Tyrod Taylor Era Over, Or Not, For Buffalo Bills

Photo of QB Tyrod Taylor from cbssports.com.

Tyrod Taylor may be back to help conduct psychological evaluations.  The Rorschach test of quarterbacks looks different depending on the perspective.  Interpreting inkblots is a task for unsettled minds. The Buffalo Bills are locked in here with him.

Having this many quarterbacks in one guy has been more exciting than the play itself.  Is he an adept leader with glimpses of dynamic play or a risk-averse passer who has done the best he could for someone who doesn’t see the whole field?  There may be another season of the same debate if anyone’s not exhausted yet.

Taylor could have quashed controversy.  But he’s never tipped the scales enough in his favor.  His shrinking band of defenders are left making the case that he’ll fulfill potential once he’s 29.

This can’t go on indefinitely.  I mean, the Sun will explode eventually.  Before then, Taylor will be playing elsewhere.  His last appearance made it tough to conclude he’s the longterm solution. The critics’ worst-case scenario came true at the worst time.

There has to be more to dining than postponing starvation.  Taylor is good enough to serve as a palatable option if nothing else is available.  Order Domino’s only if your local parlor is closed for the evening.

At the same time, it’s tough making pizza with American cheese and ketchup packets.  If last season was an experiment to show how much he can do with so little, Taylor did okay.  That said, he still occasionally missed the pan.

Photo of QB Tyrod Taylor from democratandchronicle.com.

Middling quarterbacks are inaccurate with accuracy.  Taylor has made a few memorable strikes dating back to his first game with the Bills. But like remembering the first season of The Walking Dead, we keep waiting for it to be that good again.  How many times can they flee their new digs?

Impersonal statistics don’t always reflect reality’s subtleties.  Noting his low interception rate is a sign that someone doesn’t watch the Bills.  Those who only look at statistics miss how it’s easy to avoid turnovers by never taking risks.  Taylor avoids passing into danger, which lowers both turnovers and excitement.  Kate Upton can’t shoot me down if I never bother to ask her out.  Her stupid husband hates my guts.

Like everything else in life, NFL personnel debates revolve around what should happen versus what will.  The best course of action may not actually occur because circumstances are mean and people are foolish.  I can think of 17 examples in a row involving my favorite team.

Sometimes, the lack of alternatives makes a decision regrettably easy.  In Taylor’s case, it would be uncomfortable yet acceptable if he’s again the starter by default.  Having a placeholder isn’t the worst thing on Earth.  There are maybe 10 teams that wish they had Taylor under center, so be glad we’re not following one of those sad franchises that never makes the playoffs.

Photo of Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll from buffalonews.com.

New coordination could help Taylor look even sharper.  Brian Daboll doesn’t reside on the West Coast.  Pacific living straitjacketed Taylor.  Expecting a bebop soloist to obey a marching band’s regimentation turned out to be as frustrating as you’d guess.

You may have heard the Bills made the playoffs despite shortcomings.  Now, they may see if there’s already a quarterback on the roster who can serve as an upgrade.  Taylor would have to show he’s better than Taylor.

At the same time, the present staff is willing to divorce itself from old partners.  It’s crucial to remember Taylor was courted by Rex Ryan, the cousin we tell that there’s no reunion so we can enjoy hanging out in the pavilion without his oafish presence.

On the other hand, a guy hired by the last supervisor could stay for practical reasons.  Someone has to take snaps.  A draftee might not be ready by opening day.  And nobody has forgotten the Nathan Peterman Experiment.

They can’t just let him go.  It’s not emotional attachment.  Taylor’s dead money keeps his chances of starting alive.  His contract’s structure may make it tough to simply quit him, although Brandon Beane has shown a willingness to pay the cap cost to discard players he doesn’t prefer.

Like Bender realizing he’s obsolete, it’d be awkward knowing Taylor’s filling in until his employer grooms someone better.  Of course, that’s true about every worker.

