Reeling Bills face do or die matchup at Chiefs


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A few short weeks ago….wait, make that a few long weeks ago, I wrote words to the following effect, here at this blog…

The good news is, the Buffalo Bills are in a playoff spot right now. Making the playoffs is in their hands. They don’t have to depend on another team to beat another team. The playoffs are in the Buffalo Bills hands. The playoff spot is theirs to lose.

And so they went about doing just that.

In New York, on a Thursday night national game, they were embarrassing in their loss.

At home, after a bye week, they got embarrassed by the New Orleans Saints.

So why not make it three in a row? Let’s just yank any playoff hopes our fans have right out of their addled brains. Let’s go out to the west coast and see how badly we can really embarrass ourselves. Again.

Let me make this clear. If you had told me, this past summer, that the 2017 Buffalo Bills will have a record of 5-5 at Thanksgiving, I would have said that sounded about right, and I would be pleased with the general progress the new coaching and administrative staff had made.

So, here they are, with a record of 5 wins and 5 loses, at Thanksgiving.

Then why am I on the verge of giving up my 49 years of fandom?

It’s not that they are 5-5, it’s how they got to 5-5.

It’s the way they built up our emotions, and ripped our hearts out of our chests. Let’s not just lose 3 games in a row, let’s make sure we are embarrassing in doing so.

I don’t have an answer for you, Bills fans. Not this week.

The only thing I can recommend, to fix this, is for the Bills to go out and find an opponent for this week that has been losing in a similarly embarrassing fashion.

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) fumbles as he is hit by Minnesota Vikings free safety Harrison Smith (22) during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, in Minneapolis. The Lions recovered the fumble. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)

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The Vikings. They’ve got that certain thing going on. The kind of thing you can’t really put your finger on, but is necessary for success. They’ve got it.

Did the Buffalo Bills lose to a legit team last week? Are the L.A. Chargers better than maybe we thought they were? Or, are the Cowboys worse than we thought they were?

The Washington Redskins. Flip a coin.

For the Thanksgiving week games, we usually start to see important playoff implication games. Not too many this week, though. The Saints and the Rams have a big one, obviously.

For Bills fans, though, there are a couple of games to keep an eye on, if we are seriously thinking about the team getting back on track and saving the season. The Ravens and the Texans is one to watch. I guess the Raiders and the Broncos, too – for the winner – the loser will pretty much be out of the running.

And oh yes, this game…the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Last Week

I’m not blaming Nathan Peterman. And I’m not blaming Sean McDermott.

I’m blaming Patrick DiMarco.

I know, you don’t lose a game with one play – with one mistake. And later, Nathan Peterman will add to the list of mistakes. But, Peterman hit DiMarco right in the hands. It could have been a nice little play, with positive yardage. Instead, it went off DiMarco’s hands, right into a pick 6 devastating reversal of fortune against Nathan Peterman, and the Buffalo Bills.

It’s public knowledge now, that Rick Dennison’s opening drive game script had 4 plays designed for Kelvin Benjamin. The first of them? A perfectly thrown ball by Peterman – threading needles – directly into the hands of Benjamin for a beautiful first down. The Bills were driving.

But wait…………………………………………………………….Benjamin is down.

Benjamin is being taken off the field. Benjamin is in the cart. Benjamin is out of the game.

Anticipating pass rushing pressure from the Chargers, let’s call a nice little bootleg misdirection screen pass to our fullback – no one will suspect a thing.

San Diego 7 – Buffalo 0. Let the embarrassment begin.

I turned the game off after the 2nd Peterman interception. I did.

That Sunday night, I lay in bed contemplating my 49 years of being a Bills fan. “I think I’m done”, I said to my wife.

Here I am, though. At least for one more week.

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This Week

This is it, folks. The 2017 Buffalo Bills season is on the line today.

Both teams, the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs, were riding high at Halloween. November was none to kind to either organization. And now, both teams find themselves still in the playoff hunt, for now.

Kansas City is coming off an extremely embarrassing loss to the New York Giants last week, and have lost 4 of their last 5 games, after starting the season 5-0. They are searching for answers, too.

One of these two teams has to win, today. They will feel like they’ve gotten a monkey off of their back. They will feel as if they’ve figured it all out, and life will be good, at least for one more week.

One of these two teams has to lose today.

The game is in Kansas City.

I just want one thing…for the game not to be another embarrassment for my team.

Tyrod Taylor gets the start, again. I see the team improving a bit, maybe even making the game competitive. But something is wrong with the team. They’ve lost their mojo. I don’t think they do enough to win the game.

Kansas City 27 – Buffalo 20

Read me next week.

Editor’s babble: We feel your pain, Rick… and thank you for writing what was surely a painful post. You can follow Rick on Twitter @MyHammock.

