Astro’s Bills Mock, Round 3 – With Analysis

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Congratulations! You have been judicious in your first four picks for the Bills, filling very-real needs at QB, C, DT, and CB, and your ball club got better at each spot. You feel ‘The Process’ coursing through your arteries. We’re on the clock at #96, and we’re not Championship Caliber yet. The Bills’ remaining needs are at  LB, EDGE, G, RB, WR, DL1T, S Depth, and TE.

RD1, #21—QB Baker Mayfield
RD1, #22—C-G Billy Price
RD2, #53—DT3T Harrison Phillips
RD2, #55—CB Travares McFadden
RD3, #96— 

So far, our draft rates an A+, but keep your Growth Mindset focused on the task at hand. Assuming you don’t want to double-dip at any of those positions –yet– here’s a list of the players who are awaiting your call on their cell phones:

D.J. Chark WR  LSU–Chark stretches the field, which Bills need to open up underneath routes. Chark has great hands, but might be too skinny for the NFL game, and Beane likes bigger, taller guys.
Akrum Wadley RB Iowa– A flashy, explosive “shake-and-bake” runner with tight spin moves and jump cuts to the back door, much like Shady in that regard. Not a great blocker but a strong receiver.
Martinas Rankin OT  Mississippi St, or Tyrell Crosby OT Oregon–Rankin moved from LT to C so he’s versatile. Sits in his chair, balance, long arms. Bills talked at length to Crosby at practice.
Sean Welsh  G Iowa–Ideal fit for what Daboll wants to do, he’s just a little light. But Welsh’s nonstop leg drive opens holes in a power run game (for Wadley, above) and moves D-Linemen vertically. Expect a good Combine.
Mike Gesicki TE Penn State–From Pegula’s alma mater, Gesicki beat Quarless for the PSU record for most catches by a TE (48) and Shuler’s yards record. Always goes to blocking sled after practice.
Duke Ejiofor EDGE Wake Forest–Fourth among EDGE rushers in pressures, “ED-jee-for” finished reg season with 44 tackles, 15 TFL, 10 sacks, and 2 FF, and tons of hurries. Production is top shelf.
Josey Jewell ILB Iowa, or Malik Jefferson OLB Texas–ILB vs OLB?. ILB P-Brown is a free agent who’ll command big bucks, OLB Zach Brown, originally drafted by McBeane, might not make it to FA.
DeShon Elliott S Texas–From Aaron Williams’s college, Elliott is a 6’2 210 lb. free or hybrid safety. Elliott is adept at gaining position on the TE or WR, and finishing: 9 INTs career, 6 this year.

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My thinking, from the easiest decision to hardest:

S–It’s too early to take a back-up Safety with other needs looming, even though I think Elliott’s a player in McDermott’s scheme.
WR–Chark’s not a size fit for Beane. If Jaleel Scott, or Auden Tate are here, or FCS sensation Jake Wieneke later on, they have the height and production. There are more in Free Agency.
RB--The draft is deep in RB’s, and other backs who may make it to RD4 (Rashaad Penny, one of Daboll’s own toys Bo Scarbrough) offer more value for the Bills’ relative need.
TE–Gesicki is a nice weapon for Mayfield (his top target was TE Mark Andrews), but chances are that Charles Clay and Nick O’Leary will profit from a better quarterback who looks their way.
EDGE–I see the Bills getting D-Line help through Free Agency, Ejiofor is somewhat of a reach at RD3#96, and I’d like Yarbrough and Davis to get more time. I think Shaq Lawson still has a shot.
OL–My eye keeps coming back to the offensive line…with questionables Mills, Miller, and Ducasse, an older Richie, no Eric Wood. Crosby’s #123 on our DraftTek Big Board and the scouting connection is there, but Sean Welsh jumped up to #100 this week. He’s a tad light, though. Where I can put Price at Center or Guard, and Ryan Groy at Guard or Center, Welsh is just a Guard who’d do better in a finesse-blocking offense. Rankin at OT, however, is now at #81 on our board, having moved up +28. I haven’t given up on Cordy or Seantrel.
LB–I’m hoping for the Zach Brown reunion at LB, but I don’t see the Redskins letting him make it to FA. Only Malik Jefferson has significantly better coverage speed that Preston Brown lacks. Malik’s stat line has suffered because they moved him all around, and I see McDermott wanting that. I fear the Combine is going to vault him way up.  Malik Jefferson, for now, is a RD3 steal.

RD1, #21—QB Baker Mayfield
RD1, #22—C-G Billy Price
RD2, #53—DT3T Harrison Phillips
RD2, #55—CB Travares McFadden
RD3, #96—LB Malik Jefferson

Now we had better get some weapons for our quarterback.


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