Bills’ future now rides on rookie Nathan Peterman’s arm

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Last Sunday, 8:06am…my Saints game day article is posted on the World Wide Web. In it, I give an award to Tyrod Taylor as the Bills’ Most Valuable Offensive Player for the first half of the season.

8 hours later that day…I am taking part in an online mob calling for the benching of Taylor in favor of an unproven rookie 5th round pick.

It all sounds so unrealistic, right?  It all sounds so ‘Buffalo Billsish’.

Well, Coach Sean McDermott eventually came to this conclusion himself. I’m not sure if he made that decision during the Saints game, later that evening, or sometime mid-week, but Nathan Peterman is the starting Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, as they take on the Chargers on Sunday.

Is it the right move? Well, the media certainly has been all over this question this week. The national media doesn’t like the move very much. But, that was expected.

From a distant perspective, it really doesn’t make much sense. The Bills have a winning record, they are in position to make the playoffs…why would they switch quarterbacks right now?

But, from a local perspective, we understand what is going on.

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Taylor had reached his ceiling. We’ve seen his best, and it doesn’t come often enough. We have also been subjected to seeing his worse. It doesn’t happen often, but, when you are a team on the verge of making the playoffs, we don’t want to see it at all.

The line on Tyrod Taylor was that he was capable of managing a game, sometimes helping to orchestrate a victory. For doing just that, I gave him the award for the first half of the season.

But, as we enter the second half of the season, we’re afraid. We are afraid there will be less of the manager, and more of the “he-is-the-reason-we-didn’t-make-the-playoffs”.

That’s what the national writers don’t understand.

To the national writers, this move by McDermott is a step backwards. To McDermott, the move is a step forward.

It’s all about perspective.

To some though, the move is seen as something else. To many people, this move gives McDermott, Beane & Company a chance to see what Nathan Peterman can do. This is Peterman’s audition – before the big NFL Draft next spring.

The Bills have several early draft pics in next April’s draft. They have flexibility to do many things. Whether drafting a top quarterback early would be one of those options, figured to be known at the end of this season. Would Tyrod Taylor have proven to be the answer?

We know now, he is not the answer.

And so, we have six remaining games to see if Nathan Peterman can be the answer. OK, Nathan Peterman. Buffalo-land is here for the taking. In Buffalo-land, you can be a god. It’s all right there waiting for you. Or, you can be just the next in a line of failed “what’s-his-names” that tried out to be our god. Have at it.

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Last Week

The straw that broke Buffalo-land’s back. On the heels of the Thursday night embarrassment to the Jets, after a bye week, this was just too much. Something had to be done.

This Week

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The Bills make their seemingly annual trip to the west coast this weekend. This is a place of mixed success for them in the past.

The L.A. Chargers are a team of mixed success this season. Which Chargers team will the Bills face?

Philip Rivers is supposedly playing, which greatly increases their chances to beat the Bills.

But wow, if there is a game this week with more uncertainty, I can’t imagine it.

I like the fact that the Bills have a wild-card in Nathan Peterman. If he is anything like the decisive, accurate, confident quarterback that we saw in pre-season, I like the Bills’ chances. If it turns out that, well… that was just “pre-season”, and he really isn’t all that, then it could be another long afternoon.

I see a game where we come away hopeful for our future. I see a game where the team has their backs up against the wall, and they get back to winning.

Buffalo 20 – L.A. Chargers 17

Read me next week.

Editor’s babble: Many thanks to Rick Bates for his insightful commentary and contributions to our blog. You can follow Rick on Twitter @MyHammock.

13 Replies to “Bills’ future now rides on rookie Nathan Peterman’s arm”

  1. “To some though, the move is seen as something else. To many people, this move gives McDermott, Beane & Company a chance to see what Nathan Peterman can do. This is Peterman’s audition – before the big NFL Draft next spring.”

    Yes !!! The 2018 draft is supposed to have a very strong QB class and the Bills are set to be pro active in getting a franchise QB. Peterman may be the future franchise guy or maybe he is the next Frank Reich. I believe the Bills will be drafting a QB high regardless of how Peterman plays whether they sit pat with their picks or move up. I like the QB from Wyoming Josh Allen, he is in the Jim Kelly mode of QB’s…

  2. Bills (+6) @ Chargers

    The anticipated changing of the guard at QB, TT was given every opportunity to be and stay the starting QB of the Buffalo Bills. The new Bills management and coaching staff have seen enough to know that he isn’t the answer now or in the future. They are now prepared to move on and do their best to find and acquire a franchise QB. It may be Peterman, he may come out of this year’s draft or maybe some other option…

    Hopefully, with the major shake-up the Bills come out to play with a high energy level. The last 2 weeks have been brutal, they’ve looked like the walking dead out on the field.

    The defense better have their game face on today as it is a must they get back to playing like they did in the first 7 games. Can they get the turn-overs, Rivers has a history of throwing interceptions with the game on the line…

    Once Peterman gets comfortable he will get the ball out quickly and to locations. Let’s just hope the receivers are ready to catch the ball out of their breaks. Glenn is out again, Tolbert the slowest moving RB since “Earth Quake Enyart” is also out leaving Travaris Cadet a RB they just picked up as the back-up. Shady better not get hurt!! Anyone have a clue to why the Bills let go of RB Jonathan Williams?

    Keys to a win:

    The Bills will have their handful today with DE’s Bosa and Ingram going against Dawkins and Mills—Oh Boy!! Can the Bills go to a double TE set?

    Both lines need to hold up today and not get steam rolled…

    Tackle Tackle Tackle Better !!!!

    Defend the middle of the field and condense the open space

    Open holes for Shady and get the ball to Benjamin

    This points to a Chargers win…. McD rallies the team as they pull off the upset.

    Bills 24 Chargers 20

  3. I call BS. McDermott strikes me as the kind of guy that wouldn’t buckle to an ultimatum. It’s also not like Dennison is some kind of inexpendable asset. If Dennison is willing to quit, to me, that sounds like saving you trouble in the offseason as well as taking his salary off the books. You don’t get paid if you quit…
    I’m sure Rico Suave gave his input on the situation, but I don’t buy that he gave an ultimatum.

    • With the new regime, there have been no leaks to the media, so I found it odd that this website found “behind the scenes” info like that proclaimed Dennison gave an ultimatum.

  4. We left before the half. No excuse for the way they played..peterman couldn’t have been any worse. It has to be a QB in the 1st round. Wish we had about 9 draft picks in the first 3 rounds. Also get rid of Castillo and Dennison for starters.

    Ugly, ugly and more ugly. Trust the process, what process?

  5. I’m no longer wasting my Sunday’s for the rest of the year. Time to DVR the rest of the games.

  6. Well, if Dennison gave an ultimatum, I’d expect him to be fired come tomorrow. But as bad as Peterman was, I can’t even imagine they’da competed had they started Tyrod. This defense makes last year’s D look decent. Wrecks has got to be delighted. The biggest drag is they had that nice start. Now they’re back to their usual draft position. They shoulda been drafting top 5…

  7. I had a flashback to the back to back 2-14 seasons in the 80’s… What was that yesterday!!!!