Josh Allen Debate Just Beginning for Buffalo Bills

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Free college was just the start of Josh Allen learning.  He may have to be patient after skipping his last year of college. The Buffalo Bills want to issue him a degree’s equivalent to ensure he’s qualified.

Critics of adding Allen in the first place note many companies hire employees who are already trained.  The latest intended savior may be getting paid handsomely to spend a year learning.  Man, everybody should get into this football business.

Why stop at predicting the record when you can guess who’ll be responsible?  Let’s kill time by figuring the over/under on Allen’s rookie starts.  The betting line should presently be at 0.5, so get in those wagers now that the Supreme Court says you won’t be arrested for putting your money where your mouth is.

As always, a polarizing topic hasn’t stopped anyone on either side from being certain.  One faction proclaims starting such a raw quarterback this year would be as wise as killing John Wick’s pet.  Linebackers start looking like Keanu Reeves.

Meanwhile, those who want him to prove it from the opener feel that making the anointed one a backup is the equivalent of waiting for your BlackBerry to be cool again.

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Pocketing Allen for 2018 means investing money in a stock that won’t pay dividends for at least a year.  So, it’s definitely wise to sell and spend the proceeds on SimCity upgrades.

The Bills may get nothing out of him this season, at least when it comes to producing tangible results like statistics or points or such.  But not every investment needs to be cashed in today.  Thinking only of today is a simple way to end up with a retirement portfolio worth eight dollars.

Those who think Allen should play every year of his contract subscribe to learning by doing.  It is the Boy Scout motto.  At the same time, the plucky advice may be archaic considering the neckerchief enthusiasts are not sure who their target audience is anymore. The Bills need to figure out whether they’re placating those demanding change or indulging in traditions.

Count the repetitions.  Will it take a year to learn proper mechanics?  Most trade schools take at least that long to award diplomas.  And it’s easier to fix a Honda than a quarterback.

Like looking for something new to watch on Netflix and again settling for The Great British Baking Show, young quarterbacks could get in lazy habits.  The last thing we need is Allen growing accustomed to, say, making the sort of poor reads that plagued his college career.  Some of his drop backs resemble me at a wedding with an open bar, which is why I banish myself to the sidelines.

Those too impatient for the microwave can try to trick the Bills into playing the rookie quarterback.  Just claim the best practice is doing the job.  There’s no better way to see if you can fly than by jumping from a helicopter.

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I see no downside to giving Allen real-time repetition against enemy defenses in games that count.  Well, I guess there’s the inevitable struggling that could stunt progress and kill confidence, but other than that I’m sure it’ll be fine.

The best way to learn is the toughest for a reason.  The adjustment to a real career is bound to be a painful process, so know that many of Buffalo’s previous seasons were good practice.  Why not learn something from suffering?  There’s enough of it in these parts that you’d better learn from it.

Our instantaneous society disapproves of anything not ready yesterday.  Harried modern humans are not used to waiting for things like Star Wars movies or quarterbacks.  I apologize if this column took three seconds to load.  Now, we sit still for a couple months.

Fans have to wait until training camp to see if Allen’s gotten down tying his shoes, much less mastered footwork.  Swearing at the clock doesn’t make it go faster.  I tried.

The debate about who’s wasting resources is as cheery as imagined.  Horrid tendencies may become ingrained if he plays too soon.  On the other hand, there’s only so much the new guy can gain by manning a clipboard.  Allen has presumably watched plenty of football.

Would parking on the sideline help him work through his progressions properly?  It’s tough waiting to deploy their highest-drafted quarterback ever.  But make sure trying to get the most possible starts out of him doesn’t lead to him burning out by 2020.

This is more fun than arguing if they should have drafted him.  At least debates are evolving.  Bills fans have progressed from wanting them to draft any other quarterback to demanding Allen starts from the opener to maximize awesomeness.

Allen either should or shouldn’t start, so I’m glad that’s settled.  At least both sides share the common ground of ultimately being optimistic despite the doom front moving in.  Thinking everything will work out despite dreadful concerns defines this club.  Welcome aboard to rookies who are just learning.

Editor’s babble: Let the good times roll. Debating about quarterbacks is a long-standing tradition in Buffalo. Thanks to Anthony Bialy for providing a launch pad for what is likely to be a very spirited debate during training camp. You can follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy. 

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One Reply to “Josh Allen Debate Just Beginning for Buffalo Bills”

  1. Hopefully (and likely) McD will start the QB that gives the team the best chance to win. Doubtful they will put Allen in before his time, they should not cave in to an impatient fan base (or anyone else).
    Of course there are different ways to approach how to decide and where he plays but you need information to make the best decision. They will take the information based on his aptitude and performance in the off season, training camp and pre-season. They will listen and watch and let “Allen” tell them when to make the decision to play him.
    Hopefully they will not find themselves in a position that leaves them no other option. Although that does work out well on occasion, usually it does not.
    Interesting times. Let’s be patient. Let’s never wear such a harness the dude hanging from the copter is wearing. Ouch!