Buffalo Bills Request Your Trust on Josh Allen

Photo of QB Billy Joe Hobert from COMC.com.

Like Billy Joe Hobert and the playbook, there’s so much we don’t know.  But lack of information shouldn’t deter us from proclaiming opinions assertively as biblical truth.  It’s so unlike football fans to announce just what will happens months from now in a sport with more variables than quantum physics.  The Xs and Os can go anywhere.

We should definitely give up before the opener.  After all, the Buffalo Bills took the quarterback that was last on many fans’ draft boards.  That’s figuratively; if you literally have a draft board, I applaud your intensity.

Regardless, Josh Allen is known to be a bust.  I suppose we could let him play a few games first, but that seems beside the point.  Why wait for anything as flimsy as evidence?

Photo of QB Josh Allen from businessinsider.com.

Crazy optimists may claim Allen should get a chance to play before we decide he’s failed.  That’s fair enough.  Still, there’s work to do.  Buffalo’s rookie quarterback has been vaguely diagnosed as having all the gifts without the ability to use them consistently.  Allen has to learn a new language, which is a schmerzen im Hintern.  A communications major must learn to express himself.

It’s too bad we were unaware which of a hundred prospects we should’ve been scouting until it was over.  Oh: time moves forward. If you travel to the past, tell yourself to scout Wyoming football.  Then yell to buy Apple stock if there are any moments left before the dimensional vortex shutters.

A particular type of degenerate insomniac fan may have seen lots of Allen.  Wyoming is the sort of team you watch if you’ve had a particularly indolent Saturday watching college football and decided to watch through the late West Coast game on the CBS Sports Network.

Lots of mechanics have noted where someone with Allen’s latent power could improve performance.  It’s fine to have hoped he could’ve willed his team to a slightly better finish than 8-5.  At the same time, it’s fair to wonder if he was the only one worth watching like Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live.

Screenshot of Eddie Murphy from newscult.com.

Yes, Allen needs to learn there’s only one foot off which he should throw.  But every forecast should presume the front office knows more than anyone locked out of the draft room.  I mean, it is their job.  They just need to remain humble about projections.  Their greatest bit of knowledge is knowing they know noting.

Even meticulous scouting doesn’t create certainties when it pertains to life after college.  If you think there’s a sure thing in a draft comprised of players with zero combined games of pro experience, I’ve got a secret system to beating roulette to share with you.  You have to put money in my PayPal first.

Allen’s physical characteristics can’t be learned.  His bosses apparently think accuracy is obtainable with enough rehearsals.  He seems to excel at bombs while struggling to target screens.  As with Picasso painting his house, doing the mundane tasks well is important, too.

The Bills think they can change him.  Of course, that’s been the source of many failed marriages.  Yet second weddings continue to occur in the triumph of hope over experience, or in Buffalo’s case about a dozen.  Trent Edwards was such a tease.

At least Buffalo’s new savior has been enthusiastic.  It’s easier to follow someone who tells us how awesome we are.  Allen sounds like Paul Stanley praising whatever town KISS is playing that night.

Enjoy not dealing with absent problems.  Everyone with a new quarterback has to fret about something.  Allen created none of the attitudinal issues that make Cleveland fans wonder if they added Bakey Football.  And the Cardinals can’t feel confident seeing Josh Rosen pout resentfully like Jay Cutler.

Photo of QB Jay Cutler from theclassical.org.

Imaginations can prompt insanity if they scamper unchecked.  It’s essential to neither fret about nightmares coming true nor get carried away with the team’s assurances that they just drafted Junior Jim Kelly.  It’d be nice to hope they’ll someday talk about drafting the next Allen.

Our favorite team thinks their top pick makes the word “awesome” seen inadequate.  It’s uncanny how every commentator the Bills found thinks Allen is the spiritual heir of Johnny Unitas combined with cyborg Joe Montana. There’s nothing wrong with a team trying to convince fans.  It’s just important to be aware of the attempt to be convincing.

Enough football soothsayers act as if they know exactly how people will do at first jobs.  Many of them were sure Shaq Lawson and Reggie Ragland would’ve already led a defensive renaissance.  There’s so much free time before they get to work that we understandably speculate.  But don’t let guesses turn into presumptions.

