Post Super Bowl Bills Mock Draft

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With the 2017-18 season officially over, fans of all 32 teams can start thinking about draft season. Well, Philly fans might not be ready for draft season yet.  They’re busy trying to put their city back together.  Congratulations to them. I never thought I’d be jealous of anybody living in Philadelphia, but I want that feeling.

For the purpose of this mock draft, and all future mock drafts, I will use the “On The Clock” tool on FanSpeak’s website.  This exercise is intended to spark conversation and nothing more. I don’t claim to be an expert.  I don’t analyze countless hours of film.  I’m simply looking at positional needs that the Bills have and identifying potential targets available at each selection.  Use this to familiarize yourself with the names of certain prospects and then make your own opinions. With that being said…

Round 1

Photo of Alabama DT Da’Ron Payne from

Pick #21
Rashaan Evans (LB – Alabama)

Pick #22
Da’Ron Payne (DL – Alabama)

Somewhere, Buddy Nix is reading my mock draft and smiling at the selection of two SEC defenders. Okay, he probably isn’t really reading this.  The Bills defense needs some restocking this offseason, and what better way to do it than drafting two studs from the defending National Champions.

Preston Brown’s future in Buffalo is uncertain and the defensive line needs help.  If Rashaan Evans can come in to play the weak-side linebacker position in Buffalo’s 4-3 defense, than that may allow them to move Matt Milano to the opposite side.  Lorenzo Alexander had a solid 2017 season but he is nearing the end of his career.

Speaking of nearing the end of a career, Kyle Williams may or may not retire before the start of next season.  His leadership on the field and off can not be replaced, but his performance can.  Da’Ron Payne is the run stuffer that Buffalo was sorely lacking this year.  He should come in and fill the void left behind by another former Alabama run stuffer.  Losing Marcell Dareus hurt the Bills defense in the second half of the season, but may have helped the locker room.  Now they get a younger talent on a cheaper deal.

Round 2

Photo of Stanford DL Harrison Phillips from

Pick #53
Harrison Phillips (DL – Stanford)

Pick #56
Sony Michel (RB – Georgia)

Did I mention that the Buffalo Bills defense struggled against the run in 2017?  Harrison Phillips has a reputation of being a gritty run defender.  The fact that he is a former wrestler means every analyst will connect him to McDermott at some point during this draft process. I like the thought of attacking defensive line early and often in this year’s draft.  Maybe McBeane would be better served to get an edge rusher here, but Phillips at this spot could be a nice get.

The Bills finally go offense by addressing the backup running back position.  There were several times this season that fans held their breath as LeSean McCoy hit the turf.  The do everything back out of Pitt has had a Hall of Fame career to this point, but he will be 30 next season.  I don’t think this is the end for Shady yet, but he needs someone to take pressure off of him.  Sony Michel can be that guy.  His style of play differs from Shady, which could present a nice change of pace for the Bills offense.

Round 3

Photo of Ohio State LB Jerome Baker from

Pick #95
Jerome Baker (LB – Ohio St)

Jerome Baker is a bit undersized at the linebacker position, but his speed and athleticism make him an intriguing option.  I don’t know that he is the ideal fit for Buffalo here, especially after getting Evans in the first, but the value is too good to pass up.  The best case scenario would be that Preston Brown comes back to man the middle allowing the young guys to stay outside.

Round 4

Photo of Western Kentucky QB Mike White from

Pick #123
Mike White (QB – Western Kentucky)

I have serious doubts that the Bills will select a quarterback in the first round of the draft. From what I have seen, Lamar Jackson feels like the best case scenario at pick #21. White had a good week at the Senior Bowl and was the best quarterback on the board at this point in the draft. I don’t know enough about him to have an opinion, but this might be a name fans should familiarize themselves with.

Round 5

Photo of Florida State S Trey Marshall from

Pick #160
Trey Marshall (S – Florida State)

Pick #168
Allen Lazard (WR – Iowa State)

This is actually my favorite part of the mock draft process. The later rounds are where you start to learn about guys the media isn’t talking about.  Trey Marshall is a hard hitting safety out of Florida State.  Buffalo’s infatuation with FSU prospects may officially be over, but Marshall’s name will likely come up. The Bills have one of the best starting safety duos in the league. They are young and under contract for the next few years, but the depth behind them is non-existent.  Buffalo needs to address this either through the draft or with a veteran free agent.

