Josh Allen’s painful lesson about perils of social media

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Each year it seems like there’s some last minute drama that occurs during the final hours leading up to the NFL draft. This year it’s Josh Allen who is facing a public relations crisis after several racially insensitive tweets from six years ago while he was in high school surfaced on Wednesday.

Although Allen quickly apologized, the damage was already done.

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to step aside from further commentary on the obviously offensive nature of Allen’s tweets. That would require a thesis and goes beyond the focus of this discussion.

Technology advances are happening far faster than we’ve been able to evolve in terms of finding appropriate boundaries regarding what we post on social media. The gravity of something spoken out loud can fade with time, but the internet is forever and unforgiving, as Josh Allen just found out.

Having porous boundaries is one of the most dysfunctional aspects of modern society. If we live in the information age, shouldn’t we have some grasp on what type of personal information should be archived about us for all of eternity?

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Being “young and dumb” as Allen claims he was when he wrote the offensive posts is a completely inadequate excuse for his behavior. Let this burn in the memory of every person reading these words – you don’t get a “do-over” on the Internet when you cross certain lines.

You can’t take words back, and why in 2018 are we still having these conversations anyway?

What’s most disturbing from this old shrink’s perspective is how this type of insensitive thinking is passed on from one generation to the next. When parents are posting every last intimate detail about their personal lives on Facebook, why should we expect their children to be any different?

Children hopefully develop into free thinking adults and the first set of data to be imported into their brains comes most often from parents. Children generally learn prejudicial views, repeat them and then reassess the reaction they receive from a larger circle of adults.

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So when parents overshare every detail of their life on social media, their children assimilate similarly poor boundaries about what should or shouldn’t be shared in a public forum. The bottom line is each of us needs to take a step back and only post what you wouldn’t mind having associated with you for the rest of your life.

It’s heart-wrenching to think about what was supposed to be the best day of Josh Allen’s life is now stained by this controversy.

I hope if nothing else anyone reading these words will think long and hard about the importance of guarding what you write/say on social media. And for those who have children, please help them grow into emotionally stable adults with healthy boundaries so they understand the consequences of oversharing.

If ever there were a better example about the kind of devastating things that can happen on social media, I can’t think of one more impactful than what just happened to Josh Allen.

Now let’s move on to the draft and find out who the Bills will choose to lead the way!

Editor’s babble: As a grandparent, this ‘story’ is my worst nightmare. Social media is a direct reflection of society as a whole, and it definitely has a dangerous side. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. Thanks for your support.

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9 Replies to “Josh Allen’s painful lesson about perils of social media”

  1. Robyn –

    Thank you for once again providing us all with an EXCELLENT read. I don’t know how many of us here have or have had the experience of raising children into adults so I can only speak for myself……in today’s world, raising children into adults is harder than trying to learn Chinese arithmetic! Fortunately, my boys are grown adults now, but BOY oh BOY were there quite a few days where u just wonder “are these really my kids?”

    Additionally, I can now sit back and just watch without intervening friends of mine still in the thick of raising their own teenagers and all I can do is simply pray for them all.

    Kids today no longer learn culture from their parents. Today’s kids have their own culture, a culture of ZERO consequences, utter disrespect, zero loyalty, ungrateful, which they learn from their peers AND which they teach their peers! There are few “non-cool” parents today and these poor fools are on the verge of extinction! Same age peers matter more than parents and the transference of authority from parents to children is a disgrace and MOST of this role change comes from social media!

    Anyway, enough psycho babble from this old phart and let’s go draft Josh Rosen or Mason Rudolph!! Go Bills!

    Thanks again Robyn…..wonderful topic!

  2. It all set up perfectly…and the Bills Billsed it…just like I predicted. Rosen on the board and they take Allen. Now for Miami to get Rosen… Can I swear here? F!

    • WTF! Typical Bills. McBeane wanted a Cam clone (size, strength), but has a 58% completion rate. They say he’s a project player, so expect McCarron to start the next two seasons.

  3. At least AZ saved us the grief of Rosen totally rubbing our faces in it.

    I was going to say the Bills kicked butt on the trade if they took Rosen and keeping their other 1st…but I doubt they even needed to trade up for Joshie N-bomb. I think I might need a Bills break. I probably have about 4 years before they deem this chump a failure anyhow.

  4. well well well, goose had some inside intel! nice pick g-man. i think they made the right choice, allen is right up there with a lot of gurus and they didnt bet the ranch to get him. no more passes batted down at the line of scrimmage at least. just not sure if he can be a possession passer, he will need to develop a touch. what does troy aikman and mike mayock know anyway? well done by beane.

  5. another thing i like is that he really sees the field, he makes it look so easy, no one blocks his vision. no more missing the open guy downfield. as long as he has time to throw. mayfield and rosen look kind of fragile to me. allen does not.

  6. time will tell gentlemen. mitch tribusky was last years project and rightfully so with such little playing time but he started around mid season. all i am convinced of is that the experts hate it when the actual people who make draft picks for a living dont agree with them. it is possible they know something that the mike mayocks of the world don’t.

  7. Allen sounds like a bigger Tyrod, accuracy issues, only passed for 300 yards twice, struggled against top defenses and struggles with his second and third reads.

    I do like the LB we traded up for, he sounds like a beast.

  8. Just remember it is not about the present it is about the future..Only time will tell but I like the fact that the Bills didn’t give up their other #1 and nothing next year to move up…They did get the Bucs 7th in the deal.

    They also got the QB of the defense by trading up for Edmund’s, a LB that covers a lot of ground and has the size and speed to deliver a nasty hit…

    Beanie and McD—nice to have a GM and Coach on the same page.