‘Mona Lisa’ Beane obfuscates like no other GM in Bills’ history

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Let me be clear right from the start. Don’t expect this post to outline every nuance of ‘McBeane’s’ pre-draft press conference on Monday making any correlations between one word uttered and any valid inference that can be made from this yearly exercise in obfuscation about their comments regarding the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.

First up, I do have to take my hat off to Brandon Beane – when you can get the whole room laughing at something Jerry Sullivan says – you’ve accomplished something.

This yearly exercise in futility is always amusing because people actually expect to ferret out a nugget of the Bills’ intentions in the draft. The goal of the general manager and head coach is to provide as little information as possible and the media’s is to extricate whatever they can.

The only thing better than Sean McDermott running a pre-draft press conference is watching him teamed up with Brandon Beane. These guys are good.

I closed myself in a room and watched the entire press conference in the same mode as I used to while assessing clients. There’s a level of intensity that goes up a notch when “actively observing” people in their natural state of behavior.

People often unconsciously reveal information without intending to do so, especially if you focus your concentration on their face and watch them as they speak.

So, what did I learn by putting my eyeballs intently on this press conference?

This was about as great a performance as I’ve ever seen in terms of masterfully deflecting questions. Furthermore, I was really impressed with Beane’s candor and emphasis about why it’s unprofessional to reveal even the slightest hint of information about their drafting intentions to anyone outside their tight inner circle.

Photo of HC Sean McDermott (L) and GM Brandon Beane (R) from buffalobills.com.

What really struck me the most about this press conference was the synchrony that exists in the relationship between Beane and McDermott. It’s obvious these two men have more than just an authentic bond of friendship – they seem to see the world through a similar lens.

‘McBeane’ truly do enhance one another, and their affection for each another is obvious. There’s none of the ego and bluster of past regimes. It’s clear they are on the same page – and that can’t be anything but music to the ears of a FAMbase suffering from decades of incompetence and dysfunction.

So – rest assured BillsMafia, we are in good hands with McBeane. No matter what direction they take the draft, they have already demonstrated every reason for us to trust they will get the job done, and done right.

Editor’s babble: Watching that press conference made me feel almost giddy. I couldn’t care less about who they pick in the draft. I might just get a custom jersey made with “McBeane” on the name plate. At this point, they’ve more than earned my trust. Bring on the draft!!! If you can stand the optimism, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. 

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24 Replies to “‘Mona Lisa’ Beane obfuscates like no other GM in Bills’ history”

  1. “they have already demonstrated every reason for us to trust they will get the job done, and done right.”

    Do you say this because the ending of the drought? Because I can’t go all-in on that. I’m glad it’s over and they proved me wrong that they had no chance of making the playoffs last year…but I can’t say they’ve cemented themselves as proven commodities. Last year was kind of like the winner of the AFC South…they make the playoffs because they’re in the AFC South with a bunch of bad teams and somebody’s gotta win it. The Bills were mediocre at best last year, but the AFC was horrible and the Bills were incredibly lucky. Statistically, last year’s team wasn’t even one of the better teams of the drought…I think it was like the 7th best team or something. I would agree they appear to be making mostly good decisions, especially if they get a legit QB, but unless they get some really good QB play from a rookie or McCarron is unexpectedly good, they’re probably going to be pretty bad this year. Their future will likely be tied to the QB they bring in. If he’s successful, they’re golden. If he’s a bust…I’m not sure they’ll get a second swing at getting it right.

  2. Hi Joma!

    Guess I see the glass half full from the beginning and start out by giving people the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong. You seem more like the “prove it to me” type of person before you are willing to hand out praise. It’s just two different paradigms of viewing the world.

    I believe in people and give them my full support until they give me a reason not to. You seem to expect longer-term exceptional performance before you give praise. We’re just different.

    Thanks for your comments!


  3. Fair enough. I used to buy in and assume the best, but they’ve turned me into a skeptic over the years… I do try to be fair, though…I try to form my opinions and assessments from a place of neutrality. I’m both excited about and nervous, borderline dreading the draft. It could be the start of something great or an epic swing and miss resulting in more same old Bills. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if they trade way up and take Josh Allen. Hope for the best, I guess…but I’m going to be waiting for him to bust…and I’m probably going to be very bitter if it happens like I think it will…if they draft Allen.

  4. Good morning….

    I’m with you Robyn, listening to these two gives me hope of the future. They have a plan and for once in a long time it looks like we have Beanie and McD running the franchise like a football organization should be run… Both on the same page and both going in the same direction. No more leaks coming out of 1 Bills Drive is a sure sign of their authority…

    As for Joma that’s just him being Joma, he keeps us on our toes by not letting us get to overwhelmed with optimism. We have been down this path before thinking things were on the upswing only to fall far short…

    Myself, I would be happy if Josh Allen ends up as a Bill with my first choice being Mayfield…

    • Hi Goose!

      For the first time since Levy/Polian I’m relaxed and letting things just roll out however this regime sees fit. If it’s Josh Allen, fine. Baker Mayfield? Even better.

