Dean Kindig Believes Bills Will Add Two Quarterbacks!

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The Bills went to see FIU QB Alex McGough this week.

Why is that so significant?

Beane and Co. weren’t looking for their QBOTF in DraftTek’s 15th-ranked quarterback. They were looking for a second QB in this draft.

So far, the Bills have kicked the tires on fifteen signal-callers in this draft class, seven on Day 1 and 2. They’ve taken long looks at the five likely first-rounders (including Lamar Jackson), a second-rounder on the cusp of RD1 (Mason Rudolph), and one later third-rounder (Luke Falk).

The Bills will certainly take one of these seven, and I’d even be surprised if it wasn’t Darnold, Allen, Rosen, or Mayfield. They haven’t shown an interest in Chase Litton, who DraftTek tags as an RD3 prospect, despite Mel Kiper’s ardent love.

It’s the number of Day 3 quarterbacks that have me intrigued.

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Bills have scouted a fourth-rounder (Mike White), plus three later-on QBs: Alex McGough (230 on our big board), Brandon Silvers (254), and Nic Shimonek (307). The Bills wouldn’t have amassed 9 draft picks, 6 in the Top 100 to draft the leader of Daboll’s new offense on Day Three. They’re considering a Day-3 guy for the quarterbacks room.

All four have four years of stats, a McBeane prerequisite unless you’re Darnold.

Mike White, Western Kentucky – 6-3, 215 [Highlights Stats: 648 of 976 (66.3%) for 8,540 yards his last 2 years.

White was scouted by the Bills once this year, then seen at the Senior Bowl and the Combine. In fact, White said it was one of the better meetings he had.  White is known for his composure in the pocket and a pretty deep ball.

A transfer from South Florida to WKU, White helped Taywan Taylor (RD3, Titans) on the map in 2015 (86 receptions, 1,467 yards, 17 TD, all school records).  A USF transfer, White sat out a behind Doughty, and the learning time helped. When he got his chance, he connected on 67.3% of his passes, ending his first starting season #3 in deep-ball yardage.

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We originally thought that was the “Taywan Taylor effect”, but he’s produced impressively even after Taylor left for the NFL.  White threw for 5 TDs and 0 INTs in three separate games for Hilltoppers. His comps are Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tom Savage, and Tom Brady.

Alex McGough, Florida International – 6-2, 220  [Highlights]   399 of 641(62.2%) for 4,689 yards his last 2 years.

McGough has some arm talent and is athletically-gifted. McGough wasn’t scouted this year, but the Bills flew to Miami to meet with him recently.  A year ago, McGough broke his collarbone on the first drive in the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl vs Temple on Dec 21, 2017. During that season, he completed 65 percent of his passes for 2,798 yards with 17 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.His injury prevented him from playing in an all-star game and restricted his pre-draft workouts, which might explain the recent visit. His comp is Chad Kelly.

Brandon Silvers, Troy –  6-3, 219 [Highlights 576 of 903 (63.7%) for 6,470 yards his last 2 years.

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Silvers has been a four-year starter at Troy, passing for 10,677 yards and 71 touchdowns in his career. Silvers wasn’t scouted by the Bills this year, but he was seen at the Senior Bowl and the Combine.

Silvers’ claim to fame is his avoidance of mistakes (just not in a Tyrod way). He was third in fewest INT among all QBs with 400 attempts, which helped him in Troy’s win over LSU at LSU’s homecoming game this year.

Silvers has been well-coached, as his eye manipulation is NFL-ready, and that alone reduces interceptions. Silvers captained Troy through their breakout 2016 season, and earned himself All-Sun-Belt QB recognition two years in a row. His ‘ 70.5% completion rate in 2014 actually beat Sam Bradford’s freshman record.

Nic Shimonek, Texas Tech – 6-4, 205  [Highlights]  – 366 of 551 (66.4%) for 4,427 yards his last 2 years.

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An Iowa transfer called into duty for Texas Tech when Patrick Mahomes was injured during the Texas Tech-Kansas game, Shimonek’s energy buoyed up the team. Shimonek (shuh-MON-eck) is extremely strong and efficient; he was tied this year with Mason Rudolph for the most 3+ pass touchdowns in the first half of games. Shimonek went 12 for 18 during the East-West Shrine Game, throwing a touchdown to Steven Dunbar.

Editor’s babble: Thanks to Dean Kindig for sharing his talent for draft analysis with his contributions to our blog. His posts are pure gold! You can follow Dean on Twitter at @TCBILLS_Astro.

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11 Replies to “Dean Kindig Believes Bills Will Add Two Quarterbacks!”

  1. Good morning…

    QB Quinten Flowers of USF could be an interesting prospect, he could develop into a WR or a RB while being an emergency QB. He is a leader on the field and has some arm strength.

  2. Good day! Flowers has such a tragic past. I wish him the best; I hope he gets drafted at some spot. I don’t think he will be an NFL QB, though. He’s 5’10”.

  3. Dean, I think you nailed it. It won’t surprise me at all to draft 2 QBs. One in round 1 and another in the 3rd or 4th. Maybe a Mike White, Luke Falk or Kyle Lauletta. So much speculation in this draft it’s making my head spin like Linda Blair.

    • Haha Gary… when you start puking green you’ll know the end is near and the draft will be upon us. If the Bills do draft a second QB… and Dean’s thesis makes total sense… Peterman is as good as gone. This is the most interesting draft in awhile given the number of top-tier QBs and possible trade scenarios. Very curious to see who McBeane covets.

  4. definitely agree with the premise. peterman showed us nothing but his eventual exit.
    i just hope that McBean GETS who they covet !

  5. Don’t give up on Peterman just yet, the Bills may draft another QB in the mid rounds but it may have to do with selecting the best player available on their board not to replace Peterman per say…

    Nice scenario for the QB position–#1 AJ 5 years #2 Peterman 2 years #3 Rookie….
    Let Peterman and who ever they draft fight for the #2 spot.

  6. “Don’t give up on Peterman just yet”

    Too late. Maybe Peterman can be the next Todd Collins and a solid career backup, but I don’t really care that much who the backup is.

    • Peterman could be a career back-up but he still has time to compete for a starting job. Nothing wrong with having a player that knows his role…. Todd Collins ended up playing 15 years in the NFL, EJ looks like he is going to last in the NFL as a back-up. The Bills had one of the greatest back-ups in NFL history in Frank Reich.

  7. Well done Dean! I like the thinking and great research within this piece, but would only favor a Mike White in the later rounds if we cannot get Josh Rosen without giving away the farm.

    The Bills just have too many holes to fill on both sides and if Rosen isn’t in the cards for us then we’ll be just fine filling in the holes. AJ will be fine for awhile…….