Easy to Guess Bills Will Remain Tough to Predict

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The six-win predictions came true.  The Buffalo Bills reached the most common offseason estimate.  A lot of people making partially educated guesses were right ahead of schedule.

The team can feel slight pride in taking only 11 games. Now, that could be it.  But there are five chances left to improve in a season that’s been as predictable as Powerball.  Guess any number you please.
The transition from wondering if they could really shock us to wanting it to be over… to detached curiosity… has made for quite a month. Having no expectations is one way to get them back.  Watching without nervousness is a consequence of your favorite team offending the sport, as had been the recent habit.
But the Bills resiliently made us care.  Refs gave them a phantom penalty for the crime of trying to tackle the carrier just to make the win more dramatic.  This is a pro wrestling type of league, so the good guys can only hope the script is forgiving.
I personally went from pretending not to care at kickoff to swearing at the television during the final quarter.  There’s value in being tense.  A game that was not just competitive but also nerve-wracking made appreciating fortitude easy.  They avoided winning by two scores just so we could enjoy the intrigue.
I totally thought the Bills would win their seemingly regular trip to Arrowhead aside from the eight times I said they were out of it.  They eventually prevailed against an apparent rival they’ve played nine of the last 10 seasons.
This year’s edition let us see which team is more dysfunctional.  Avoiding an Alex Smith-type decline may not qualify as good news, but it is less bad. We can be impressed they’re not creating their own failure.  It’s almost optimistic. Take how coaches flirted with letting LeSean McCoy run to set up the pass.  Such a bold approach might even work.
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But this club can’t be comfortable with success.  The refusal to stick with the sport’s most dynamic back with a fourth-quarter lead on the road is business as usual.  We like watching him help the team, which is kind of the point.
The ideal game will be played right after the Peace Bridge is replaced.  Wins come despite imperfect efforts.  Use any available pieces to fill gaps.  For one, I am glad tight ends exist, especially when management had to add J.D. Hill and Billy Buffalo to the receiver depth chart.
Getting needed stops was thankfully out of character.  This felt like the game where E.J. Gaines truly became a Bill.  And Tre White has proven to be quite the consolation prize for trading down.  I don’t mean to gloat over the Chiefs, at least not that much.
The good and bad news is that it’s only one game.  Players spent last week announcing that the last trilogy of games was worse than the Star Wars prequels. It’s easy to proclaim such results are unacceptable to fans.  Changing it’s the tough part, especially for hired guns who have only been here for a small percentage of the agony.
We had the right to not expect much after Buffalo allowed a low basketball score the previous week.  Conceding fewer than 20 percent of the points than they did against the Chargers shows just how bipolar this season has been.
For this phase, they redeemed a fun chance to move up postseason standings while improving their bonus draft pick.  Such enjoyment seemed impossible during the Nathan Peterman Experiment.
The dread following a win is as much a part of Buffalo as streaking blue cheese with hot sauce.  Our favorite franchises are adept at one-game winning streaks.  We know better than to get hyped up for the stupid Patriots.  The chasm between the two franchises is the closest thing to permanency in our world.  I dream of proof that nothing lasts forever.
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Remember to welcome back Stephon Gilmore warmly.  Do not under any circumstances point out he chose to coast on the efforts of others instead of leading the cause.
It’s easy to play cornerback with a lamentably legendary offense scoring nonstop.  As for that quarterback whose quick throws torment for years, matching his release speed is always tough.  This would be a great week for the front seven to accelerate.
Keeping pace is especially tough when so many marchers are gone.  The Bills have dealt away keystones while trying to keep arches intact.  Throwing out everything that reminds you of your ex is one thing.  Maintaining that they’re ready to get back in the game despite the breakup is another.
Competing now while building for the future is like proclaiming readiness for the hot dog-eating contest after consuming a Paula’s Donut.  This season has tested stomach capacity.
Despite three previous games that were horrid even by this franchise’s standard, this maddening team is somehow still contending to play the wild card. 
We’re not allowed to be comfortable in case anyone here is new. Enjoy outlasting Kansas City without getting ahead of ourselves, which is the sort of life lesson football teaches.
I’m sorry to report elation is unsustainable.  But that makes us appreciate triumph that much more.  At this point, we’re even slightly ahead.  If that feels strange, it fits this season.
Editor’s babble: Many thanks to Anthony Bialy for soothing our aching hearts with his witty and astute observations about surviving life as a fan of Buffalo sports. We look forward to his comforting words of snark every week. You can follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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6 Replies to “Easy to Guess Bills Will Remain Tough to Predict”

