Greg Kowalczyk’s Bills’ 2018 Mock Draft

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Editor’s babble: As we count down the last seven days to the 2018 NFL Draft, mock drafts are getting cranked out at fever pitch. In honor of this annual exercise, we’re bringing you Greg Kowalczyk’s mock draft for the Bills.

After reading through it, you’ll feel better prepared for what the Bills might do next Thursday night. Big thanks to Greg for sharing his expertise.

Let us know what you think about Greg’s mock draft in the comment section!

You can access Greg’s .pdf file by clicking the following link below:


Let’s get this thing rolling! Have a great day.


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20 Replies to “Greg Kowalczyk’s Bills’ 2018 Mock Draft”

  1. The 2018 NFL draft for the Buffalo Bills is a make or break given all the draft capital they have. One thing is for sure, in Buffalo the draft has been super hyped (for good reason) and there certainly will be a let down after it’s over. Undoubtedly they will need to move up to get a QB. If it plays out as the writer forecasts the Bills will have way overpaid, but this is what will have to occur for the Bills to get a QB.

    • I agree, any price the Bills will end up paying will be a lot aside from the QB they love being there at 12. The ideal scenario would be for Rosen/Mayfield to fall and only have to give up a 2nd round pick to move up to 9 or 10. Don’t be surprised if the 2019 1st is included in a huge package if they are able to get into the 2/4 spot. Fingers crossed that we can hold onto as many as possible.

  2. Excellent mock draft! I look forward to Gregs mock every year. Dude, does his homework. Go BILLS!

  3. Good plan for the Bills this year as it fills many of the needs of the team. Love the idea of getting Baker and then both some O-line help as well as potential weapons for him in the receiving game (even if Chark isn’t my favorite prospect). Well thought out and loving the detail and background info on all the prospect!!

  4. Wow! Great Mock Draft. Very detailed with legit reasons for each pick.
    A fun read! Let’s Go Buffalo!

  5. I would be ecstatic if the Draft fell this way for us! Greg’s annual Mock Drafts are a great read. I’m glad has to decided to post his work. Hopefully this will be the case going forward.

  6. “If it plays out as the writer forecasts the Bills will have way overpaid,”

    Really? Way over paying to me is giving up both firsts, next year’s first, and maybe more. If they trade their two firsts and the last pick of the 3rd and get back a 2nd to move up and get the guy they want (not named Allen,) I think they’ve done pretty well.

      • I think you’re typically going to have to pay more than the ‘value chart’ says to move up for a supposed franchise QB. If you’ve come close to matching the chart for a QB, you’ve probably done alright. And if the guy actually pans out, you’ve done fantastic.

    • I agree it could be a lot worse. 12,22,2019 1st and likely a 2nd or 3rd would be the cost if they wanted to get into pick two. They’ve stockpiled for this very reason. Beane earns the big bucks to decide how much to mortgage up to 1.2 versus; coming up halfway, or a couple spots. It’s going to be a fun week.

  7. Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for reading, and especially your comment here. We’re trying to grow our comment section to be a more interactive place where thoughtful discussion can take place.

    Is it next Thursday yet?

    Robyn (Editor-in-Chief)

  8. This mock has a lot of great points and valid choices. This guy knows what he’s talking about! This is by far the most nervous I’ve been for a draft in quite some time. Go Bills

  9. I can’t wait for next Thursday to be here, I took a PTO day on Friday as I’m looking forward to the discussion. on the 1st round and the Friday’s round 2 &3 …

    Beanie and McD know that to get to the next level they need an elite QB. The problem will be with the fans as they are so divided on which QB the Bills should take. Will the fans have patience while the QB develops?

  10. extremely well done greg! pro football weekly who? so much detail and a very plausible outcome.
    if the bills do happen to land mayfield i / (we)? shall be thrilled to death.

  11. Wow! Such a detailed draft. Feels like I’m right there in the front office. Greg sure does know football. Future GM material! Go Bills!

  12. Nice mock draft! good detail. I hope this mock comes true. I’d love to see the Bills get their franchise QB without giving up the farm.