Let this serve as a reminder to doubt everyone about everything.  Um, that’s except for me when I say that.  Buffalo’s front office would maintain we haven’t seen Allen at his best.  They’re hoping the lack of refinement leads to surprises.  Now, that’s optimistic, even for Bills fans.  Sell us on him having the most room for improvement.

I’m spending $10 million because I’m going to win the lottery.  Maybe it’s best to see how the drawing goes.  While I may very well hit on the numbers next time, it’s best to wait until draft picks get to try their own combinations.

This draft class could be made to sound like it contains the greatest concentration of talent possible.  That’s what they said about Batman & Robin. Let’s see how they’re directed. Everything before and since the draft is an unchecked theory in case any assurance about the future comes across as too confident.

If you worry about this franchise’s ability to judge talent, Russ Brandon is presently updating his résumé.  I would decline to let him use me as a reference.  Those still employed by the club should take motivation where it’s found.  Allen should feel ticked about being doubted, which would make him the perfect Buffalonian.

Editor’s babble: Thanks to Anthony Bialy for his unenviable task of helping us get through another ‘Hump Day’. You can follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy. 

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22 Replies to “Buffalo Bills Request Your Trust on Josh Allen”

  1. We have no choice but to see how it goes…but that doesn’t mean you can’t call your shot. I’m siding with analytics on this one. If Josh Allen wants to prove everything wrong and become the new greatest QB the Bills ever had…great. If I want to win the Powerball drawing tonight…even better. Both seem to have similar odds, though.

  2. I am prepared to give the Bills credit for selecting a QB that was ranked as a bona-fide first round draft pick- period.
    His physical capabilities are off the charts- throwing darts and bombs in the combine with many observers saying they had never seen such an arm in decades of covering the sport. A physical match for the swirling westerly winds of an outdoor stadium just off the eastern shore of a great lake. A work ethic and attitude that fits the Bills culture. Leadership qualities that will lead by example during meetings, physical preparation and on the field.
    So he seems a little hyper throwing the finess ball. BFD!
    I also believe that with the “Jock” Allen pick the Bills know his every negative tendency and developmental need. I am rest assured that they know this and that they will take every proactive and active step possible to help him improve and develop. They will also cater their game plan and system to his strengths-
    of which there are many. Analytics Schmanalytics.
    Just throw the dam ball. We’ve got a dude that can do that like no other. I can’t wait to see him play.

  3. Probably best that he sits most of this year since the wide receivers are weak. With the additional cap space next year, they should be able to get him some receivers to help.

  4. Allen to Kelvin Benjamin 25 yards out. Just throw it over there on the high side.

  5. Probably best that he sits most of his career since his ability to play the position is weak. With the additional cap space next year, they should be able to get another QB to help.

  6. we may have a call to action sooner rather than later. a j m c could quite possibly be matt cassell 2.0 and that would be painful to watch.

  7. Anthony another great article….

    Ah hell we’ll see what happens, it will take time as it did with Kelly. For those of you that remember he didn’t exactly set the NFL on fire his first few years but you could see he was special… Kelly played in 44 games his first 3 years in Buffalo throwing for 56 TD’s and 44 ints. The Bills continue to build the team around him through the draft, trades and FA’s.

    Lets at least give Allen a chance before kicking him to the curb, it is time to develop a QB, he has the tools to succeed and the Bills now have management in place that know what it takes to build the team…

    Just as we hope Allen is the next Jimbo lets hope that Beanie & McD are the next Polian and Levy…

  8. Joma- you are fricken hilarious…

    You don’t know better than the coaches and scouts, so show a little trust in their process.

  9. “You don’t know better than the coaches and scouts”

    After drafting Allen, I’m not so sure. We’ll find out who is right… If I’m wrong, great. Means the Bills should actually be good for a change. But if I’m right, then what? Most likely it’ll involve new coaches and scouts…

    “Lets at least give Allen a chance before kicking him to the curb”

    We have no choice but for the guy to get his chance.

  10. Would the patriots have a chance of making allen productive in their system? seems like they have a decent track record of developing guys and making them successful- cassell, brissett, garapolo.
    point is that certain organizations are better at developing and using talent than others.
    now it’s up to the Bills to develop their pick- and it seems like this staff would not have picked him if they didn’t think they could work with him- and have a plan in place to do it.
    regardless I like allen and his potential much better than tyrod taylor’s ceiling.

