How we behave after this horror show defines us as a fan base

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Here we go again. Only worse.

It can’t be enough that the Sabres are playing like dead men on skates. The cruel winds of November blowing in from Lake Erie should have been enough warning of impending doom.

Double whammy Bills and Sabres simultaneous implosion wreaks havoc in WNY right before the turkey is served.

The Bills come crashing down and the wrath of a fan base is only surpassed by the outrageous trolling by FOXsports as they flash the Music City Miracle and post side by side weather comparisons between LA and Buffalo across our television screens while we watch our team literally wither up and die on the field.

What in the blazes did we ever do as a fan base to engender that kind of mean-spirited narrative? Rest assured I’ll be sending them my lovely thoughts about that part of their programming. Unbelievable, yet somehow so fitting.

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It’s stranger than fiction what Buffalo sports fans have endured. With all due respect to Cleveland, they got the championship monkey off their collective backs.

Now we sit squarely in the eyes of a nation… humiliated. Again.

Refer back a couple of posts for my ‘survival guide’ if you haven’t seen it in the past. I consider some of us elder-fans experts at living through the darkest moments as a Buffalo sports fan. This latest state of affairs qualifies as a top-ten darkest moment, that’s for sure.

The intensity of ‘Billsian’ misery is only compounded by the dead men on ice with swords on their sweaters. It’s as if the Bills and Sabres are competing for which team can horrify the fan base more. Holy heartburn, it’s tough to be a fan of Buffalo sports. Again.

If ever there was a time to avoid the media gnashing, it’s right now. Instead of reading a bunch of snark on Twitter or Facebook, take a walk… do anything but engage with the negativity because it will eat you alive. We’ve been down this road so many times we should be skilled at flipping that switch.

This is where we define ourselves as a fan base. We can choose to engage and react with hostility toward one another, or we can sit back and let the national media hyenas continue to make fools of themselves by showing them why we are different.

All the analysis in the world can’t put lipstick on this pig.

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Which is exactly why I passionately believe in enjoying the good times to the max. A few weeks ago when sitting at 5-2, some cautious ones alerted us to pull back and be careful. I said POOEY to that idea because we’ve had so little to cheer about for so long.

Do I regret being elated when the Bills were 5-2?

Not only NO, but heck NO. It’s WHY I choose to enjoy every possible moment of joy, because you never know what’s coming next. Furthermore, we should be experts at handling disappointment by now.

If I learned anything from years of experience as an oncology nurse and psychotherapist, it’s that being angry over things we have no control over is really bad for your physical health. We do have control over what we choose to spend time thinking about, so the less time dwelling in the land of hostility, the better.

This too shall pass.

In the meantime, hug a fellow Bills and/or Sabres fan. We could use the love and support.

Editor’s babble: That’s all I’ve got, folks. Hang in there. Keeping things in perspective is important in the grand scheme of life. Thanks for reading and participating in our blog. If you can stand the positivity… you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. 

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14 Replies to “How we behave after this horror show defines us as a fan base”

  1. I’ve been holding off on buying the NHL package until I see better results from the Sabres, so far it’s been a smart move. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about the NFL Sunday Ticket.

    I feel bad for Nathan Peterman as the offense did him no favors with his first three INT’s. DiMarco should have caught the pass, instead, it pops up high in the air, intercepted and returned for a TD. Interceptions two and three were from the right side of the offensive line as Peterman was hit on both occasions causing errant throws. At this point, I think this heavily affected Peterman and he became “shell-shocked” (so to speak) and his confidence was in the gutter and he threw two more more bad INT’s. It also didn’t help that Kelvin Benjamin got injured after his first catch. I’m not making up any excuses for Peterman, he was terrible yesterday, but a good portion of that was on the team as well. This game really magnified how bad the O-line is at pass protecting. My question to the Bills coaches is, are Miller and Henderson worse than Mills and Ducasse?

    I turned the game off at halftime and went to see Justice League (at least that was entertaining). There are so many holes on this team that I don’t think can be filled in one off season. All three LB’s need to be replaced as they can’t cover anyone. There was nowhere near enough pressure on Rivers to make a difference. On offense, QB, RT and RG should be the top priorities.

    In regards to how I feel about Buffalo sports right now, it’s kind of like how I feel towards wrestling. I watching wrestling since I was a kid, seen it go back and forth from high times to low times. The Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW when wrestling was a must see back then are reminiscent of the Bills glory days…both are long gone. It was hard to stop watching wrestling because I was holding out hope that it would get better, but it didn’t, so I finally threw in the towel and stopped about two years ago. I’m getting to that point of throwing in the towel on our sports teams. There’s other things I can be doing with my Sunday afternoon’s.

