Speculation Almost Over As Buffalo Bills Begin Selections

Photo/meme of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell from Indianapolis Fan Forum.

The draft is fun, and also frightening.  Loathing something enjoyable is a natural part of fandom.  Frenzied ambivalence makes the new player acquisition process almost feel like a game.

The Buffalo Bills are almost ready to prompt concrete excitement.  We’ve been waiting for an eternity just to find out who the intended franchise quarterback will be when games start in yet another eternity.  The first pick could affect the team’s fate until 2030 or so, just in case you think this wait has been long.

I return from the future to assure you they added the most important position right away.  Traveling only a day ahead may seem like a waste.  But I don’t want to ruin everyone’s predictions by seeing how the season goes.

Draft insiders expect the Bills to finally act like a grownup franchise who pays the price to get a treasured quarterback.  Outsiders do, too.  The players they’d draft with retained picks would go to waste without a precocious huddle boss.  So, they may as well move up.  They could wait a few more decades, but this trying interlude seems like long enough.

The Bills could aim for second.  And they don’t have to stop there.  Trade for Cleveland’s pick if you’d like.  Or just walk up to the stage before the Browns with your selection and see if anyone calls the bluff.  It’d mean our friends in LeBronTown wouldn’t be disappointed by whoever would’ve had the misfortune to go first overall.

I for one am ready to order the jersey of Buffalo’s top pick.  That’s unless it’s that guy I hate and told them not to draft.  No: not that Josh!

Photo of QB Josh Allen from si.com.

But there’s no way management wouldn’t heed my advice.  Eh: it’s a remote possibility.  In fact, I guess it’s fair to say full-time football people might be more familiar with prospects than internet columnist guy.  Tomorrow is the best chance yet for management to prove it’s professional more than technically.

The Bills have to vault ahead first.  Gutsy teams wait as late as possible to go earlier.  Exhibiting patience while suckers around them panic is a sign of confidence, which is a novel sensation for this team.

Oh: they have to add someone good, too.  It’s easy to forget this is Brandon Beane’s first draft as boss man.  The failure of past relationships makes present company seem even more pleasant by comparison.  He’s trying to impress for reasons beyond not stealing your debit card.

Having to trade for a single-digit pick is a sign of competence.  Any team that must move up to get its dream player just had a decent season.  On a related note, such demonstrated proficiency will ideally help a team avoid coping with high-profile underachievers like Marcell Dareus, Mike Williams, or Donte Whitner.

The only certainty is uncertainty.  Beane may make a staggering trade or shock by remaining still.  Either way, we can presume the Bills know more than us.  That seemingly obvious acknowledgement hasn’t always been historically true.  But this front office seems unnervingly competent so far.  It will hopefully still feel true after tomorrow night.

Photo of GM Brandon Beane from buffalobills.com.

Drafting someone so we can judge his every move is part of the excitement.  The top guy will be a millionaire out of college if that helps, so feel free to yell tips for improvement from training camp’s first practice.

There’s only one guarantee about this draft, and it involves a pleasant outcome.  We don’t have to endure the annual reminder of how long it’s been since Buffalo’s last playoff appearance. Expressing pity has been the only time national media pays this club any attention.  Look forward to what they don’t say.

Cheer for them to get their work done quickly tomorrow.  The Bills could dispense with tension by going early.  Not only would they get their choice of player: we’d get to speculate wildly as soon as possible with an important fact settled.  It’ll be great to have on most of the first round as background noise.

Sleep well knowing your favorite club is scheming to go in the order they want.  They may very well jump the queue to get the quarterback who’s been subject to a secret crush.  We can only hope he plays in the same dashing style as the way he’s selected.

The Bills armed themselves to do as they please.  Tomorrow is the rainy day for which they’ve stockpiled.  Whether an investor holds or sells, it’s nice to have the option.

The wait will soon be over before the wait to see the new guys play begins.  The revealed identities will have to suffice as progress.  At least our arguments will be more concrete.

Fans might disagree with Buffalo’s preference.  But know they are positioned to get the guy they want.

Editor’s babble: Tomorrow cannot come fast enough. How would we ever get through the insanity of this NFL draft without Anthony Bialy’s sense of humor? I know I can’t. You can follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy. 

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