Seasonal letdown by Bills taking its toll on fans

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What do you think? 9-7? Is that what the final record for the regular season will be for the Buffalo Bills?

And, how do you feel about that?

If you told me this past summer, that 9-7 will be the team’s final record, I think I would have been happy with that.

Of course, at this point, there is no guarantee that 9-7 will, in fact, be the final record of the Buffalo Bills. After an incredibly exciting start to the season, the team now has a disappointing 6-6 record.

If they lose the remaining four games, they will finish with a record of 6-10, which, quite honestly, was a leading prediction by many fans for this team during the past summer.

Their four remaining games include a likely loss against the New England Patriots, and 3 “should be” wins – Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, and a home and home series with the Miami Dolphins – hence, the discussion about the possible 9-7 record.

In some NFL years, a record of 9-7 can make the playoffs. So, is there excitement buzzing all around BuffaoLand this morning?

Uh…not so much.

Instead, there seems to be a weight of seasonal letdown coating our football dreams. We don’t have a quarterback. Or at least, as of this writing, we don’t know who will be playing quarterback this afternoon. How can a team make the playoffs if they don’t even know who their quarterback is?

Because it’s not as simple as, “Well, if Tyrod Taylor is healthy, of course he’s the team quarterback.”

(sound of crickets chirping)

So, there is a bit of pessimism clouding our perspective, as the Buffalo Bills play a home game against a beatable Colts team, even when they have an outside chance of making the playoffs.

We just don’t think they can get it done.

Or, do you?

Musings From Around the NFL

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If Buffalo was in the AFC West, their 6-6 record would have them tied for 1st place – with 3 other teams.

If Buffalo is going to make the playoffs, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and/or Tennessee needs to start losing. All three of them could lose their respective games on Sunday.

In the 0-16 Browns watch, Cleveland takes on the Packers on Sunday afternoon.

The big games this week come from the NFC. Thursday’s Falcon’s win over the Saints was huge. We also have the Vikings and Panthers, Seahawks and Jaguars, and a biggie between the Eagles and the Rams.

Last Week

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It was nice to see the Bills defense play well, again. At least they did, for as long as they could. For a while, the defense kept the team in the game.

But, man oh man, the offense. And Tyrod Taylor.

Here’s the bottom line on Tyrod Taylor as the Bills quarterback: His ceiling is exciting, and he can take the team places – but his floor is depressing, and will prevent the team from going places.

He can’t be counted on – and that’s the kiss of death. It’s time to move on.

The loss to the Patriots was not unexpected. But again, it’s how the team loses, which makes us so disappointed. Again.

This Week

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I think it’s time to play Nathan Peterman, again. I’ve seen enough of Tyrod Taylor. And I think it would be good to see Peterman play at home, against an opponent that he could have some success against.

Hopefully, a Bills receiver won’t let one of Peterman’s early passes go through his hands and into a defensive player’s hands, for a pick-six, sending him spiraling downward, like what happened out on the west coast a few weeks ago.

Let’s see what he’s got. Let’s see just how badly the Bills do, or do not, need to draft a quarterback high in the spring.

The Bills have to win. The game is at home.

Buffalo 20 – Indianapolis 13

Read me next week.

Editor’s babble: Thanks to Rick Bates for his contributions to our blog. It’s tough to be perpetually “in the hunt” and Bills fans are no doubt very tired. Here’s hoping Peterman gets to play and has some success. You can follow Rick on Twitter @MyHammock. 

8 Replies to “Seasonal letdown by Bills taking its toll on fans”

  1. Hope Nathan plays at least he doesn’t hold the ball for 8 seconds like Tyrod then trys to throw on the run. INCOMPLETE!! No long pass connections either. Also please go back to the blocking scheme where the Bills led the league two years in a row, then you could find out about Peterman as well.

  2. Good morning…

    The Bills have 6 wins that is 2 more than I thought going into a season of transition. My disappointment now is that they may finish 8-8 or better or possibly a little worse which won’t qualify for a playoff position and it sets them back in the draft to the usual 9-13 position.. We need the Rams to drop a couple of games down the stretch along with the Chiefs to keep losing for better draft positioning.

    This is the year of the QB coming out of college and the Bills need to pull the trigger on one regardless of the costs.

  3. Colts @ Bills (PK)

    The Colts come to town in very frigid conditions, cold temperatures and snow flurries. The Bills should thrive in this game especially playing a dome team. The Bills face Brissett last year when he was with New England and win 16-0.

    Even though the Colts are 3-9 they play competitive football and have weapons in T.Y. Hilton (one of the best in the NFL), Frank Gore is still churning out yards and Vanitieri is still putting the ball through the up-rights. They can surprise but have lost a few games at the very end…

    Looks like Peterman is going to start, I’m looking forward to him bouncing back after getting blasted by the Chargers.. Can they Bills go to 7-6 and still in remain in the playoff hunt. I say this reluctantly that they will win today’s game remain in the hunt but with each win it costs the team more to be able to get a QB in this years outstanding draft class…

    The Bills O-line will control the line of scrimmage an open running lanes for Shady to run through. We will get to see the Peterman we watched in pre-season pick a part the Colts secondary with quick tosses and expose the Colts weak middle.

    The Bills defense will be in the hunt for sacks today but will need to contain Gore. They will force at least 3 turnovers and pressure Brissett into mistakes.

    Bills protect the turf !!

    Bills 23 Colts 13

  4. I expect the Bills to win today and Peterman should have a good bounce back game as the Colts secondary is terrible. I’d rather see the Bills lose out and get the higher draft pick so they’ll have a better chance of drafting a franchise QB. But knowing the Bills, they’ll finish between 7-9/8-8, draft in the teens and screw up their chances to grab an elite QB.

  5. So the Bills win and keep their playoff chances alive. The Bills and Chiefs both win to hurt their franchise QB acquisition chances. Sure hope they make the playoffs and end the drought so we can pretend not landing a quality QB was worth it.

    • Agreed. If neither Tyrod or Peterman can play on Sunday, then we might as well chalk up this Sunday’s game as a loss.

  6. yeah, Joe Webb looks to be an INT machine.

    I really enjoyed watching the game- the snow was very cool. The game was literally agonizing in the late 4th quarter.