Bills face uphill battle against Patriots

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I’m asking for apologies, now. This is going to be a shorter article than it usually is.

I think I realized my error – that I hadn’t yet written my weekly game day BillsMafia article – as I was standing, doing my business in one of an unfortunately few hidden men’s “lounges” at The Plaza Hotel, in New York City.

Yes, that Plaza Hotel.  In my explorations post-business, I did not see either Eloise, or that I’ve-lost-my-family-at-Christmas-time boy.

But I did see the following, as I traveled the streets of Manhattan:

• 12 homeless families
• 11 stretch limousines
• 10 lines for tickets
• 9 couples wearing matching ugly sweaters
• 8 different protests
• 7 against our government
• 6 homes of “original” New York pizza
• 5 taxi accidents
• 4 drunk Santas
• 3 crowded ice rinks
• 2 the-world-is-going-to-end guys
• And a Presidential motorcade holding up traffic for 6 million citizens

But I also saw dozens of people wearing New York Jets apparel, and as many more wearing gear for the Giants. And I asked myself, “Why?”

And I immediately knew the answer. It’s the same reason I was wearing my Bills hat last weekend, even before they beat the Chiefs – reclaiming some of my respect for them.

It’s the same reason why I saw yesterday, a man wearing a Cowboys sweatshirt, a women wearing a Dolphins scarf, and a family wearing Cleveland Browns gear.

It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

They say there are less and less of us NFL fans now.

We’re still here. We’re still watching.

Musings From Around the NFL

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Well, it’s time for the weekly Buffalo Bills playoff implications discussions. Let’s begin.

First, obviously, the Bills need to, at least they need to try, to beat the New England Patriots today. This is less about New England losing, as it is about Buffalo winning.

The Bills are also going to need help, starting today.

One of these – either Tennessee or Jacksonville – needs to start losing. Each week. Or, they both do. Each week.

Tennessee is playing against Houston this week, though we don’t really want to see the Texans win too much more, either. The Jags are playing Indianapolis today. Go Colts.

I hate rooting for the Jets, but if they can help Kansas City lose another game that they shouldn’t lose, that would be helpful.

The L. A. Chargers are hot right now, so, go Cleveland.

And, as much as I don’t want the Steelers to win, having them beat the Bengals would help, too.

Last Week

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Well done, Buffalo Bills players & coaching staff.

Of the five things the Bills could have done last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, four of them were something positive, and one was negative. Going into the game, there was a lot of money riding on the negative option.

The negative was that they could have embarrassed themselves, again. A fourth week in a row of embarrassingly pitiful football performance.  Fortunately for them, and for us, they did not do that.

What were the other four possible results?

They could have blown the Chiefs out of the water. That didn’t happen.

They could have lost the game narrowly, but looked more respectable than the previous three weeks.

They could have plain out gotten beaten, but not by definition, embarrassingly.

Or, they could have done what they did do…go out and fight hard, improve, and win the game in the end.  At the very least, they made all of us have a much more enjoyable week.

This Week

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Seriously, what do you want me to write here.

Ok, let’s play this game – you pick the outcome. Here are your options:

• A………Bills fans get over-hyped – the Patriots destroy said hype with a 23 play opening drive, getting nine 3rd-and-6-to-go 1st downs (each by gaining 6.5 yards), and ending with a Brady TD throw to Gronk, but only after the Bills spoil keeping them to a field goal with a stupid penalty.

• B………Bills fans get over-hyped – said hype helps propel Buffalo to a dominating performance, building a halftime lead to 28-3. They add to their lead with an exciting 2nd half opening drive to take a commanding 35- 3 lead. What could go wrong? Can you just see Tom Brady’s face after throwing his game winning comeback touchdown to a receiver you have never heard of before?

• C…….The Bills beat the Patriots today. Then next week they lose to the Colts.

There you go, the only possible options for Bills fans. Take your pick.

I’ll go with “A”.

Read me next week.

Editor’s babble: We hope for Option C and the Bills beat the Colts. Thanks to Rick Bates for helping to keep us sane. You can follow Rick on Twitter @MyHammock.

13 Replies to “Bills face uphill battle against Patriots”

  1. Pats @ Bills (+9)

    Hard to believe the season has gone into the 13th week and the Bills haven’t played the Pats or the Phins yet. The last 4 games: Colts, Phins, Pats and Phins how did the schedule makers come up with this type of schedule?

    It is a tough day as a Bills fan as we hate the Patriots with a passion as they have torture the Bills through the Belichick/Brady era… The coach is 29 -5 which is incredible and goes right up there with Miami’s 20 game winning streak against the Bills in the 70’s… Brady is an incredible 26-2 and 15-2 in Buffalo… By tough I mean if we win it would be great but also puts the Bills in a lower draft position when the Bills need desperately to draft a QB for the future.. Aren’t we all tired of the 6-10, 7-9 and 8-8 type of seasons where they miss the playoffs and draft between 9-13. They draft decent players but none that puts them over the hump –hell most of the time they don’t even draft decent players–since 2000 Flowers #26, M. Willians #4, L. Evans#13, Losman #22, Whitner #8, McCargo #26, Lynch #12, Maybin #11, Spiller #9, Dareus #3, Gilmour #19, Watkins #4 and EJ Manuel #16… Not a whole lot of production or Pro Bowls from that group.

