Get ready for Bills vs. Jags playoff battle!

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So, how was your week?

Yes, same here!

Ok, let’s go back to last summer. You’re outside mowing the lawn – or inside watering your house plants – or maybe relaxing on your boat in the middle of a lake. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you feel a tap on your shoulder. The Football Gods have come for a visit with you.

They ask…”If you could have just one football wish, what is it?

You’re a Buffalo Bills fan, so you of course answer with one of these two options:

• “I wish for the Buffalo Bills to make the playoffs this upcoming season.”


• “I wish for the principle members in the New England Patriots franchise to turn on one another, instigating the organization’s fall from NFL grace – and maybe even a bit of embarrassment for them in the process.”

Little did we know when choosing our wish, this was a buy-one-get-one NFL special.

What. A. Week.

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So, the Buffalo Bills have made the playoffs. Instead of packing up their lockers, returning to their families again, and starting the body-resting portion of their professional year, the members of the team had an additional week of practice. And an additional team flight to Florida. And they have an additional game to play.

Instead of arguing over who should be the team’s next coach, general manager, or quarterback, we, the fans, had a whole week to grin and make plans for another Sunday afternoon.

We got to watch videos, of our team celebrate the Bengals surprising victory over the Ravens in oh so dramatic fashion – over and over again.

We got to listen to our friends, the ones that are Cowboy fans, and Seahawk fans, and Giant fans…whine about their team not making the playoffs, and their season being over.

We got to hear football pundits, on ESPN, and the NFL Network, talk about our team…all week long.

For those of us that are young enough, we got to learn what a playoff week is like – when your team is involved.

And for those of us that are old enough, we got to remember what that feeling is like.

Take note of this feeling. The one that you have had all week. It won’t be like this again.

The Bills might make the playoffs next year, and maybe even the year after that, and the year after that one. In fact, indications are that the future is bright for the organization.

But the feeling you have right now? It won’t be the same when they make the playoffs next year. It will still be a good feeling, perhaps even a great feeling…but it will be a different feeling.

What a week.

Musings From Around the NFL

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Well, it’s a much smaller landscape in NFL land now. We are down to 12 teams. And for this week, we are really down to a discussion of only 8 of them. Well, we might just discuss 9 of them, today.

For the record, I usually write this article on Saturday mornings. You usually read it on Sunday mornings, but not always. That means that this week, two NFL playoff games were played in between. Let me just say something quick about each, and then we will see how they came out in reality.

In the early game, the Tennessee Titans visit the Kansas City Chiefs. I fully expect the Chiefs to dominate this first wild card game. It’s really hard to believe the Titans are still involved in the off-season (as I’m sure many people are saying about the Bills), and the Chiefs seem to have found their mojo, just in time to be a player again.

The late game involves the Atlanta Falcons traveling out to the west coast to take on the Rams. I don’t think any of us would have made this prediction at the beginning of the season, but I will take the Rams in this one.

The later game on Sunday, after the Bills beat the Jaguars in Jacksonville (of course), will be the New Orleans Saints hosting their division rival, the Carolina Panthers. I’ll take the home team, which happens to be the better team.

And oh yes, the 9th team to discuss this weekend.

Apparently, not all is well in NFL paradise…in New England.

ESPN delivered a detailed expose of the divisive quarreling that is going on between the owner, coach, and star of the Patriots. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s worth your time – if only for pleasure reading.

What will happen to the Patriots? Hard to say. If they stay true to form, they will win the Super Bowl, again.

But, at the risk of getting a bit ahead of myself, it is worth note that, should the Bills win today, they will travel to Foxboro next week. This, my dear BillsMafia, is the stuff dreams are made of.

Last Week

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Can you imagine – the horror – had the Buffalo Bills allowed the Dolphins to come back from a 22-3 deficit, losing to them – knocking themselves our of the playoffs…only to then watch the Cincinnati Bengals go on to that miraculous victory over the Ravens.

Just stop and think about how close the Bills came to what would have made this week truly…unbelievably…horrific.

But, they didn’t.

This Week

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Hey…the Bills are in the playoffs.

Players from 20 other NFL teams will be watching this weekend’s games as part of their off-season.

But not the members of the Buffalo Bills

There have been times this season when the Jacksonville Jaguars have looked extremely impressive. And there have been times this season when they have not. The good news for the Bills and their fans, is the last couple of weeks have shown the less good Jaguars more than the impressively good.

And, don’t you just get the sense that the Bills have had magic dust sprinkled on them recently? Magic NFL playoff dust?