Keeping Taylor while waiting for a rookie to mature would sort-of make us know how Oakland fans feel waiting for the Raiders to flee to Las Vegas, aside from the whole losing everything part.  But he could use this season as an audition for his third NFL team if he needs to stay motivated.  That’d be good for his present team, as well.

We may be dubious about far they could get with Taylor.  No matter what, he already helped get them ahead.  The relief offered by finally earning a promotion to the tournament may not vault Taylor onto the Wall of Fame.  But he started one of 30 playoff games in franchise history, which happened to end the longest interval in between them.

Taylor will always be remembered as the quarterback when they made it there.  And he may still be here.  I’d rate the possibility somewhere between awful and awesome.  The Bills should be a gracious host, even if his sublet’s not going to be renewed indefinitely.

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5 Replies to “Tyrod Taylor Era Over, Or Not, For Buffalo Bills”

  1. Thanks Anthony for another article! I think Taylor will be cut loose by March 16th, the date by which his bonus kicks in. I think the Bills will draft a QB, odds are, they will try and move up in the draft to do so. I also think the Bills will sign a veteran FA QB to help mentor the rookie QB.

    This season, Taylor led the offense to three points a game in four games, including the playoff game vs the Jags. Three of those games were winnable. The Bills also had the opportunity to beat the Bengals, but the offense under Taylor could not score enough points. After seeing all of that this past season, I don’t want to see Taylor start another game in a Bills uniform. Taylor is an above average backup, but below average starter. He has a great work ethic and is a good leader, but he’s very limited in what he can do. I wish him the best of luck.

  2. I have sort of mixed feeling about Tyrod. I don’t think he’s terrible, but I have seen enough of him. I don’t feel I can put too much blame on him for last season as that goes primarily on the front of the house…the guys that took his weapons away and the square peg/round hole they had for an OC. Who would have ever guessed their offense would suck? Personally, I’d like for the Bills to just part ways and either draft a promising rookie or suck hard and be in position to draft a guy next year. I don’t need a guy that will win you 6 or 7 games…or a couple more if the rest of the team is great and/or lucky. However, the Bills are probably going to keep doing their serve two masters bit, and knowing that, if they’re going to try and bring in a vet for a year or two and IF it’s going to cost them in the neighborhood of 16-20 mil…I don’t think there are a lot of upgrades freely available. I mean, if they could get a comparable guy and pay him under 10 mil, sure. If they can bring in McCown for a year or two, I like him a little better than Tyrod, but the nice thing about Tyrod is he has a 1 year deal. No commitment. I’m just afraid the Bills are going to miss out on a good prospect in the draft and then bring in some mediocre that keeps the team in their usual spot of drafting 10-15. Let’s hope they have something better up their sleeve.

  3. Good morning…

    Anthony another outstanding article, loved the Bender obsolete comment and the making of pizza with ketchup packets and American cheese…

    I too have mixed feelings about TT. My first is that we have seen enough and he isn’t going to get any better no matter what offense, coach or supporting players he has around him. Second I hate the thought of not having a QB with experience on the roster, are we willing to take a few steps backwards after finally reaching the playoffs…

    I do know that the draft this year is going to be exciting and I wish it was in March instead of late April…

  4. Unless a QB comes in and is really good right away, I think the odds are overwhelming that the team takes a step back…at least in the standings. The team really wasn’t very good last year. That they won 9 games and made the playoffs is sort of unbelievable. The numbers (points for/against) say they should have been about a 6 win team and their roster currently looks even sketchier than last year’s…with the biggest question mark at the QB position. Unless the rest of the AFC also gets worse, which I think is incredibly unlikely as I don’t remember the last time the AFC was as weak as it was last year…the team will probably need a lot of improving just to repeat 9 wins.

  5. Not bad but Tyrod Taylor is in no way, shape or form an “adept leader”.

    a leader tells the OC to F-off when he signals a pass play on the one yard line when the run game is dominating.

    a leader wills and commands his teammates to respond by his passionate character and presence.

    a leader never looks clueless or indecisive.

    The sooner the Bills no longer need his services the better. Preferably with a plan that does not include a QB with a shallow learning curve.