    Today’s game the Pats come in on a roll after a rough start to the season the Bills haven’t looked pretty in their last 4 games even though they beat a slumping Chiefs team last week.. it will be business as usual for the Pats. Brady will carve up the middle of the Bills defense with his dink and dunk then hit Gronk or Cooks with a few deep passes.The Pats will attack the the outer edge of the Bills defense as the LBs have a hard time covering the RB’s…

    The Bills need to get Shady going but the line is without Glenn again, Valder is a horrible guard and Mills is the look-out RT. (He yells Look-out to TT when he attempts to pass block… TT needs to have the game of his life if the Bills are to upset the Pats. It will be difficult with Benjamin out, Clay hurting and Mathews questionable.

    It’s the same old song and dance today.

    Pats 34- Bills 17

  2. I think the Patriots will have a Fuccillo (huge) game and will win 40-17.

    It would be nice to see the Bills start adding more losses to Brady’s/Belichek’s win/loss record against the Bills before those two retire. I know the Bills will never get close to evening up that ridiculous record, but, along with finishing between 6-10/7-9 almost every year, I’m also tired of seeing the Bills lose twice a year to the Patriots almost every year.

    • When was the last time the Bills beat the Pats when it counted? The only game I can remember is when we shut them out 31 -0 in the opener right after they signed Lawyer Milloy.

  3. Hey, the Bills actually held the Pats under 30 points! Looked like they coulda hit 30 if they woulda put forth the effort in the fourth quarter, but there was no need with the Bills juggernaut-like performance on offense…

  4. The Jets beat the Chiefs which helps with the draft pick and maybe somehow the Jets end up with more wins than the Bills.

    We have to start watching what teams the Bills may trade up in the draft to get ahead of the Broncos, Cards and Jets…

    There are the Colts 3-9, Bears 3-9, 49ers 2-10, Tampa & Houston-4-8.

  5. The Bills defense did their jobs yesterday, it’s too bad the Bills offense didn’t. Another stinker from Tyrod, granted he was injured, but it’s another game where he failed to throw for 70 yards and continued his best Trent Edwards impression [Captain Checkdown]. I hope that’s the last time he is the starting Bills QB.

    It would be great if the Bills lost all their remaining games, but it’s doubtful. I’m thinking 7-9 or 8-8 with 8-7 being a possibility.

    Rob Gronkowski is the “Cowboy” Bob Orton of the NFL. For those that didn’t follow the WWE (then WWF) back in the 80’s, “Cowboy” Bob Orton wore a cast on his arm for two years and used to nail opponents with it when the ref wasn’t looking. Gronk wears this ridiculous oversized arm brace (which covers 2/3 of his arm), uses it as a weapon to push off. I used to root for Gronkowski because he’s from the Buffalo area as well as being Polish, but after seeing him deliver a vicious elbow with that arm brace to the back of White’s head, I think he’s a piece of trash and deserves to be suspended (multiple games) and fined heavily.

  6. absolutely steve, gronk needs to be suspended ASAP but the pussy NFL may not want to hurt the saint patriot’s super bowl run chances (which this would do).
    i hope he gets suspended 4 games and it causes them to lose HFA to the steelers and ultimately this year’s lombardi.

    so many times this year Bills pass plays (especially yesterday!) i kep singing the old wizzard of oz tune “if i only had a brain” but substituted “if we only had a quarterback” .

    bills defense was good but was very bad against the run, giving up long gains and drives to the run.
    tony romo speculated that it was part of the bills plan to give up the run by avoiding the big play. not sure i cared for that strategy.

  7. I agree anello, if we only had a QB and a O-line… I also agree about Gronk, he should have a lengthy suspension, especially since he caused an injury/concussion, but you know the NFL has it’s favorites, so we’ll see if it actually happens.

    I also read the Bills were playing the pass and giving the Cheats the run. For the most part, the Bills D did their job and held Brady to zero TD’s and did not let the Cheats score a TD in the first half.

    The guys from the WGR550 morning show brought up a good point. If the 49ers end up with the 2nd overall pick and they plan on keeping Garappolo, they may accept offers to trade down. As of right now, the Bills hold the 16th and 20th picks. Would the 49ers be willing to drop that low to make their first pick? What if another team that is in the top ten of the makes an offer to move up, would that be more enticing to the 49ers than waiting to the middle of the round to make their first selection? I think they would go with the higher draft pick than they would than making the trade with the Bills. This is another reason why the Bills should lose out and stop trying to “win now.”

  8. “As of right now, the Bills hold the 16th and 20th picks. Would the 49ers be willing to drop that low to make their first pick? What if another team that is in the top ten of the makes an offer to move up, would that be more enticing to the 49ers than waiting to the middle of the round to make their first selection? I think they would go with the higher draft pick than they would than making the trade with the Bills.”

    Probably depends largely on how deep the draft is. The 9ers could fall in love with a guy and then prefer to swap spots with the team behind them, pick up another high pick or two and still get their guy…like they did with Chicago last draft. I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of interest so it’s not going to be cheap.

  9. one game for literally giving a player a concussion AFTER the play was over? what a compete farce. ridiculous.
    If a Bills player would have done that to Brady he would have been out for the season- easily. prix.

  10. I heard a good suggestion for a punishment on WGR…make Gronk sit for the next game against the Bills! Not that it would matter…I’m sure the Pats could still manage more than 3 points without him, but it’s still a better punishment than just sitting out the next game.