Bills host surging, albeit inconsistent Dolphins

ORCHARD PARK, NY – DECEMBER 18 2016: (Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images).

Ho, Ho, Ho.

‘Tis the season. Except this year, believe it or not, as we enter the high-holiday season, the Buffalo Bills are actually in the playoff hunt!

Depending on who you ask this week, the Bills are either in the playoffs right now, or just outside, lurking to get in.

Either way, again, we are not overly excited, as fans.  We are rather skeptical, with overbearing burdens of pessimism.

Sure, some of us are all giddy, with child-like Christmas enthusiasm. Some of us are just plain in denial. But I would argue that most Bills fans are happy that the Bills have improved, but not willing to invest their heart, for fear of the inevitable.

It’s sort of like the Santa question. We want to believe, but a lot of magic is needed.

Musings From Around the NFL

FOXBORO, MA – SEPTEMBER 10: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots and Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers speak before the game at Gillette Stadium on September 10, 2015 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

I think I’ve whined to you about losing Ezekiel Elliott for my fantasy football team, right? Well, I’ve made it to the league semi-finals. Oh, did I mention that Carson Wentz is my quarterback? Come on, Nick Foles.

I keep seeing a stat that says that the New England Patriots can clinch the AFC East with a Buffalo Bills loss. Really? This thing hasn’t been put to bed? OK then…go Bills.

So, Pittsburgh owns the home field advantage in the AFC. Who’s got money on them keeping it? Huh? I guess we find out on Sunday.

Bills fans need the Ravens to lose. Baltimore plays the Cleveland Browns.

We also need the 49’ers to beat the Titans.

And oh yes, the Bills need to win on Sunday, too.

Last Week

Buffalo Bills’ LeSean McCoy, center, runs the ball during the first half of an NFL football game against the Indianapolis Colts, Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017, in Orchard Park, N.Y. (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes).


Wait. First of all…the Colts had no business being in the game at the end. Shame on you, Buffalo Bills, for letting them drive down the field and tie it up in the last seconds.

Second of all, you got saved by a weirdly late penalty flag. Yes, it’s nice for one of those to help us out for once, but, still, you get the point.

OK…well done for pulling it out in the end.

On the snow? I have just one comment. I lived for afternoon football games like that when I was a kid. I mean, to play in it. Me and my boys, the band practice field at our school…always historic. Looks like the NFL boys had just as much fun as we used to have.

This Week

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We’ve talked here about the Bills being sort of a Jekyll-and-Hyde team this season – never really knowing from one week to another which team will show up. Well, if there is a team as unpredictable in the NFL, it might be the Miami Dolphins.  They have looked horrid on more than one occasion, just like the Bills.

And then, this past week, they beat the Patriots, when New England was fighting for home field advantage for the AFC.  Go figure.

If you’re one of those past years stats are meaningful persons (I am not), you are probably hanging on to this one: of four recent times when the Dolphins beat the Patriots, and had the Bills scheduled the next week, Miami has lost every one of them.

There you go.

I don’t know which Miami team will show up today. And I don’t know which Buffalo team will show up today.

I just know it could be Kyle William’s last game on this field.

Buffalo 27 – Miami 17

Read me next week.

Editor’s babble: Thanks to Rick Bates for getting us ready for the last push to rid the Bills of their preponderance for playoff-less-ness. You can find Rick on Twitter @MyHammock. 

9 Replies to “Bills host surging, albeit inconsistent Dolphins”

  1. Phins @ Bills (-3)

    After watching Miami beat up the Patriots on Monday night, this will not be an easy game. Actually I never thought it would be easy as the Phins swept last years series..

    The Phins are coming off the sky high win but can Cutler put 2 great games back to back–his history hasn’t shown the ability to do that. The Bills will see plenty of WR Landry and RB Drake who’s blossoming into a major weapon.. it has been a tough year for the Phins but they have held in there and have played competitive football for head Coach Gates.

    The Bills finally put Gordy Glenn on IR to try and solve his foot an ankle problems. If these problems don’t get solved we may have seen the last of Glenn has rookie Dawkins continues to progress and get better and better. There will be a major overhaul to the O-line next year as they need guards and a RT.

    The strength of the Miami defense is the front four as they can bring the pressure on passing downs the Bills will have their hands full today. As usual the Bills offense goes as far as Shady can take them especially with TT back behind center.

    Bills keep their slight playoff hopes alive today with a hard fought win over the Phins.

    Bills 23 Phins 19

  2. The offense looked good in the first half, then went to a “prevent” mode in the second half which nearly cost the Bills the game (along with Preston Brown’s gaffe). The defense looked good, except for a boneheaded penalty in the red zone which gave the Dolphins first and goal from the one.

    I’m glad the Bills won and are still “in the hunt” for the playoffs, but I’m not getting my hopes up as this team has a long history of letting us fans down. If by some miracle the Bills actually do make the playoffs, then I will officially drink the McBeane kool aid.

  3. Steve it will take a miracle in Foxboro as they must beat the Pats to have any chance…

    The Pats pulled another game out of their asses yesterday but dam they are good.

    The Bills went into TT mode in the 2nd half after he played and outstanding first half… TT’s deep balls never get closer or any better. He finally started using the T.E.

  4. Goose, right now, the Bills control their own destiny, if they win out, they’re in. But, the chances of the Bills beating the Cheatriots at Foxboro are not good. It would be nice to see the team (more importantly the defense) fired up to play the Cheatriots especially after the Gronkowski cheap shot on Tre White. If the Bills go 9-7, there is still a chance they get in the playoffs, but they need other teams to lose.

    Taylor seems to play better against the Dolphins, but not so well against the Patriots. Three points against any team in the NFL is not going to cut it. The offense is going to need to put up 27 points or more to have a chance at winning.

    The Cheatriots got lucky again with another terrible call by the refs. Then the Steelers shot themselves in the foot with a terrible play of their own which got intercepted and ended the game. Guess the Steelers didn’t watch the Patriots/Seahawks Superbowl.

    Nice win by the Bills yesterday.

  5. Assuming the Bills lose to NE and beat MIA (not an automatic) they need Los Diego or Baltimore to lose a game (both easy schedules) or the Titans to not lose both games (hard schedule). Los Diego losing to KC really messed things up. The Bills had the tiebreaker on KC, as long as it wasn’t a 3 way tie. Bills have the 3 way tie over the Chargers, but not the 2 way tie… Hopefully the Bills earn it or blow it on their own, though, and don’t miss out on a lousy tiebreaker.

    • “Hopefully the Bills earn it or blow it on their own, though, and don’t miss out on a lousy tiebreaker.”

      Agreed. Since the Bills have come this far, it would be great to see them finally get that 17 year monkey off their backs, but I’m not getting my hopes up as the Bills are masters at crushing peoples hopes.

  6. all the bills have to do is figure out a way to stop the 6′-6″ pierogi on steroids and they have a chance.
    since they won’t be able to do that they have to get to brady- often and with impact- as much as as humanely possible.

    • While I don’t wish injury upon anyone, I do hope the Bills D pounds on Steroidkowski hard and he has minimal impact on the game. Tre White said “the whole hood” wants Steroidkowski, so we’ll see if they step up this week.

  7. so much for the pre-season prediction that jay cutler would resurrect his career with the dolphins. to think we wanted him as a Bill at one point.