When you don’t know many of the names left on the board, mock one of your old draftkings heroes to your teams.  Allen Lazard had 26 touchdowns in his 48 games at Iowa State.  He’s a strong, big-bodied receiver that could battle for a spot in Buffalo’s depleted wide receiver stable. He performed well at the Senior Bowl.  With Kelvin Benjamin only under contract for one more season, Lazard could be an intriguing replacement.  He could earn his spot on the field with his play in the red zone.

I want to hear from you on twitter. Again, the purpose of this is to spark conversation.  Hopefully, come draft season we’ll recognize some of the names that are called.  It makes the process much more fun. Do your own mocks on Fanspeak. Send me your screen shots @JoeGeniti, or post them here.

Editor’s babble: Yes, let’s get the draft conversation going here. Love what all of you who write in the comment section bring to the table . Thanks to Joe Geniti for his contributions to our blog. 

7 Replies to “Post Super Bowl Bills Mock Draft”

  1. I’m curious what the Bills are doing before the draft at the QB position in this scenario. If it’s Tyrod, Pederman, and rookie White, I’m not very inspired. Not sure there’s a FA that really improves the scenario much either. In other words, I think they need to either make a bigger splash at QB in the draft or they need to make a somewhat unexpected trade that legitimately upgrades the position or I feel we’re in for more of the same going forward…and I don’t quite mean making the playoffs every year by that. I mean your ceiling is that of a fringe wild card team.

  2. I think Taylor is gone in March before his bonus kicks in. Peterman was not ready this year and White looks like a true third stringer. I think the Bills will bring in a veteran QB to either compete or be a backup up depending upon what the Bills will do. From what I heard Beane say in the media is that the Bills will not be big spenders in FA, so that should take Cousins off their boards. Andrew Luck’s name has been brought up on TBD and other Bills sites, but I think that’s a pipe dream. Then there’s the two QB’s in Philly, will the Eagles be interested in parting with one of them?

    Joma, I agree that the Bills need to make a bigger splash in the draft than what was suggested in the article. IMO, I think they need to get in the top 5 of the draft and select a QB that has the potential to be an elite QB. To borrow a paragraph from Sal C’s article on WGR550: “Counting the Super Bowl Sunday, the Patriots had four losses in 2017. In those four games, they averaged 28.75 points scored. That’s on OFFENSE. But the teams they faced in those games – the Chiefs, Panthers, Dolphins, and Eagles – scored 42, 33, 27, and 41, respectively, for an average of 35.75 points scored against the Patriots’ defense.” With that being said, no matter how good the Bills defense is (or gets), they still need to put about 30 points or more to beat the Patriots and they’re not going to get those points with Taylor as the starting QB.

    • That’s a realistic possibility and by all means the correct move if Beane and McDermott think one of those guys is a true franchise guy. My opinion is that you’re flipping a coin on every one of those top 4 guys as to whether or not they’re going to pan out. I don’t think Buffalo should trade away a ton of assets for a coin flip. As I put it before, these guys are more of a Jameis/Mariota class than an Andrew Luck prospect. QB remains the team’s biggest need – but Nick Foles just won a super bowl. Blake’s bortles and Case Keenum were in conference championships. Let’s not neglect other needs just for the sake of taking a chance on a QB.

  3. I think Tyrod is gone, too…but I don’t think there’s a big upgrade available in FA. I think Cousins is an upgrade, but his cost cancels that out. Bridgewater might be an upgrade, but I don’t know what to expect from that guy going forward. I thought he was overrated before he got hurt. He might have a higher ceiling than Tyrod, but I don’t think he’s an obvious upgrade. Keenum wouldn’t be worth the money. Bradford can’t stay healthy.

    I would be all over Luck, but I can’t see Indy being dumb enough to unload him. Can’t imagine McDaniels taking the job without Luck being the guy. Keep the proven commodity and trade the #3 pick for a fortune. They’d probably command about the same compensation.

    • McDaniels walked away from
      The Colts Job. Could be questions about Luck’s health if that’s the case.

  4. I think it’s more likely McDaniels is just a McDouche and the Pats are a shady organization. Hopefully they have a sweet deal lined up for McDouche to take over after Belichick…and hopefully the Pats go on to suck for a good long time with no QB after Brady. Meanwhile the Colts get their chit together and Luck goes on a tear. I could probably do without that part of it, but it would be poetic justice, anyhow.