Final Autopsy Report: Bills playoff drought DOA

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It’s taken nearly two days to find the words, shocking for those who know me.

After 17 years of frustration, tears, agony, misery and unending faith in our team, the Bills finally put an end to the playoff drought in true Buffalonian fashion; with a heart-attack inducing drama you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams.

We’ll never hear the theme song from the movie ‘Titanic’ the same way again.

Yes, this really happened.

Hard to explain what lifting 17 years of misery off the shoulders of an exhausted fan base feels like, but I’ll give it my babble-best shot. Perhaps it’s better expressed by LeShawn Jerman (@warloc6), as he “let it flow” on WGR-550 radio on Monday. It’s 12 minutes-plus of utterly genuine emotion.

And just like that, the playoff drought is gone.

A seemingly forever burden, erased in a moment.

We also wouldn’t be the ‘BillsMafia’ without finding a unique way to thank the Cincinnati Bengals for giving us the gift of freedom from the 17-ton chip on our collective shoulders. Cue the ‘Titanic’ music, and I’m still crying every time I see this clip.

Because this is who we are – a collection of football-loving fans who embody the very purpose of sport. We love one another in the most genuine of ways, despite  a few “drunk Uncles” jumping through folding tables and setting themselves on fire.

We know exactly how to show our gratitude for our blessings.

It’s what we do. We take care of each other. We show gratitude and compassion like no other fan base in sports, despite being less affluent than most. This is what embodies exactly what ‘BillsMafia’ means – a collection of compassionate souls who know how to make lemonade out of lemons better than anyone!

So – it’s time to say goodbye to our ‘loser’ past. Those of us who survived the worst playoff drought in North American sports history will carry with us the souls of our brothers and sisters who died before they could see this day.

Winning a playoff game would be icing on the cake, especially against the Jaguars and Doug Marrone. However, truth be told, I won’t be bothered by the outcome of a game I never expected to happen.

The only fairy tale that could beat this one is if the Bills win the Super Bowl this year. While it’s not likely to happen, I felt the same way about the Bills getting into the playoffs this season. My plan is to repeat what worked on Sunday; enjoy the moment no matter what happens.

After all these years it feels better than I imagined it would when the drought lifted. To be free of the stigma we’ve carried for so long is hard to describe in words.

Each of us has a story to tell.

At the moment I’m putting together a collection of tweets/stories from those who want to share their moment with the rest of the BillsMafia FAMbase. If you’d like me to include your story, you can use the comment section here, or tweet me @RobynMundyWYO. 

Also, this concludes my “Autopsy Report” series with a bang because the Bills are no longer DOA in the post-season.

Happy New Year, BillsMafia.

Bring on the Jags!

Editor’s babble: It was worth the wait. Thanks for putting up with my sappy posts and excruciating (at times) optimism. 

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21 Replies to “Final Autopsy Report: Bills playoff drought DOA”

  1. I share a birthday with the drought. The last bills playoff game was January 8th and my birthday is January 9th.
    My first bills memory is the music city “miracle.”
    I don’t have words to express how surreal this feels. It’s finally over. The only downside is that the greatest bills memory I now have, is a touchdown by the Bengals lol

  2. I still cannot believe it….It seems all too strange that the Bills are playing this week-end…

  3. It doesn’t matter how the Bills got in the playoffs, especially after 17 long years. If luck (not Andrew) was heavily involved, then so be it, I’m just glad it’s over and we finally get to see another Bills postseason game. January 8, 2000 seems like a lifetime ago. The Bills have a good chance of beating the Jaguars (not Jagwires) on Sunday. Hopefully Shady can play and be effective. If I didn’t have two vacations planned for this year that we’re saving up for, I’d gladly spend the money on playoff tickets, airfare, hotel etc… to see the Bills/Jags game this Sunday.

  4. Robyn, my younger brother bailed on the Bills after SBXXVII tore up his jersey yelled Screw it I’m done with these losers and if you stay your a GD loser too. He’ll never know the depths of pain nor the level of joy we as BillsMafia experienced on Sunday. This is the ultimate reward that loyalty pays out Damn shame he missed it. Always Go Bills

    • Glad you’re here, Gregg. There are some good discussions here. Your brother? Oh my… well if he had become a Patriots* fan I would have disowned him, lol. But the Falcons? Really?

  5. Very well done! I am 46 years old. I remember the horrible seasons before our glory days and the excruciating drought after them. I cried a bit on Sunday partly from happiness and partly because my grandfather who passed away in March at the age of 94 missed these moments we have been reliving since Sunday.