  1. As unlikely as it sounds i am not ruling out a Bills win on Sunday.
    For many reasons (including inside info) I strongly believe the defense took three games off because they really wanted to win now and that the Dareus trade was the last straw.
    Seems as if they might be over that now and if so, could make for a very interesting game.

  2. I don’t buy that for a second. They were upset because they wanted to win now…so they severely hurt their chances of making the playoffs to prove a point? Either they didn’t want to win now all that badly or they’re idiots. Plus they brought in Benjamin to help them win now before they went on their suck run…and the D was shaky a number of games before that to boot.

    I think more likely, Gaines helps their pass D a lot…and probably most of all, KC is playing horribly of late too. Like I said, let’s see the Bills hold the Pats to less than 30 points. I give them about a 7% chance of winning. I think that’s about as often as they beat Brady…about 7% of the time.

  3. Good morning…

    The Bills defense got trampled for 3 straight games, the Chiefs have been in a slump and the Bills pulled one out… The Bills slump cost them a shot at the playoffs and the Chiefs wins hurts them for draft position. Let’s hope the Chiefs continue to have their losing ways.

    The Giants are in full tank mode and will pick in the top 3 assuring themselves of their next long term QB…

    The Pats come in to town on a roll they barely broke a sweat last week against the Phins. Brady is having some Achilles problems.

    I thought they may play the Bills -Pats game here on Sunday but we get to watch the Browns play the Chargers!!!

  4. It’s funny hearing the optimism from the guys from WGR550 this morning. I know it’s their jobs to talk about the Bills and talk up the team, but there’s no way the Bills beat the Patriots, especially how they’ve looked over the past four weeks. Even last weeks win over the Chefs wasn’t impressive, don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to see the Bills win, but the way the Chiefs played, the Bills should have blown them out.

    Brady is 26-3 vs the Bills with the last loss being a meaningless 16th game of the season for the Patriots. One more win against the Bills and Brady breaks Brett Favre’s record of most wins against a single team. Between that record and Brady needing two more TD’s to having the most passing TD’s at RWS/New Era Field in the past 20’s is absolutely pathetic!

    IMO, I think the Ravens will get the final Wild Card spot and the Bills will miss out again, possibly going 8-8 with a shot of making 9-7. As Joma would say, a Billsy type season (wash, rinse, repeat… the Buffalo Bills).

  5. I look at the first (7) games where the defense gave up an average of 16 pts a game, then for three game skid they gave up an average of 45 pts / game! that’s ~3 X as many points!
    this is what is known as a statistical aberration, something way the f* out of whack! and usually something big triggers this kind of thing.
    again, not saying the Bills will win, but that they should play closer to the way they played in the first seven games, and that gives them a chance.
    the Dareus trade is the only significant event that is public knowledge that could have triggered this skid.
    in football, especially defense, motivation and attitude are a big percentage of the overall picture of how well they perform. if “the boss” takes away something that was critical to helping you succeed (in your eyes)- e.g. Dareus, your morale and motivation take a huge hit.
    who knows- but i do not believe the bills defense is as bad as they played in the 3-game slide off the cliff. if they have “recovered” and I know, KC was bad, but the Bills had something to do with that- then they have a chance.

  6. Dareus was gone against the Raiders and they played just fine. Dareus also didn’t exactly tear it up when he was around either. I don’t believe the Bills D was as good as they looked early. They were getting fat on turnovers and playing a lot of bad teams. The turnovers quit coming and the opposition got a little better and the D went to crap. Are they as bad as the 3 week slide? Probably not, but the Bills aren’t a very good team. They’re probably a little below what they’ve been the past few years the AFC is just REALLY bad this year.