  2. I can respect your position, Robyn, on enjoying the good times to their fullest while they’re here…but to me, getting too caught up in the moment results in anger and/or depression when the Billsy times show themselves again. I’ve learned to not take this team too seriously, not get too high or too low, and learned to laugh and poke fun at their misfortunes…because what else can you do? It’s not any fun following this team if you take them completely serious. The only thing that still pisses me off is when I pay good money to watch crap like the last 3 weeks…as much as they’ve raised the price of NFL Sunday Ticket…I remember when it was under $100 a season. I can’t even fathom if I lived in Buffalo and was a season ticket holder! So I quit purchasing Sunday Ticket mid-way through the Jauron run…used to still be able to see the games via streams, but those have become too virus laden. Bought into the hype during the Wrecks years and ponied up. Came back to my senses this year and somehow managed to not cave while the going was good. Man, would I have been pissed had I ponied up just in time for this mess!

  3. I have never seen a Bills team crash and burn this badly after such a promising start.
    The defense has left the building- can’t stop the run or the pass or anything in between. Leslie Frazier is a very good DC! WTH?
    I think they are worse at this point than the worst of teams in recent memory.
    I’m shocked and baffled. We know the coaches ain’t going anywhere soon (nor should they) but man there will be lots of turnover on the roster come next spring and this will add yet another year or two to the process no pun intended.

  4. The good news is we can go back to mocking all the lame catch phrases…

    KC is in a similar dive. If the defense didn’t look so utterly pathetic, the Bills could have a chance in this game that seemed one of the toughest on the sched a month ago.

    What sucks, though, is the Bills are playing like the worst team in the league right now. If they’re going to suck like this, why the hell couldn’t they have been this terrible the whole time and landed the top pick while they were at it?

    • Agreed 100% If the Bills were going to stink this bad, I’d rather we’ve seen it from the start of the season, win one or two games and get a top three pick in the draft. Same ol’ Bills, McDermott so far has shown he’s no different than his predecessors, trying to win now instead of doing a full rebuild which is badly needed.

      Playoff caliber… Trust the process… Earn the right to win… Hahahaha! Enough of the “coach speak,” it’s time to tank!

  5. Unfortunately “I am what I am” a Bills fan for life…

    I now pride myself being able to endure the ridicule & looks I receive when the Bills topic comes up at work or play. Yes sir/mam I pony up and stick up for my beloved Bills. Being a Bills fan is hard work every year, it is buy in, believe, disappointment and defend. Oh well it is another season of no playoffs and talking about the future and defending the administrations moves…. At least this administration is willing to blow the team up and get ready for the total make-over—–It will happen eventually and we will be winners once again!!!

    • Goose,

      I like that McBeane is blowing up the roster and redoing the team as the Bills were going nowhere over the past few seasons (9-7, 8-8, 7-9), but how they’re doing it is making no sense. We’ll see if these guys know what they’re doing after a couple of more offseasons between FA and the draft. Interesting to see if the Pegula’s will give them the time or pull the plug on them in two years (ala Wrecks).

  6. ” but how they’re doing it is making no sense.”

    Exactly! Win (5, 6, 7 games) now and win (7, 8, 9 games) later. Stupid. Losing sucks…but winning a handful of games sucks more. Why are the Bills always sub-mediocre? Because they always do everything they can to get there. It sucks that there’s a benefit to being terrible, but there is. It’s too bad they don’t reward bad teams for giving it their all, because the Bills would win that contest. But as it is, it’s a stupid contest to be really good at. Quit being so good at it, Bills! Be good or be bad.

    • Agreed 100% It seems the Bills fall short of their yearly goal to “make the playoffs.” Maybe if they change their goal to “win the superbowl” then we’ll see the Bills make the playoffs since they always fall short of their goal.

  7. the way they’re playing lately? the goal needs to be raised to “Greatest NFL Dynasty” .

  8. 3 things definitely need to happen in the off season. Fire the OCand his crappy offense, fire the OL coach and fire the DC and the putrid Tampon 2.

    Every year it gets harder and harder to be a fan. How can you go 18 years and no playoffs? And they no chance next year with so many holes and we are up to 19. It isn’t fair we have to be a fan of this organization.

    One last fire and that is Brandon. He has been here through this mess and he needs to go. Bills, Sabres is puke city!!!

  9. At this point firing Brandon would actually be a PR win…but I don’t think he has much blame in the suck of the teams currently. The product on the field/ice is not his responsibility. What he is responsible for he seems to do a good enough job at…people still show up to see these wretched teams for some unknown reason. Props, I guess. I don’t need him to go, but whatevs.

  10. Good morning….

    The Bills are one of the oldest teams in the NFL.. This article was written September, I’m sure it has changed..

    What strikes me about watching other teams and watching the Bills is that the Bills defense looks so slow especially at LB. They need 3 new starters and at least 2 DT’s… The line is getting pushed and the LB’s just can not plug the hole or get to the outside fast enough to cover ground…