I don’t think the Bills turned themselves into a “well-it-was-great-just-making-the-playoffs” satisfied team. I think they are hungrier this week, than maybe they were last week, if that is possible. I think they are riding something, a wind, a wave…something with force. I think they win today, in a low scoring, defensive battle.

Wagons are circled.

Buffalo 17 – Jacksonville 14

Read me next week.

Editor’s babble: Oh my goodness, we’re really writing about a Bills playoff game! Thanks so much to Rick Bates for getting us ready for the greatest game in 17 years. You can (and should!) follow Rick on Twitter @MyHammock. 

60 Replies to “Get ready for Bills vs. Jags playoff battle!”

  1. Bills (+8.5) @ Jags

    Well Well Well the day of the Bills playoff appearance after 17 years has finally arrived… This is a tough match-up for the Bills even if they have a 100% Shady as the Jags strengths are the Bills weaknesses.

    Will the Bills be able to sustain a running attack and keep the down and distance on 3rd downs reasonable. If not the Bills O-line has struggled all year against teams that can rush the passer.. The Jags come after you with Campbell (14.5 sacks), DE Yannick Ngakoue (12 sacks) plus Dante Fowler and Mallik Jackson with 8 sacks each.. Overall the Jags have 55 sacks second only to the Steelers who had 56… The secondary is one of the best and they only allowed 170 yards a game passing with 21 Ints….

    On paper this game looks like a mismatch as the Jags can run the ball with Fournette having over 1000 yards while missing plenty of time with ankle problems. The Bills are ranked 29th against defending the run ( a lot of that can be contributing to the Bills offense going stale with 3 and outs keeping the D out there too long)

    The temperature will be on the Bills side as the high in Jax will be 52 today–warm for the Bills not so much for the Jags. TT has to hit his open receivers and the receivers have to get separation. Hopefully, Shady is at at least 90% as he will be needed to carry the load. The Jags will come after TT from the outside and try an force him into the middle were Dareus, Fowler and Jackson will be waiting…

    The Bills need to stop the run and force Bortles into passing situations, Bortles can get happy feet and will throw INTs. Will we finally see some blitz packages?

    Unfortunately I don’t see this going the Bills way today as the Jags at home plus TT going up against an outstanding defense spells doom!!

    FYI–Jags have the ugliest uniforms in the league

    Jags 27 Bills 10 ( I’m hoping I’m wrong)

  2. Tyrod Taylor – lowest interception percentage of passes in NFL history.
    Goose, you aren’t the only one who hopes you are wrong!

  3. “Jags have the ugliest uniforms in the league”

    Fully agree. Those helmets are hideous!

  4. just saw bill cowher pick the bills to win- then he jumped through a table bills mafia style. pretty funny.

  5. Well, the good news is making the playoffs probably only cost them 1 spot in draft positioning and the monkey is off their back…

  6. They finally stopped harping on the length of the drought, but it didn’t take long before they indicated how long it has been since a playoff win

  7. There are a couple others with longer playoff win droughts…so whatevs. Ultimately I think it SHOULD be held against them in the coming years IF it doesn’t change, but it’s not something to harp on them about currently.

  8. I noticed that too. At least the 17 year drought is history. I’m sure besides the last playoff win, will also come the last Bills home playoff game, then if they’re lucky to get back to the Super Bowl, their last Super Bowl appearance.

    It’s a shame the Bills didn’t have a better QB all season long as they could have won more games and went further in the playoffs. With Tyrod leading the offense, the Bills only scored three points in four games (three games, plus the Saints game before he got pulled for Peterman). The Bengals game was another winnable game. Taylor gets shut down against elite defenses and the Bills need someone who can still manage to put points on the board against tough defenses.

    Besides a new QB, it should be interesting to see if the Bills fire Dennison and get a new OC.

  9. Good morning…

    Boy that game was a snoozefest but hey the game was close and there for the taking..

    One positive is that the talking heads got to see TT play instead of telling us how good he is based on stats (running, low int rate). They watched as he couldn’t hit open receivers, hestitant in the pocket, slow release and his inability to leade a team from behind… The experiment is over we’ve watched 3 years of him starting and he is NFL a starting QB that can win games for a team.

    The Jags must feel the same about Bortles as he hasn’t really progressed and he is due big bucks…

    Bortles to expose the Bills LB’s on their lack of speed which I’m sure Beanie & McD will address..

    Is Alex Smith a possibility coming to Buffalo as the Chiefs may want to go with Malhomme (Sp)..

