Buffalo Bills pick bad time to be at their worst

Photo of QB Tyrod Taylor from democratandchronicle.com.

That’s what we get for feeling excitement.  A little bit of joy is apparently the most sinful thing to desire.  Feel shame instead.  Even we’re not used to this intensity.

Sunday’s felonious thrashing was an atrocious letdown even by Buffalo Bills standards.  The shock came in stark contrast to impressive wins this very season.  Quadrophenia’s Jimmy is even-keeled compared to this club.  There’s bad news for those trying to determine whether the stirring wins or rotten losses are the outliers.  Let’s classify the present trend as downward.

The annual pattern of having hopes crushed in November is as predictable as leaves dying.  This is how the Bills look after having extra time to prepare?  We can’t blame adjustments when they make none.

I’d like to point out many fans spent money they earned on tickets for that Saints game.  If you think the defensive train whistle gets irksome while winning, try enduring it during a blowout when it’s echoing against abandoned seats.

Photo from buffalobills.com.

There’s one thing that’s worse than the Sabres defense.  Unfortunately, it’s another Pegula property that’s supposed to limit gains.  I’m tired of using the #OneBuffalo hashtag ironically.

New Orleans held the ball for seven hours.  If that sounds impossible, remember that we thought this defense was good.

They never got in the habit of tackling.  Circumstances probably aren’t going well if you’re thinking of how to describe how the defense is getting pushed around.  If pinball bumpers come to mind, you probably didn’t move up the playoff standings.  Drew Brees beat them while running, and he’s 73 with cyborg knees.  The Saints lost yards on rushing plays if kneel-downs count.

At least moaning about the defense distracts from the offense.  They couldn’t even fake out Manti Te’o.  Other than not scoring or stopping it, what went wrong?  Fans shouldn’t have to cheer for a strike so there can be replacement players.

Photo of QB Nathan Peterman from NewYorkUpstate.com.

Pointless arguments are caused by woeful results.  If the Bills don’t want every WGR caller demanding Nathan Peterman starts, they shouldn’t let games sink to the point where the rookie gets to complete a few garbage-time passes.

We’re trying to get excited about Kelvin Benjamin here.  The Bills should be counting on him to fill a void that’s been present since Eric Moulds left.  The football manual states teams really should have at least two good receivers.  But we’ll have to wait another week to see if he can help after boarding the Hindenburg mid-flight.

It’s tough to incorporate a new receiving talent when the starting quarterback manages nine completions. Missing someone with the new guy’s height doesn’t help Tyrod Taylor’s case for making drafting a quarterback wasteful.

Imprecise passing led to Benjamin receiving only one of three passes ostensibly sent his way on the opening drive.  And that was his afternoon’s zenith, as he was rarely troubled the rest of the regrettable game.  Buffalonians always tell visitors there is so much to do in the area.  We may have to convince Benjamin that Sundays aren’t usually that dull.

Football’s all about teammates providing distractions for each other.  Neither aspect is presently contributing.  I miss optimism from way back in October when I hoped the offense could be decent enough to not drag down their indomitable counterparts.  The good news is that one side’s excellent performance wasn’t wasted.

They better not still be treating this as the easy portion, as that’s the surest way to make it difficult.  There are no games that can be counted as wins ahead of time in this league, which is especially true with this maddening team.

Photo of C Jack Eichel from NHL.com.

But Buffalo is running out of chances to show they can triumph when expected.  If they can’t beat the Chargers in a half-full soccer stadium with half of those seats sold to visiting or expatriate Bills Mafia associates, it’ll officially signal the switch to being disappointed by hockey.

Perhaps a historical recollection will distract from an all-time disgrace against New Orleans.  Nothing in the present inspires optimism, so going back to this team’s first season may bring comfort.  The Bills last played the Chargers in Los Angeles 57 years ago and won 32-3, if you feel precedent helps.  It doesn’t, but this is a week dedicated to scrounging.  I envy fans in 1960 who didn’t have to cope with experience but ache for them knowing what followed.

Looking ahead to an opponent only offers hope so many times.  Opportunities are vanishing as a matter of percentage.  Improving from the Saints game is easy if you want to remain positive.

Please accept pain in lieu of a decent effort.  With a chance to rebound from a crummy Thursday night fiasco, the Bills went a different route and committed a violation against football.  Fans are beyond tired of sustaining cheers without justification.  The team is supposed to go first.

The only thing worse than waiting is deceptive anticipation.  The lines are presently not holding up any better than players behind them.  Just let us know if this is the baseline rate.   We want to prepare for boozing at the baseline rate if this is the standard rate.  We’re used to being crushed.  Prolonging it only increases binging.

Editor’s babble: Many thanks to Anthony Bialy for finding some humor in what was a beatdown of epic proportion. You can follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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Anthony Bialy recently moved back to Buffalo from New York City and acts like he never left. He thinks "Buffalo 66" is biographical and considers it a crime against mankind that Steve Tasker is not in the Hall of Fame. He likes getting Tim Hortons on the way to get Labatt Blue. Follow him on Twitter at @AnthonyBialy.