  6. Good Morning…

    I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming we’re in and a this point that is all that matters…

    With the Jags making the playoffs they now owe the Bills a #5 pick in the draft instead of the #6 in the trade with Dareus.

    The Dalton foundation has now received over $100,000 from Bills fans and the money goes to helping children..

    I’m like a kid waiting for X’mas as I’m so looking forward to Sunday’s game….

  7. Started watching in 1960! one of the top three seasons just based on all that has taken place and team effort from Coaches, players, staff and community!

  8. I dunno…I’m not overly excited. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very relieved to be free of the drought, but there’s a big difference between relief and excitement. I’d be happy enough to end Marrone and Dareus’ seasons, but other than being petty, I don’t think there’s a whole lot more to gain this year. I give them about a 0.1% chance at winning the Super Bowl. Sadly, I’d be way more excited about having a top two draft pick and a QB waiting for me as that’ll mean worth more going forward than a not very good team catching some breaks to get in. Making it, though, is a million times better than going 9-7 or 8-8 and not making it…at least with the pathetic drought in full effect. So from that standpoint I’m very thankful.

  9. joma, i’m excited because the playoff milestone is a great start, something to build from. next year, maybe a win or two in the post season. year after that, maybe a true comtender.

  10. I think they’re probably going to take a step backwards next year…unless they luck out on a QB. Or bring back Tyrod and get an OC that can make him half way effective and regain the top ranked rushing attack.

  11. I dont see mcd allowing a back slide…he will fight like mad to improve the roster and win more games. a new QB will start when he is ready.

  12. So do you think they’re bringing Tyrod back? Unless they have an answer at QB, a slide is all but unavoidable. The Bills were more lucky this year than good. Statistically, the team the previous 3 years was better than this year’s team. Statistically, this year’s team is only like the 7th ‘best’ team of the drought… If they don’t get better QB play next year, it’s unlikely their record will improve. I don’t know that they plan to bring Tyrod back. I don’t know that they should bring Tyrod back. If they do, though, they better can Dennison…which they should maybe do regardless of whether they bring Tyrod back.

    • Considering McBeane gutted the roster and made changes throughout the offseason and into the season, they did a good job. Going into the season, I thought they would be a 4-12 team. After a hot start, the Bills had a dropoff and looked like they would lose the remainder of their games, but turned it around again. After seeing this year’s crop of draft picks have success and the guys McBeane brought in via FA/trade look good, I think they will improve upon this offseason and get better. I still see trading up in the draft to pick a QB being the best option. As long as McCoy is still productive, the Bills can rely heavily on the run game again, giving the new rookie QB time to develop. Seems like the top two QB’s in the draft don’t want to go to Cleveland, so the Bills might be able to make a deal with them.

      As for this season, I think the Bills have a legitimate shot at beating the quitter Marrone and the Jags. If the Bills do that, most likely, they’ll lose to the Patriots. It is very hard to beat a team three times in a one year, so the Bills might have a chance in that one (if it happens), but Brady and Belichek aren’t ordinary, so I would expect a Patriots win.

  13. I’ve been a Bills fan ever since the first year. I watched them lose their chance to be the first AFL team to play in Super Bowl I when KCs Mike Garrett scored the winning td in the 1966 AFL Championship game. After moving to Texas I “enjoyed” all the taunts and jeers from the fair-weather Cowboys fans in the 90s and agonized over the loss to the Titans that put them and not us into another Super Bowl. I am encouraged by what I see coming out of a new mindset and look forward to the future. Go Bills!

  14. joma-
    don’t know about taylor- they have made wild roster moves that we could not predict. rumors are out there that he will be gone. if that happens i believe they will have already made plans to sign an experienced QB from somewhere.

    beat the quitter! i like it!
    quite fitting that marrone is a JAG .

  15. If there’s an experienced QB available, there’s typically a reason for it. They could bring in a guy like Bradford and hope for the best, but doing so could be the equivalent of starting Peterman. But without an upgrade of the QB’s performance, I don’t expect better results next year. I pretty much expect the team to need to improve just to have similar success next year. I don’t think Tyrod is very good, but he’s about 20th best QB in the league. You can easily do better in theory, but you can also easily do worse if you don’t have a good plan in place.

  16. Saw this on TBD, I hope there’s a lot of truth to this:
    Bruce Allen
    Source: ESPN readying new hit piece on Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft set to publish tomorrow morning at 8am. The topic will be a power struggle among the trio as to who deserves the most credit for the dynasty.

  17. Joma-
    keeping taylor or signing a vet QB would still let them develop their ultimate franchise QB. If they upgrade key areas on the roster- OL, WR, DL being the top 3 IMHO) an improved record is very possible even with taylor or other vet.