    With picks 21 & 22 in the 1st round and 53 & 56 in round 2 the Bills have flexibilty to move up & down.

  10. alex smith- no thanks. he will be less than inspired to lead a team with a highly drafted QB waiting to take his job. jimmy g would have been the dude to get. i’d be happy with cousins but he will probably re-sign with the skins. AJ McCarron is probably the best of the rest available and should be a big upgrade.

  11. I don’t want any bridge QB. What that means is more years before you’re a legit contender. Just about any young guy is going to need a year or two or three of playing before he’ll be great…if he’s going to be great at all. A bridge guy is going to maybe be okay…maybe get you to the playoffs if you’re lucky and then lose while the young guy isn’t getting playing time. I don’t need any more years like they just finished up. The playoff drought is over. Now EVERYTHING they do should be about winning the Super Bowl. Winning 7-9 games for the next 3 years doesn’t help them get to or win a SB. If you have to take some lumps, take some lumps, but do it with guys you think can help you get to the Super Bowl. No more ‘playoff caliber’ goals.

    • Agreed Joma. I’m glad the drought is over, it seems that was just the goal for so many years to only break the drought and just make it into the playoffs. Good, that mediocre goal has been accomplished. Now it’s time to build a team that is capable of winning the Super Bowl. A bridge QB like Smith or Bradford are not going to get the job done. If there’s an elite QB prospect in the draft, then do what it takes to move up and draft him.

  12. i’m ok with starting a rookie QB if he is ready to start- otherwise you run the risk of shell shocking him. some are- some aren’t.
    if he isn’t ready then we need another QB in the mean time and why not an upgrade over TT if one is available?

  13. I’m sure they’ll bring in a vet if they part with TT…but why not an upgrade? Price mostly. If a guy is legitimately assumed to be better than Tyrod, he’s probably going to be looking in the neighborhood of what Tyrod is scheduled to make or better. You’re probably not going to land a vet with high potential that’s relatively cheap and is okay with little to no job security. Tyrod may sign elsewhere for less, but I doubt he’s taking another pay cut to stay with the Bills, who clearly want to replace him.

  14. Good morning…

    Does OC Dennison get the ax or stay one more year.. Many blame him for the Bills offensive woes but if the QB can’t make the plays how good can the offense be..

    After all the wildcard game sbeing close, the blow-outs will happen this week. Pats over Titans and the Steelers over the Jags are mismatches on paper. The Saints -Vikings and the Falcons -Eagles are the games I’m most looking forward to.

  15. I think Dennison should get more time with another QB. While I feel Dennison did not tailor the offense to fit Tyrod’s strength’s, I feel Dennison should be given a chance with a QB that is better suited to run his style of offense. Tyrod is limited in what he can do, so it’s time to move on from him.

    I’m expecting another Steelers/Patriots AFC Championship Game. Hopefully the Steelers win that one. I’m taking the Saints to go to the Superbowl this year and win it. I think the Saints are well balanced on both offense and defense.

    I see our old DC [Pettine] is now the DC in Green Bay. I’m glad to see Pettine get another job as I thought he did a good job the one year he was Bills DC.

  16. I think Dennison should get the axe. Partially for running a WCO with a scrambling QB that can’t make quick reads and quick throws hitting guys in stride (I question how smart anyone is that thinks that’s a good idea,) but also because you take the best running game in the league and make it mediocre. Is it all Rico’s fault? No, but what did he do that shows he adds any value? The Bills did nothing well on offense. They settled for Rico last year because no one else would take the job…and the results showed why he wasn’t a sought after commodity. There are better options available now. If one of them will take the job, hire them. Why wait for Rico to prove he’s terrible under better circumstances, too, when you can instead just move on now and easily upgrade? I don’t care whether he sucks or it turns out he’s actually mediocre…how about we just skip finding out which one it is and take the shortcut to being good instead?

    • I agree that he screwed up the run game and didn’t tailor the offense around the strengths of his players. Dennison made it “sink or swim.” It seems McDermott and Beane are noncommittal on Dennison, so it’s possible he could get the axe. It would’t break my heart if Dennison got canned. Just like with any player and it goes with coaches too, if there’s someone you can get that will make your team better, then go for it.

  17. I suppose if they give him one more year, when the team takes a step backwards in the standings, they’ll have a scapegoat all ready to go…

  18. that’s one way to look at it…..

    since the bills made the playoffs are we no longer doomed to be bills fans?

