‘Horrible Harry’, Bills are royal match for Buffalo

Bingo, Lord Kevin nails it again.

As those of you who persevered reading my drivel over the last couple of decades already know, this old Bills fan has always been enamored by the big guys up front. While skill players seem to get the majority of attention, I’m watching the grind, listening to the grunts and relishing everything down and dirty.

So when Dean Kindig (@TCBILLS_Astro) suggested we should take a look defensive tackle Harrison Phillips in preparation for the draft, it was love at first sight for me. Stanford graduate, humanitarian, lights-out defensive tackle with an edgy personality. I haven’t been this excited about a draft pick in ages.

In fact, just the thought of Mr. Phillips being drafted by another team tugged at my heart strings until the Bills put me out of my misery and drafted him. If ever there were a player and family who defined what it means to be the face of “Buffalo”, it’s this player and this family.

‘Horrible Harry’ was destined to achieve his success on the lee shores of Lake Erie. He exemplifies everything to love about Buffalo and Western New York.

This Harry was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s a proud Nebraskan, born and raised in the “flyover” state so he should fit right into Buffalo, a place dubbed the “armpit of the east” since the 1970s.

Though gone to live in the outpost of Wyoming for several decades, we native Western New Yorkers rarely take our hearts with us when we leave. Growing up in Nebraska seems like a similar experience.

Furthermore, everything Phillips accomplished to date has been through unrelenting devotion to his craft – and blowing up anyone in his way. He’s a hard-driving erudite man with a heart as soft as a sponge when he’s off the gridiron.

Photo of DT Harrison Phillips from omaha.com.

When queried recently about whether or not he would be able to keep up with his humanitarian work (majored in Science, Tech. and Society, Sociology) in addition to playing in the NFL, he quickly responded he’d be perfectly capable of staying involved with the use of FaceTime and other technology. Another win for the Internet and our plugged-in world.

However, what really struck me about this fit for destiny between Buffalo and the Phillips family is how perfectly they fit with the community of Western New Yorkers.

We’re used to working hard. We care about each other and our community. It doesn’t take much time to see how Harrison Phillips was raised and the wonderful people who surrounded him throughout his life. The Phillips family represents a great role model for our representing our region.

It’s no accident ‘Horrible Harry’ ended up in Buffalo. It’s a perfect fit for the defense and for the FAMbase as a whole. We’re better as a community when men like Kyle Williams and Fred Jackson represent our beloved Bills.

Mr. Phillips and his family will have every opportunity to do the same for the next generation of players wearing the charging Buffalo.

How many days before the season opener?

Editor’s babble: My heart be still, between the Bills drafting Harrison Phillips and signing Trent Murphy, I can’t think of a better DL since the Super Bowl years. The Bills may not have as great a legacy on offense, but there’s been some incredible defensive lines over the years. This one has the potential to be every bit as good. Bring it on.

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7 Replies to “‘Horrible Harry’, Bills are royal match for Buffalo”

  1. I’m thrilled he ended up in Buffalo, I was amazed he lasted to the Bills late in the 3rd round… Harry and McD hit it off right away when they met and had wrestling in common. He is a perfect person to assume Kyle Williams role when Kyle finally hangs up his cleats…

  2. I love your editor’s note. I can’t stay I’ve been studying the lineup like I have in some years past, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about what’s happened to the defense.

    It looks like Star is a stud role player, Murphy is intense, and Phillips seems like he’ll play a role. Edmunds roaming behind that line should be terrific.

    I always get optimistic. This team could surprise a lot of people, because it could have a top 10 defense and an offense that gets the job done – not explosive, but workmanlike.

  3. Thanks for another article Robyn. It always nice to read new Bills articles, especially while we’re waiting for the next significant Bills event to happen, which I believe is OTA’s/minicamp.

    While I don’t think the defense is a finished product just yet, I feel McBeane is getting very close at completing their rehaul of the defensive side. I’d like to see another LB added (hopefully in next year’s draft) that will be Lorax’s replacement. I still think Lorax is a good player and would like to see him used more as a pass rusher, I just think the Bills need another LB in the mold of Edmunds and Milano that has size, speed and can cover. While help was brought in at DE, I’m not so sure how I feel about Shaq Lawson as a pass rusher. Lawson has shown he is a very good run defender, but has been quiet as a pass rusher. Maybe with the new additions to DT, we’ll see the middle of the line plugged up, that way the QB’s can’t step up into the pocket to avoid the edge rushers.

  4. What the Hell !!

    Incognito Released: Richie Incognito has been released from the reserved/retired list making him a free agent. Incognito reportedly wants to play again and will be allowed to do so with any team that wants him after the release. With the release the Bills also can no longer recoup the bonus money they paid him when he agreed to a paycut earlier this offseason. At that time he tweeted he was happy to stay with the Bills. He then later tweeted that he would retire based on a doctor’s recommendation and also stated that he would not come back. He has had another change of heart. The unpredictable nature of Incognito this offseason made letting him go a small price to pay for the Bills.

  5. I think Richie is probably going to find there’s not a better deal out there for him at this point, and if he wanted to play this year for the sake of a paycheck, he should have just shut up and played. As for the Bills, they could have played hardball…but really, they probably would have just cut him had he not agreed to the pay cut and they’d be in the same position right now anyhow. It probably goes over much better with the locker room to just wash their hands of the situation than to take advantage of the village idiot and have him ‘repay’ any restructured ‘bonus’ that wasn’t actually new money. Sure, they could have totally screwed him for making stupid business decisions and even for being a dickhead and a distraction, but honestly, hard to take an organization serious about high character and doing the right thing if they’re not practicing what they preach.

    • Good points as they let him keep his sign on bonus.. The man has obvious mental issues.

      Maybe they resign him but I have to believe his days in Buffalo are over.

    • Not sure what happened to Richie but it’s clear he has personal issues that need to be addressed. After taking one look at Wyatt Teller, I’m good w/Richie moving on. If Teller is the future at that position, let’s get him rolling and get some experience. Thanks for your comment here, Joma.