      This pairing of ‘McBeane’ is clearly symbiotic. This was the first pre-draft presser in a very long time (or any Bills presser) when I didn’t find myself cringing at something being said.

      The body language between these two wreaks of compatibility, as well as how they can finish each other’s sentences. We’re blessed to have finally found that precious compatibility that needs to exist between a head coach and GM.

      Thanks for your comments, as always! Have a great day :)


  5. A pre-draft press conference seems like a half baked attempt at giving fans some relevant information as a by product of the 24/7/365 information age that fans have come to expect / demand from their teams. There is no such thing as an off-season any longer. Maybe their should be.

  6. Apparently there’s a rumor about a 3 way trade with the Browns and Giants…Bills give up a ton including next year’s first and the Browns and Giants splitting it up, Bills pick first, Browns pick second, and the Giants pick 4th but still get the top non-QB on the board. I dunno, the first next year makes me a bit hesitant, but I’d probably rather do that and get Darnold than do another move that results in Allen. Then again, if there’s any truth to this rumor, Cleveland would be taking Allen regardless of this deal.

    If it were true, though…I wouldn’t love it, but wouldn’t hate it either…assuming it wasn’t trading up for Allen.

    • There’s so much smoke I’m just registering all these theories and will be happy when it’s all over and we have something tangible to discuss about QBs…

  7. Joma –

    This old man would absolutely HATE that move!! From what brain cell did that rumor come from, Rex Ryan?

  8. It’s being discussed on WGR…looks like it originated from some twit on twitter claiming the source is a college ref with some sort of ties to Bills brass. Probably BS…but it’s not the most ridiculous idea I’ve heard for the teams moving down if the Giants and Browns still get the players they’re after along with some extra draft picks to boot…and if the Bills love Darnold that much, I could buy it. I don’t really believe it’s true, but I could see how it could make some sense for all teams supposedly involved.

  9. I just read somewhere that the Browns really like Allen at #1 and Haslem has been asking around about him, per Breer. Everyone has their smoke screens and lies in high gear now.

    I believe Jomas cup is only 1/4 full concerning the Bills. I’ve been wrong before. Again, I won’t be disappointed if the Bills sit tight at #12 and draft BPA or take Jackson or Rudolph.

  10. “I believe Jomas cup is only 1/4 full concerning the Bills.”

    That’s because the Bills dump out damn near the whole cup on me! 1/4 full is quite the improvement if you ask me… :)

  11. I’ve been hearing the same rumors but I also heard that the Bills aren’t interested in Allen as someone in the organization compares him to EJ. The Bills want Darnold and that is the only way the trade will happen.. Bills give up their two 1’s this year with a 2 and their 1 next year with a possible 2..

  12. To me, it seems McBeane has a plan on how to build a complete team as compared to the others in the drought who built the team like they throwing at a dart board (all over the place). We would see the Bills have a good player or two in certain groups (RB, DB, D-line, etc…), but not good across the board, especially at the most important position [quarterback], which is why we constantly saw the Bills go 6-10/7-9 almost every year.

    I was impressed with McBeane’s results after year one. Were they perfect in 2017? Absolutely not, but I like the direction they are heading and have an actual plan [process] on how to do it. Whether or not how well their plan work out remains to be seen.

  13. I do like that it sounds as though they put a huge premium on a franchise QB. They seem to get that their jobs are not for long if they don’t get that part right sooner rather than later…and if you build your team up so you’re just a QB away, well, you’re not likely to ever be in very good position to land that QB and you have to stake your career on getting stupid lucky and having a QB fall in your lap. If it were me, I’d probably not want to bank my career on blind luck.

    • Agreed. IMO, I always feel the best way to get an elite QB is to tank for a few seasons, but McBeane decided to go the more expensive route (appears similar to Philly) and use a lot of draft capital to move up in the draft to get their QB. I agree that McBeane places a premium on getting a franchise QB. They saw that Tyrod can only take them so far and decided that it was not good enough (just sneaking in the playoffs and having a first round exit).

      I read reports that Brady has not committed to playing in 2018 just yet. This, along with the reports that Gronk will be traded by opening day, along with Belichek kicking Brady’s trainer out of Gillette stadium and Brady lobbying for Garappolo to get traded all seems like the evil empire is finally starting to crumble.

  14. “I read reports that Brady has not committed to playing in 2018 just yet.”

    That ‘report’ sounds like total non-news, talking for the sake of hearing yourself. All might not be ideal in Pat-land, but the ‘report’ itself admitted people close to him expect him to play, and nobody has heard anything suggesting he’s not. He hasn’t announced that he intends to play…but why would anyone think otherwise when he hasn’t even hinted at the possibility that he might not? I don’t announce that I’m going to work everyday…I just show up. I only say something if I’m not going to show. Also sounds like Brady has plans to get together with teammates for a passing camp before training camp starts.

  15. Belichek has really started to become ultra cranky. His benching of his starting CB in the Super Bowl, chewing Gronk out in front of the whole team fior using Brady’s trainer. Also players such as Amendola and Solder tired of taking a discount and going to other teams. There is a tiny break in their system.