    • “No longer doomed to be Bills fans.” I wonder whatever happened to that guy. He threw in the towel on the Bills way before any of us did. Can’t say I blame him after all the terrible decisions we’ve saw from OBD in the last 14 years that Ralph owned the team.

  19. Personally, I don’t think making the playoffs this year was any major accomplishment. They were a mediocre-ish team at best that lucked their way in. I do think it was important for the team so they and the rest of the world can quit obsessing about the length of the drought, but shy of their sad playoff circumstances, they’d have been far better off winning the number of games their statistics say they should have. Their offensive & defensive production say by the numbers that they SHOULD have been a 6 win team or so. If they had won 6 games, I think they’d have a top 10 pick right now. With a top 10 pick, they’d have a much stronger hand to move up in the draft and maybe grab their preferred QB…or even stand pat and maybe still grab a guy they like. If they stay at 21, they get whatever’s left, which will probably be the 5th or 6th guy available.

    If they get a good QB, we’ll no longer be doomed. If they don’t, I don’t think a whole lot will change other than that pathetic number continuing to grow. I just hope that one trip doesn’t get them some kind of lifetime achievement award. It’s hard to miss the playoffs for THAT long.

  20. these guys ain’t messin around! so long denny!

    heard on the radio today that the bills have been extremely active negotiating with teams about draft trades as well as investigating the top college QB prospects. baker mayfield was mentioned and the report on him is that he is a “philip rivers” like leader, constantly riding his team mates because he wants to win so badly and they elevate their play because of it. i like the sound of that!

    making the playoffs was a great accomplishment! they beat some very food teams this year despite the fact that their offense regressed big time.

    • Glad to see McBeane taking the process of getting a franchise QB very serious. They have even said that in order to win in the NFL that you need a franchise QB… music to Bills fans ears.

  21. Good morning……

    Dennison is gone now you do they go after—Mike McCoy is out there, he turned down the Bills the last go around… Good OC not so good as a HC.

    There are no cheap starting QB’s in the NFL anymore, if a back-up has a good year they go to sign a large contract and most flame out ala Foles, Schaub, Osweiller, Rob Johnson, Cassel, Scott Mitchell, Anderson…

    I would take Alex Smith for a couple of years over Bradford (who again can’t stay health). The Bills are going for a QB in the draft this year they may sign a proven vet like Smith to keep the momentum going because if they to get a QB he will need some time to groom. Throwing him in could develop him faster or ruin him… Will the fans be patient enough to let him develop or call him a bust if he isn’t an instant star.

    • That could be true about a rookie QB, especially with how bad the right side of the line has been at pass protection. I hope the RT and RG spots get upgraded this offseason.

      Speaking of RG, I was surprised to see John Miller not used at all this season, especially after he was a starter for a couple of years.

      • Good Morning…

        Not sure why Miller was a healthy scratch until he hurt his ankle, he was progressing nicely at guard with the old blocking scheme—when the blocking scheme was changed to zone blocking the line struggled.

        The Bills had a excellent draft last year..

        1)– White is outstanding
        2)–Zay Jones, a rough rookie year (Eric Moulds struggled for his first 2 years)
        2)–Dawkins worth the move up as he was very good with a high upside…
        5)– Milano, became a starter, has speed an nose for the ball
        5)–Peterman, shows promise could compete for a starter position or be a decent #2
        6)-Vallejo, special team contributor.

        The 2018 draft will be a lot of fun to watch.

  22. yes it will and for once we are saying that in january instead of november!

    eagles win- congrats to Jim Schwartz eagles DC who beat the falcons with defense despite being handicapped by a mediocre backup QB .

    very happy that mularkey decided to leave town. complete game management botch job for the titans.

    haven’t seen too much of the viqs this season. joma must be excited for his home team!

  23. Jags are out to a 21 Point lead over the Steelers. It’s a shame the Bills didn’t have a QB as they could have still been in the playoffs, otherwise I’d have to give the Bills more credit for how they did against the Jags.

  24. The last few minutes of the Vikes/Saints game we’re great. There were four lead changes in just a couple minute span.

    The Bills hired Brian Badol as their new OC. Badol was the OC at Alabama and spent many years under Belichick.

    • I completely botched that guys name [Daboll]. Lol!

      I’m surprised to see the Jags have that much success against the Steelers in both games this year. With the Saints/Vikings game, it was a great leaping catch to go along with avoiding the defender who ended up whiffing and taking out another Saints player in the process.

  25. Wow….

    What a wild couple of games yesterday..

    The Jags have scored 75 points against the Steelers in 2 games this season both in Pittsburgh… That game was a shock..