  11. “Would the patriots have a chance of making allen productive in their system? ”

    Funny, I’ve read projections that Allen’s upside is Ryan Mallet. How’d he do as a Patriot?

    “regardless I like allen and his potential much better than tyrod taylor’s ceiling.”

    I like Josh Rosen’s potential much better. If Allen is better than Rosen, I will turn in my armchair scout badge and trust the poopfest…or whatever they say over there every 5 minutes.

    • Agreed 100%

      It’s great that McBeane can identify good talent at the DB position as they turned the secondary around last season, but they bombed out on the RB/FB position last year. Let’s hope they did a better at finding a QB than they did at RB/FB.

  12. Joma you have officially turned into “Doomed” some of you remember him from 365…

    I wonder what ever happened to Doomed?

  13. Goose, you’re right. When you’ve been waiting this damn long and it FINALLY looks like they’re going to stop being Billsy, then the draft that you’ve been obsessing over for months sets up for them PERFECTLY, and they go and pull the ultimate Billsy that will keep them from being any good for at least another 5 years…

    Be happy we’re in a new place where we’re guests. If we were still on 365 with nobody but the handful of us where I could say how I REALLY feel not worry about offending people…look out! This is the happy version… I am beyond pissed!

    I hope I’ll have to eat soooo much crow…but I think it’s going to be a lot of I told ya so.

  14. Joma, hate to say this but you haven’t waited that long. I have been waiting since 19 freaking 60!

    Please don’t turn into doomed. Let’s give this kid a chance and I don’t mean a 1 year chance.

    Go Bills!!!

  15. Good morning…

    Doomed had another side which was pretty funny…

    Well if Allen is being mentioned in the same breath as Ryan Mallet, I’ll go with Rosen being mention as the next Christian Ponder.. I just had to throw that out-:)

    Rosen has a chance to make an immediate impact and Allen will take time to develop an is a longer range project…

    I was looking at the “83” draft where 6 QB’s were taken–3 were HOFers (Elway, Marino & Kelly) 2 were decent (O’Brien & Eason) and 1 was a bust (Blackledge)…

    This year 5 QB’s were taken the 2nd most behind “83” it will be interesting to see how it pans out…

    BTW–4 QB’s were taken in “04” Manning, Rivers, Big Ben and our own JP Losman (the only Bust of the group) surely the Bills luck will be better this time around as it is a new era at 1 Bills Drive…

  16. i like that way of thinking goose! may the “odds” be with us!

    i think doomed may have spontaneously combusted at the instant the bengal’s rallied to clinch the Bills playoff spot last season.

    crow tastes much better than certain alternatives……

  17. If there’s one thing I can say that’s not ‘the sky is falling’ about Josh Allen…looking very superficially at his 2016 season stats, while they’re still not WOW!…the numbers at least look half-way respectable. I still think you should be dominating lesser competition, but I’d probably be a little less terrified of the pick if that was the season he was coming off. I’d be curious to see Mr. Sciandra do one of his comprehensive season analysis pieces on that season.

    How’s that for positivity? I think that should about cover me for rest of the month. Back to your regularly scheduled program…Billsy pick, Josh Allen sucks, 6-10 is such a fun place to be, etc, etc.

  18. Joma –

    Love the new you! Maybe Rosen will wreck his shoulder this year and AJ leads us to another playoff season!

  19. Anthony –

    This piece is so off the wall, it’s great. It’s a perfect expression of where Bills fans sit today, waiting for real football to begin.

    There’s talent, potentially, all over the lineup. There are holes, potentially, all over the lineup. There’s great management, or maybe not. There are critics everywhere.

    We will know more or less nothing until the Bills start playing games for real.

    Nice job.

  20. JOMA –

    The one thing you see in Allen that gives you hope is his sorta okay 2016 stats? You’ve got to be kidding.

    Watch the video. Josh Allen is one of the best pure throwers I’ve ever seen. Quick release, classic throwing motion, power and touch. The guy is a great, great thrower.

    If he has what it takes between the ears, Allen will be a Hall of Fame quarterback. Big IF, I know, but there’s plenty to be excited about.