9 Replies to “Reeling Bills face do or die matchup at Chiefs”

  1. Thanks for the article Rick. I’ve been a Bills fan for 37 years now and I’m starting to get numb to this. Going into the season, I was thinking the Bills could end up around 4-12/5-11, then they surprised us by going 5-2. Even with the great start, I still was cautiously optimistic and remembered all the promising starts the Bills has to prior seasons only to fizzle out and crush our postseason dreams. Right now, I think the best course of action for the team is to lose out and not win another game for the rest of the season. The Bills need to do something they normally don’t do and try to get the higher draft pick. Otherwise, they’ll finish in their usual spots of 6/10-7/9, draft between 8-19 and miss out on an impact player.

    This whole season can be blamed on trying to win now while simultaneously trying to rebuild. It’s either one or the other. Because of this philosophy is the reason for the Jekyll and Hyde (not Micah) type season. I get that no one wants to see this team be amongst the likes of the Browns and 49ers this year, but in order to build a long term contender, you have to go through some suffering, be able to draft at the top of the draft, get impact players (#1 being a franchise QB) in order to be successful long term. I’m so sick of the same ol’ crap from this team, finishing between 6-10/7-9 has gotten this team nowhere for many years now. Either build the team right, draft a QB, build up both offensive and defensive lines and the rest will fall into place, or fire these incompetent people, and hire a football czar who knows how to correctly build a winning franchise. Otherwise, prepare for more of the same crap and we’ll see a new coach and possibly new management in another two years.

  2. Bills (+10) @ Chiefs

    What happened to the 5-2 team, seriously what really happened?? Was the team kidnapped by aliens or are they being blackmailed to perform so poorly? Our high hopes are dashed as we have come crashing down to earth!! The word tank is now flowing from our lips as the Bills need to finish at 5-11 to have hope of landing a top QB in the up coming draft.The Browns, Broncos, Giants, Cards and Jets are all in the same boat and are currently a head of the Bills in the race to SUCK more!!

    Peterman started last week only to be shell shocked by the most inept O-line play since the days of Dennis Shaw behind center.. The lineman should be ashamed of how they played. Mills should be a back-up as he has not improved in 2 seasons, Glenn continues to be hurt, Vlad “douchebag” Ducasse shouldn’t even be on a roster of any NFL team, Richie C is either starting to show his age or is not suited for the blocking schemes the only 2 holding their own is Wood and the rookie Dawkins… Shameful on the beating they let Peterman take last week…

    The defense has been no better getting gashed for 3 consecutive weeks..DT’s have either been run over or they are doing their job and the LB’s are to slow to fill in the holes, it is hard to tell with the way offenses have been having their way… The feared pass rush has been non-existent for over a month and the DB’s have been left out to dry as they can’t cover for that amount of time!!

    The Bills are going to KC and catching the reeling Chiefs who have lost 4 out of 5 after looking like SB contenders winning as they raced to 5-0… This is a game they get the offense back on track and their defense stifles the Bills vanilla offense…Chiefs run away with this game but the Bills have a moral victory as they hold them to under 40!!

    Chiefs 34 Bills 17

  3. The Bipolar Bills won against the Chefs, I definitely was not expecting that. Is this the first time the Bills have beaten the Chefs with Andy Reid as their HC? It was a good, but not great game. It seemed like the Chefs were a mirror image of how the Bills have been playing the previous weeks (similar to the Jets and Saints games).

    It’s always good to see a Bills win, but if they miss the playoffs by going 7-9/8-8, then it’s more of the same ol’ Bills. Wash, rinse, repeat…

    • Yep, nice to see a win but each win makes it harder for the Bills to draft a franchise QB… We have to hope for the Chiefs to keep losing…

      Jets, Broncos, Browns and Giants all lost the Cards won on a last second FG.

  4. Most likely end to the season: Bills lose next week because duh. Bills beat Indy and Miami at home to position themselves for a playoff spot. Bills lose to NE on the road because duh. Bills play at Miami for either a win and in scenario or win with help, and they get the help…but then the Bills go all Billsy and lose to the Dolphins in Miami to extend the drought, making it officially legal, and get a crappy draft spot to boot. Trust the Billsy process!

  5. BTW, I doubt the D is ‘back to form’ and rather the Chiefs are just that pathetic about now. Let’s see the Bills hold NE to less than 30…how about less than 40? No?

    • It seemed like the Bills were playing the Bills yesterday. In regards to the defense, I liked that they had Yarborough and Alexander rush the passer much more. Lawson should be used on obvious run plays. I was also glad to see Milano on the field more. But, even with all of that, I’m still not thinking the Bills D is so called “back to form.”