    The Vikings stunning victory brought back memories of the “Music City Miracle”….

    The Vikings were favored by 5–a push but not getting the extra point in saved the Saints bettors and hurt the Vikings betters.

  26. wow is right! seems like the jags just have the steeler’s number for some weird reason but blake bortles did have an uncharacteristically good game. i’ll be doubly surprised if the “you know who’s” don’t shred the jags to bits.

    i feel for drew brees who looked really dejected walking off the field yesterday. saints did a complete defensive melt down on that play. why they weren’t in complete pre-vent mode is shocking. dennis allen better watch his back.

    did the bills hire dabo sweeny or brian dabol?
    seems like they knew exactly who they wanted well before the end of the season and swooped in like a hawk, signed sealed and delivered. dabol has a very impressive resume in addition to having a main line connections to players on the powerhouse team of the NCAA.
    the bills should just get one of those big dumpster chutes and connect it from alabama to orchard park and let the siphoning begin!

  27. That Saints game sucked yesterday. I am feeling sick to my stomach at the likely Super Bowl match up of the Viqs/Putz. I probably hate both teams equally, but at least if the Putz win again, I don’t have to be in the eye of the storm. I can’t believe the Saints blew that game…

    Not sure how I feel about the OC.

  28. I think I heard Minneapolis Miracle or something…lame and unoriginal. I didn’t listen to much afterward as I was pretty pissed off. The most I heard about it was on WGR this morning. I don’t really listen to local radio anymore. I stream or ‘on demand’ WGR in the car these days. Not sure what I’ll do when they go back to full time hockey talk. Although as bad as the Sabres are, it’s hard for them to talk about hockey all day long.

  29. I hope the NFC wins the Super Bowl this year. I don’t want to see the Patriots in another Super Bowl and I don’t want to see the quitter [Marrone] win a Super Bowl either.

  30. joma, hockey talk is mainly for the hard core hockey fans that live on the other side of the peace bridge. i dont know anyone in the us that actually listens to it.

  31. Hockey is pretty popular here, and I more or less like the sport…but I still find it boring to listen to in depth.

    My early impressions on this new OC are not very excitey. He doesn’t sound like the next McVay or Shermer. On the bright side, sounds like he’s more in line with the power running game that the Bills excelled at the past few years and will supposedly play to the team’s strengths, unlike Dennison. But it sounds like most of the offenses he’s been in charge of have been mediocre or worse. Granted, he hasn’t had any great QBs to work with, but it doesn’t exactly look like the Bills are well positioned for a stud QB to fall in their lap.

  32. The new OC has ties to Buffalo and lives in Orchard Park, he went to St Francis High School…

    He was with the Pats for quite a while and won a SB and College Championship in a years time… Plus him and McD have William & Mary in common.

  33. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think his address or where he attended school is any reason to hire the guy. As for the Pats’ championship, I dont’t think he had much to do with it. Bama…I guess he had something to do with it there, but the offense wasn’t exactly the strength of the team.

  34. Good morning …

    I don’t think they hired him based on his ties to Buffalo but he does have a long track record in the NFL…

    From Bills Dailey:

    The Bills didn’t waste too much time finding a new offensive coordinator. They were able to pry Brian Daboll from the National Champion Alabama squad where he served as their offensive coordinator. Daboll has ties Western New York as he went to High School at St. Francis and played college ball at the University of Rochester. Daboll has known Sean McDermott since their days together at William and Mary where McDermott was a player and Daboll was a graduate assistant. Before going to Alabama this year he was with the Patriots for 10 years serving a variety of roles under Bill Belichick including being the TE coach on last year’s Super Bowl winning team. He was also an offensive coordinator for the Browns, Dolphins, and Chiefs. He also served as a QB coach for the Jets. Sean McDermott released a statement that read “we are excited to hire Brian as our offensive coordinator and welcome him back to Western New York. I know how much this area means to him. He is a good coach and a good teacher and has been part of winning programs in the NFL and college.”

    All he needs is a good QB–;) He was a OC and a QB coach so he does have experience..

  35. what are the odds of a jags / eagles super bowl? it would be the first time that neither team had an elite QB and relied on the strength of their defense. could be interesting except for the fact that the score could wind up being under the total of a typical NHL game.

  36. Nellie when the Ravens beat the Giants it was Dilfer against Collins both were OK.

    I’m hoping the Jags upset the Pats as watching another Pats SB will be arrrrrgh.

