Playoff scenarios for Bills create tortuous path

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It might be easier to decipher a stone tablet of hieroglyphics than to outline what scenarios must take place for the Buffalo Bills to break their 17-year playoff drought, so I’ll spare you the mental gymnastics. The path to the playoffs is a tortuous one any way you slice the data.

Besides, no matter which way you consider easiest path to the playoffs for the Bills, ‘easiest’ becomes a relative term when they must win out on the road at both Gillette Stadium and the latest iteration in Miami – Hard Rock Stadium. Perhaps that’s why the FAMbase in Buffalo is somewhat more muted than one might expect for a BIlls team at 8-6 and very much in the mix.

So, as our founding father once said – why so serious, #BillsMafia?

If the daunting task of beating two divisional opponents after just playing them isn’t enough, we all saw what happened Sunday afternoon when the New England Patriots were once again the beneficiary of irrational NFL rules. The mere thought of the Bills going to New England and being ‘gronked’ to death is only superseded by my increasingly valid fear that referees will decide the outcome of any said game.

Having our fan-hood beaten to a bloody pulp for nearly two decades might have something to do with our reticence regarding playoff aspirations this year. It’s easy to understand why when you examine how many ways the Bills managed to shoot themselves in the foot and come up short every year.

And while no one regime lays claim to the entire mess, we carry on as if it’s just another brick in our road to eternal damnation as a tortured FAMbase. We continue to inch ever closer to becoming 100% scar tissue (after Steve Tasker’s claim we already reached 90%).

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However, there are many green shoots of hope for success in the Bills’ not-too-distant future, not the least of which is the impressive productivity of rookies from this year’s NFL draft. Tre’Davious White has allowed us to completely forget the cornerback in New England who is so happy to be on a winning team now (even though he never did his part to contribute in any meaningful way to winning while in Buffalo).

Perhaps we could look forward to some Bills players finding a way to bring Rob Gronkowski a little something extra for his Christmas stocking this year? 

Or – would doing a sack dance all over Tom Brady’s aging body be enough to bring that festive mood back to a FAMbase decimated by decades of failure? Let’s remember we survived this dynasty of despair by keeping our goals reasonable and achievable despite living in perpetual purgatory.

But – our real blessing is something most people on the outside of our fan base rarely get to see because they are distracted by win-loss records, statistics and trolling in order to get their daily giggles.

No other fan base in sports shows more compassion than ours.

We look after each other with love. While media outlets all over the country feature drunk Bills fans jumping through tables, we also do stuff like this to show our love for a BillsMafia brother facing cancer.

Only in Buffalo.

Editor’s babble: We are sending our thoughts and prayers to @PanchoBilla1 as we join him and others in their battle against cancer. No matter what #4thAndOne situation we face, we will face it together as FAMily. If you can handle even more blabbering, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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5 Replies to “Playoff scenarios for Bills create tortuous path”

  1. Good morning…

    Just win out and the playoffs will take care of themselves..

    Not any easy task with back to back road games especially in N.E., when is the last time the Bills won a meaningful game there.

    It will be tough but not impossible…

    “Nothing is Over”


  2. Love that scene from Animal House. “Was it over, when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!”

    So far, NFL rulings aided three wins for the Patriots.

    It would be great to win out, but I’m not expecting it. 9-7 is more realistic with the Bills beating the Dolphins in the season finale. Tyrod struggles bad against Belichek’s defenses.

  3. cover hemroidkowski with 2 and rush 9 without over pursuit. get to brady.
    what do they have to lose?

  4. Good Morning

    Teams to keep an eye on for a possible trade up at draft time…

    3-11 Colts– depending if Luck returns healthy
    4-10 Texans–They have Watson and no #1, #2 or #5 after trade up last year
    4-10-Tampa could draft as high as #7, have Winston and many needs on defense
    4-10 Bears-Trubisky
    4-10 49ers-they have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds….
    (Browns could end up with 2 top 5 picks depending on where the Texans finish–they may be willing to trade the 2nd for more picks)

    Teams that need QB’s..

    0-14 Browns
    2-14 Giants
    5-9 Jets
    5-9 Broncos
    5-9 Bengals ???
    6-8 Cards
    6-8 Skins ???
    7-7 Chargers ???

    • Texans are linked to the Browns trade as they have nothing to offer but the Browns might be willing to trade down their pick from the Texans…