. As we approach a season where the team’s continued progress will hinge on whoever wins the starting gig this summer, we’ll take all the good news we can get.

After the social media dust settled following Buffalo’s selection of Josh Allen in April, fans have largely changed their tune in terms of relative optimism (or lack thereof) regarding his ability to become a franchise quarterback. What a surprise.

Aside from a few errant passes and missed reads, the news has been largely positive on Allen’s performance in practice. Fans should be encouraged by his willingness to learn from the veteran defenders on the team. After tossing an interception to fellow rookie, Tremaine Edmunds earlier in the week, he took the council of safety, Micah Hyde to discuss what he did wrong on the play.

The professional demeanor coming from Allen isn’t exactly a surprise, but it’s nice to see him keep a level head and earn his teammate’s respect.

Despite his rookie signal-caller’s impressive start to camp, Sean McDermott is sticking to his word, taking a patient approach to how quickly he brings Allen along. According to Joe Buscaglia of WKBW, the second-year head coach confirmed that Allen will remain entrenched as the third quarterback in the rotation when the team begins training camp in August.

Shifting focus toward another passer who aims to develop his game after an inaugural campaign that he’d probably like to forget, Nathan Peterman stole the show at practice today. As the initial quarterback to see the field with the first-team offense, he showed a great deal of progress in both his timing and velocity. McDermott raved about how hard Peterman has worked during the offseason to hone his craft and compete to become the Bills’ starter, so it’s no surprise to see him get a substantial amount of time to show his progress with starting reps.

Following an abysmal first taste of action as a starter last year where he threw five interceptions in one half, the Pittsburgh product is trying to put that game in the rear-view, but fans have every right to be skeptical. Picturing Peterman as the week one starter is pretty cringe-inducing, but as it stands, he will be given ample opportunity to win the job.

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Free-agent addition, A.J. McCarron is still probably the odds-on favorite to lead the offense in September, but his competition may be more fierce than fans initially believed. Reports out of mini-camp have indicated that he and Peterman have split starting reps pretty evenly.

It’s important to keep in mind that while McDermott is widely lauded as a demigod by the fan base after coaching the Bills to their first playoff appearance in 17 years, he’s a stubborn guy, and he loves him some Nate Peterman. All NFL coaches have a bit of an ego, it comes with the territory, and you can rest assured that he daydreams about Peterman becoming the face of the Bills franchise in an ultimate “I told you so” moment.

Whether that ever happens remains to be seen, but for now, McCarron needs to watch his six. The guys behind him are hungry and making up ground in a hurry.

Let’s snap back to reality (oh, there goes gravity… No?.. Okay.) for a moment and take these reports for what they are. If you put the kool-aid down for long enough, you’ll remember that pretty much every Bills QB ever was reportedly “lighting it up” during practice. It’s been more than 20 years since one of them actually turned into something remotely resembling a franchise player.

There is currently a hilarious amount of “victory laps” being taken by fans on Twitter who have “always know Peterman was legit” or “believed in Allen since the beginning.” You may want to hold off on popping the champagne, boys and girls.

Until one of these guys starts racking up victories, they haven’t done diddly squat. That being said, this time of year is a lot of fun and with all of the turnover that took place on the roster, the team might just be in better shape on offense than they looked on paper.

Maybe. Stay tuned.

Editor’s babble: Great advice to keep a level head about quarterbacks until the pads go on and we see them perform in games that count. That stated, I’ll be cheering for my “homie” from Wyoming to blow the naysayers out of the water. Thanks to Anthony Sciandra for his terrific contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @SciandraSports. 

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7 Replies to “Bills Quarterbacks Impressing at Mini-Camp”

  1. Anthony it is good to hear the positives coming out of camp, instead of excuses of why the QB”s don’t look good—they look and should look good….

    I’m glad Peterman is having excellent OTA’s and sometime in the future we will all smile about the bad memory of throwing 5 picks in a half.

    Now the wait begins for the real practices and pre-season to start.

  2. Always better that the reports are positive than the guys are stinkin’ it up, but I agree most with the last few paragraphs…because Roscoe Parrish. I don’t know how many camp reports there were of that guy absolutely tearing it up only to be utterly invisible once the regular season started…much like Steve was talking about in the comments from the previous article.

  3. dudes, this is effin MINI camp! the speculation in the media is all over the map- from josh allen won’t start at all this season to the bills should just “let him fly”. all this from mini camp.

  4. Roscoe Parrish now there is a name from the past and I can remember the reports that no one could cover him in camp and we all know how that worked out…

    • Roscoe was a great punt returner and was underutilized as a WR, similar to Goodwin. Roscoe’s biggest problem was staying healthy. Guys that are super fast and small like Parrish and Goodwin usually get injured a lot as their small frames can’t take the pounding.

  5. i really liked watching roscoe play. you always thought he could “break one” every time he got the ball in open space but rarely did.
    agree he had trouble staying healthy and was wasted by everyone in his career with the bills

  6. Goodwin had a breakout year last year and I just saw a report that he was injured.