    • I’m remember that, then Dilfer was sent packing in the offseason and Grbac was brought in, but the Ravens failed to get back to the Super Bowl.

      I can’t stand the Cheatriots and don’t want to see them in another Super Bowl. Having to hear about Belichick, Brady and the Patriots for two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl is sickening.

      I wonder since the Sabres aren’t purposely trying to tank if the NHL will let them win the lottery and have the #1 pick? It’s obvious the Sabres were tanking the year they drafted Eichel and Tim Murray was pissed they lost out on McDavid. I think the NHL has been trying to rebuild the Oilers dynasty with giving so many #1 picks to Edmonton over the years.

  37. heard on local ESPN radio that former Alabama OC Brian Daboll was the no. 1 target of the Patriots to replace Josh McDaniels.

    NHL let the sabres win the lottery? Maybe- as soon as toronto, montreal, calgary, ottawa, edmonton and winnepeg all have dynasties. The NHL draft is ridiculous.

    but they should throw us a bone because many canadians attend sabres games

    • I heard that about Daboll as well. If that’s true, then it’s great to get one away from the Patriots.

      It would be nice for the NHL to throw us a bone. Besides talent, I wonder if Housley’s system is not a good fit in Buffalo?

  38. Wouldn’t it be nice had the Bills been wise enough to deal with Houston rather than KC last draft? Sure, they also got a 3rd rounder from KC, too…but so frickin’ what? They promptly pissed that away to move up for Zay Jones. Ooh! Maybe let Zay fall to you 6 picks later…or how about just draft JuJu if Zay was gone…or how about just instead period? Whatevs. But just think if the Bills had the 4th pick right now instead of the 22nd. I said at the time, I think I’d have liked the gamble that Houston wasn’t going to be very good this year with Savage or a rookie Watson. Granted, Houston might have been good had Watson not gotten hurt, but either way, KC seemed more likely to be a playoff team than not. Their downside was pretty much a .500 team. Houston’s downside, though…about where they ended up. And if that trade was all about drafting a QB this year, as Sal C. was reporting…well, that woulda been the better move/gamble. Coulda, shoulda, woulda…

    • Agreed Joma. Cleveland now has the #1 and #4 picks in the draft. I actually envy their positions as they should get two elite players (most importantly a franchise QB).

      I wonder if Cleveland would be a willing trade partner with the Bills for the #4 spot? I’m sure it would take at least both Bills first round picks, a second rounder and who knows what else that could entice the Browns.

  39. The thing about trading with Cleveland…they already have so many picks as it is that how much do they really benefit by adding even more? How many rookies can you draft, develop, evaluate, and keep on your roster in a single year? I’m sure there’s still value in it…but would they find more value in just taking the top, top prospects as part of their 8 top 100 players or whatever crazy deal they already have? I think they’d have a better shot at trading with Indy who has a ton of needs and don’t already have a million picks.

    I’m a little surprised Cleveland felt the need to fire their GM who lined up this sweet deal they’re looking at. They intentionally stripped their team to the bone…did their owner think they were going to be good overnight, and without a legit QB? Sure, they didn’t expect to go 0-16…but they should feel happy about the position they’re sitting in right now. I think that GM should have gotten at least one more year to see the plan through. But at the same time, if you have the opportunity to improve, fair or not, hard to blame them…assuming you think they upgraded at GM.

  40. Let’s hope Zay Jones develops (it did take Eric Moulds 3 seasons) and it came out that he played with a torn labrum and just had surgery…

    The trades all go by the trading point chart. The Browns # 4 pick is worth 1800 points..

    The Bills #1 picks are worth 800 and 780… Their 2nd round is worth #53 370 and #56 340, 3rd #95 120

    They do have the picks to move up….

  41. The Giants at #2 should be interesting. Do they draft Eli’s successor or are they interested in stockpiling draft picks to possibly move back in the draft?

    • The Giants have a chance to draft their next QB can’t see them passing on such an opportunity.

  42. the browns are so unpredictable no telling what they will do, which is why they are the browns. could be the first team in history to have an all rookie starting lineup.
    but seriously it does look like they have given up on deshone kizer and will be looking for a QB.
    if they get their guy at #1, they will most likely wish ton trade away the #4 for more picks in the first and second round.
    unfortunately the Bills will not be the only team willing to deal with cleveland for the #4 so the asking price will be high, but not as high as trading with indy at #3 who would also like to expand their picks.
    trading with tampa or chicago (#7 and #8) neither team needs a QB, should be a good QB on the board and they won’t get abused in the process.