2018 NFL Combine QBs: ‘wyobabble’ style…

Photo from NOLA.com.

In the spirit of the season – when mock drafts and trading strategies rule the twitterverse – I decided to check out some of the NFL Combine on Saturday.

The goal was to get to know more about the upcoming crop of quarterbacks. And of course what ended up happening is my twisted brain went straight to behavioral analysis. The mind does what the mind does.

Instead of “oooing” and “awwwing” at footwork or circus throws, I immediately started watching how players were interacting with each other and the camera. How did they present themselves? How did they behave around each other?

It’s humorous watching a group of alpha-athletes in their prime preening for the camera. A lot can be observed about their behavior among this small group of peers.

Besides, I decided my observations can’t be any less accurate than those who prognosticate how much they KNOW that (FILL IN THE BLANK QB) is going to be the second coming of Tom Brady in this year’s draft.

My gasbag rants about whether or not player X has the right mindset for arguably the toughest job in professional sports surely can’t be any less meaningful than a mock draft in early March?

Can they?

OK, assuming you’re still reading this – here are my unscientific, immeasurable and definitely laughable observations from Saturday’s telecast of quarterbacks at the 2018 NFL Combine:

Photo from playbill.com.
  • Mason Rudolph looks like he came straight off the streets of New Jersey prancing around for the camera.

Don’t believe me?

Photo of QB Mason Rudolph from heraldonline.com.

Dead ringer for a Jersey Boy, no doubt about it. The Jets would be completely off their rocker not to draft this guy. You can’t coach ‘destiny’. LOL.

Next up.

Since we’re on the subject of destiny, look no further than this guy when it comes to finding a gem at quarterback:

Picture of Doug Flutie from deadspin.com.


Photo of QB Baker Mayfield from NESN.com.

Baker Mayfield wins the Doug Flutie Award for doing more with less than any of his much-taller peers.

And as a side note:  He may not play special teams but no one grunts louder through the 40 yard dash than this generation’s obvious choice for the Doug Flutie Award winner.

Remember, it’s important to consider the intangibles :)

Given the superstition Flutie reaped upon a playoff-deprived fan base – for more years than required to get a drivers license – one might consider it destiny if the Bills somehow land Baker Mayfield in the upcoming draft.

Mayfield also seems to have a large dose of #KellyTough bravado that would certainly appeal to the WNY FAMbase.

And finally, I can’t give enough props to the boys of NFL Network for their incredible NFL Combine coverage. The most impressive part of their coverage?

Michael Irvin’s 1980’s throwback ‘Izod’ type muscle shirt.

Just when you thought it was safe to finally throw away all the shoulder pads in your closet. Ugh.

Editor’s babble: Admitting you’re addicted to football even in March is a good first step toward recovery. You can find my rants and other meaningless observations on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. Oh, and as always, views expressed on the blog may not necessarily reflect those of the owners of the BillsMafia.com website. 

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10 Replies to “2018 NFL Combine QBs: ‘wyobabble’ style…”

  1. It’s pretty confusing with this QB class to say the least. Some scouts or media so called experts think Josh Allen should be the 1st overall pick! Really, in shorts, t shirt and sneakers. Daniel Jerimiah believes (I know misspelled) is going to go day 2, the kid from Richmond Kyle Laualetta. I don’t see that at all but what do I know.

    My feeling is we stand pat with our picks at 21 and 22 and draft pretty boy Jersey boy or Jackson. If their both gone than Luke Falk on day 2 of the draft.

  2. thanks for trying so hard to make these dog days somewhat entertaining….

  3. Only a week until Free Agency Tampering!
    Great fun. Hope we keep our picks for the most part, and “tailor”
    the pants to fit the player.
    Not sure we’ve tried that yet…

  4. Any thoughts on the Chris Ivory signing? Mine are that they overpaid for an aging RB with diminishing skills. Giving the guy a looksee isn’t the worst thing, but paying him handsomely isn’t exactly the best plan. They’re paying him more than it would have cost to keep Gillislee. And the worst part is they’re paying him enough that he’s not just an option, but he IS the option after McCoy. And they probably won’t be doing anything of any significance to upgrade the position any further. In other words, if McCoy suffers an injury, look out.

    • This is just a guess, but I think the Bills want to use their draft picks to fill more pressing needs than #2 RB. The defensive front 7 needs a serious overhaul, QB is the #1 need on offense (let alone, the whole team), the O-line can use upgrades at C, RG and RT, plus a deep threat WR. I agree that the Bills overpaid for Ivory, especially given the amount of injuries he’s had over the past few years. It goes against what McDermott has been preaching: Reliability and Durability. One thing is for sure, the Bills needed a better option than Mike Tolbert.

  5. Very nice article Robyn…

    It’s funny how the QB rich draft months ago has now turned into nobody knows if any is any good… The lag time from when the college season ends until the draft sure does change opinions without the players every playing a down…

    This is still a QB rich draft and I hope like hell the Bills pull the trigger and get a QB that turns into a franchise QB.. Rosen, Allen, Darnold, Mayfield, Rudolph, Jackson (no particular order) go get one and build the team from there—they have tried building the team first then trying to get a QB later

  6. “This is just a guess, but I think the Bills want to use their draft picks to fill more pressing needs than #2 RB.”

    IMO, you can do better than Ivory even without using a draft pick or any serious money. Bring Gillislee back after NE cuts him. Go grab another street FA. Ivory hasn’t performed all that much better the last couple years than Tolbert has. Biggest difference is they’re paying Ivory a lot more than the were Tolbert.

  7. I didn’t think Cadet played that bad but then got hurt to end his season. Another running back pushing 30. They will probably bring in 2 or 3 undrafted running backs to camp, maybe more

  8. Good morning…

    Ivory will be an upgrade over Tolbert and he lead the league in rushing in 2015… The thing that is impressive is that Ivory and Davis after meeting McD and Beanie both wanted to come to Buffalo. That means they are giving good vibes as Davis mentioned. The process continues was Ivory paid too much in today’s market who knows maybe he turns out to be a deal like Hyde and Poyer…

    Trainer Russ Carpenter retired after 30+ years with the Bills-:)


  9. I just saw Goodwin got a decent new deal with the 9ers…good for him. It’s funny how we would argue about WRs on RF365 about how they needed some stud WR with size and I would argue the WRs were fine and the QB was the hang up. Most of that trio is excelling with solid play at QB. I think Watkins will probably do a lot better next year (if he stays healthy) after he has a whole off-season with whichever team he signs with. To think, the Bills had a pretty dangerous trio with Watkins, Woods, and Goodwin…it was just the QB and scheme holding them back.