Does it matter who starts at QB for Bills?

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The perpetually mediocre Buffalo Bills (6-6) are facing a conundrum this Sunday when they take on the Indianapolis Colts at New Era Field regarding who will start at quarterback. Tyrod Taylor limped through practice on gingerly on Thursday with a sore patellar tendon and Nathan Peterman is still reeling from his five-interception starting debut in the NFL against the Chargers.

So who will get the start on Sunday? Who should get the start on Sunday?

An entire generation of children in WNY are entering adulthood while we continue to ask the same question. Flutie or Johnson? Though that particular question seems a lifetime ago even for elder-fans – once again we find our team “in the hunt” with more questions at quarterback than answers.

And – after yet another mind-numbing loss to the Patriots, the Bills will face the only non-division opponent left on the schedule this season. Unless of course the Bills make the Super Bowl this year.

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OK, so it is still theoretically possible…

But seriously, where do we go from here at quarterback?

It seems implausible at best for the Bills to win out, particularly with three divisional games on deck in December. And don’t count me in the group of folks who assume the Bills can beat the Dolphins twice either.

So the choice is a banged up Tyrod Taylor, who apparently is not seen as the “future” at quarterback in Buffalo – or – Nathan Peterman, whose psyche may not yet be recovered from his recent traumatic interception-fest?

As much as I’ve supported Tyrod Taylor in the past, it pains me a great deal to acknowledge his limitations. Being hobbled will only further force Taylor to play the position as a pocket quarterback, something he’s yet to prove he can do on a consistent basis.

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So with four games left to go and the likelihood that the Bills will miss the playoffs for the 18th time in row, it seems logical to start Peterman on Sunday against the Colts. With the Bills likely drafting another quarterback in 2018, they do need to evaluate Peterman’s potential as much as possible.

And while that makes a lot of sense – we also know that’s not always what the Buffalo Bills do – or at least what they’ve done over the last couple of decades.

Let’s presume Taylor is hobbled but clear to go on Sunday. Who do you think should get the start, and why?

How would you prefer the quarterback situation be managed for the rest of the season?

You’ve read enough of my babble this season, now I’m asking for yours. Some of you reading this are quite knowledgeable about quarterbacks coming out of college to the NFL Draft.

Who would you prefer the Bills draft at quarterback next spring?

Please add your thoughts in the comment section and let’s have a civil discussion about where the Bills should go from here at the quarterback position? I’m looking forward to reading your thoughtful commentary because at this point, there’s a lot of ways this could all go down.

In fact, I had a recent exchange with WGR-550’s Nate Geary on Twitter about the merits of considering Kirk Cousins, even though he would cost a fortune.

Please note, if you’ve never commented here in the past, your first post will be moderated and approved. From that point on your posts will be automatically published (but still moderated – civil discourse only).

Let us know what you think.

Editor’s babble: Thanks for all the contributions/comments you’ve made this season. It’s been fun to see our comment section grow and become a really great place for discussion. I’m also on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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7 Replies to “Does it matter who starts at QB for Bills?”

  1. Does it matter? Not really. I don’t want either starting next year. Which one gives them the better chance to lose now? Lose out and pick 10th or so and MAYBE you can trade your two first rounders to SF. But if they don’t move up, who’s going to be available? If they can trade up and get the guy they want, do it. If they can’t, stay put and take the best QB available and hope for the best. If he doesn’t look really good, take another guy next year. Keep doing it till you have someone great.

  2. I’d rather see Peterman, but I hate the fact that after ALL THESE YEARS…he and TT are the options. I think Peterman is more of a real QB, stands in the pocket, looks around for a receiver…(unlike TT who would rather run or dump off a 4 yd pass when it’s 3rd and 6)
    Peterman takes more chances throwing to REAL WR’s instead of dink and dump. I’m so tired of TT’s game play. (don’t mind the occasional interception, but please not 5!)
    That being said, however, let’s draft our franchise guy next year. It’s a good QB draft and we have a real shot at getting someone who will be able to start next season. I’m done with TT and honestly don’t even want him back as the back-up. Time to move on. If Peterman plays halfway decent, I could see him as number 2 next season behind our #! draft pick.

  3. Good morning…

    It is Peterman time especially with TT limping around. The Bills need to evaluate Peterman and the Colts game is a perfect game to start. TT’s time has come and gone with the Bills, he’ll end up playing on another team next year as a back-up or a starter.

    Peterman could be the eventual starter or he could be the great back-up ala Frank Reich. The Bills can’t afford to wait another year and will need to draft a QB in a draft that has plenty of talent… I have faith in beanie and McD that they will pull the trigger on a trade to get the QB they want. They have 2 number ones and can always go into the 2019 draft picks if it means getting a franchise QB. The time has come and the new management is bold enough to strike a deal.

    Saying that they have to upgrade the O-line by draft or signing FA’s. A tough decision will have to be made about Gordy Glenn, if he can get healthy he is a top talent but he can’t get over his feet and ankle problems to be on the field.

    The Bills also need to upgrade the front 7 on defense as the LB’s are OK but lack speed and the D-line is getting gashed again on the ground and has had little success rushing the passer.

    Now is the time to keep watch on the teams that the Bills could trade with to move up in the draft–Bears, Colts, 49ers, Bucs and hope for others to win –Jets, Broncos, Giants, Cards.

  4. Are the 49’ers going to use their pick on a QB? Guess it depends on how Jimmy G pans out but it that will take until next year. They are keeping their options open but having Garoppolo on the roster does at least get them thinking about trading down for more picks. The Bears, Colts and Bucs are set at QB.
    Next year could be the best window for the Bills to draft a QB since the 2002 draft where they were coming off a 3-13 season.
    Unfortunately the QB class that year was as weak as Coors beer (David Carr, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsay) and the Bills picked Mike Williams and traded for Drew Bledsoe.

    Definitely “excitey” about the possibilities!

    As for this year I would like to see Peterman thrown to the wolves. His first game was a fluke IMHO and he should improve nicely.

  5. Considering how bad the Colts secondary is, I think this would be the perfect game for Peterman to come in and gain some confidence back.

    I’m already thinking about the offseason and the draft. The right side of the O-line needs serious upgrading. QB is the #1 priority. A speedy WR (who’s not brittle) and who doesn’t have butterfingers is another need. On defense, the front seven needs a lot of work. If the Bills were to trade Lawson, I’m fine with that as long as they get fair value back in return.

    Otherwise, I’m about done with Buffalo sports until next summer. The Sabres are the worst team in the league and most likely the playoff drought goes into year 18. When will this misery end?