17 Replies to “Buffalo Bills pick bad time to be at their worst”

  1. Good move. With Dennison’s system better suited for a pocket passer, it makes sense to make the switch. Dennison did not design the offense around Taylor’s strengths, he built the scheme and left Taylor to either sink or swim in it. It looks like Peterman will have seven games to show what he has, this will go a long way in determining if the Bills need to draft a QB early on in the draft. If the Bills don’t have to pony up a ton of picks to move up in the draft because Peterman has shown he has what it takes to be a franchise QB, then it’s a huge win. If not, then at least the team knows what they have in Peterman (whether he’s starting material or a backup).

    This week’s game should favor the Bills as there is very limited film on Peterman (preseason and two drives from last week). I’m not saying the Bills are going to win for sure, but there’s a good amount of the unknown on Peterman and how he is able to run the Bills offense.

    I’m curious to see a few things from Peterman this season, how he looks in these first few games, how he looks when teams have a few weeks of film on him and try to take away what he does best as well as how Peterman handles those defensive adjustments and adjusts himself.

  2. Yeah Baby!
    But seriously, this is not the inmates running the asylum (unlike in Houston :)) but a way to hit the reset button on the last two games and the season IMHO.
    Let’s see if the defense can work with this spark- I am sure they are tired of the offense’s 3 and outs and having to carry the team with TOs .
    This is a big time move in the right direction not just a better match for the system.

  3. I have to give credit to McDermott for making this move. When I heard on Sunday and Monday that he was sticking with Taylor, I thought he was just another one of the past Bills coaches (during this 17 year drought) that was gutless and clueless. After having a couple of days to sleep on it, McDermott realized he needed to make a change and finally acted upon it. I don’t feel this is a panic move similar to Wrecks firing Greg Roman last year either. The team looked awful the past two weeks, the offensive system was not built to suit Taylor, so it was time to make a decision. With the Bills at 5-4 and still in the playoff mix, it was time to make a move that could keep the team alive in the playoff race, otherwise with the team looking the way it has been, they would have been lucky to win another game.

    I’m not drinking the koolaid or “trusting the process,” I’m just glad a decision was made and that the Bills weren’t just going to stand put and keep trying to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

  4. Holy crap…I’m shocked the Bills are making this move now before it’s too late! Kudos.

    I feel a little bad for TT as they set him up for failure. I think it’s the right move, though…for the most part. The right move would have been to not change the running game. When you’re the best at something, it’s pretty stupid to make wholesale changes to it. Would be one thing if it was for the benefit of the terrible passing game, but that’s not the case. They still want their identity to be running the ball.

    But enough with that…it’s a day of hope. Very well might not work…but at least it’s something different we don’t already know the ending to.

  5. It’s funny listening to Schlep and the Bullfrog, how much of a Tyrod nut-hugger Schlep is. For how much the guy talks about being pro passing the ball and talking about making bold moves when you’re a constantly bad team (what do you have to lose!?!?,) I’m dumbfounded why he wants to sit and watch Tyrod throw away the season before making a move and why he’s such a big fan of the guy when he’s not very good at passing the ball. I’m shocked and impressed the Bills are making a move BEFORE they fall out of contention, when the move can still actually benefit the team.

  6. steve,

    i can’t blame taylor’s benching on dennison’s scheme. he (and the offense) was doing fairly well – including lots of roll-outs that he is supposed to do well. but the jets d-line stuffed the roll-out lanes and collapsed the pocket around taylor so he had no place to roll out to. nice blueprint for teams to stop TT and the bills offense including the saints game (not that their offense needed any help).
    taylor was benched because he is one dimensional and his one dimension was shut down cold. lots of “credit” to the Bills o-line as well.
    about time IMHO. let’s face it, he is a backup QB and possibly so is Peterman. But he deserves a chance.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Taylor got benched and I felt he reached his ceiling, but the difference between this year under Dennison and last year under Lynn is night and day. I felt Lynn did a much better job of tailoring the offense to Tyrod and got the most out of him.

      I’m actually excited to see Peterman in action and feel there’s a possibility we could see a legitimate passing game from the Bills. We’ll find that out soon enough.

  7. schlep. those guys are difficult to listen too. john murphy and donald jones- much better.

  8. Funny, Nells, because I think the opposite. I think Jeremy White from the morning show is the best guy on the station, though.

  9. Schelp is an idiot! First he said the Bills need to get more out of their passing game, but bashes the Bills for benching Taylor. Also, Schelp thinks Taylor is better than a few AFC QB’s that he thinks will be in the playoffs. I think the guy is bipolar!

    I enjoy listening to Howard and Jeremy in my the morning. I also like Sal C’s commentary (even though I don’t always agree).

  10. Schlep and the Blowhard? I think I like that better than Bullfrog…

    I actually like their show and most of the time respect Schopp’s opinions. I don’t always (or even often?) agree with him, but I usually respect them. I don’t get his love affair with Tyrod, though. I don’t think you have to hate Tyrod, but to think he’s anything special…especially when you’re such a staunch advocate for passing the ball early and often, how can you be Tyrod’s biggest fan?

  11. Good morning…

    Well Well Well the Bills have a new starting QB…I like the move now instead of waiting until the playoffs were out of sight… We get to see Peterman play with something on the line.

    Kudos to the coaching staff to make a difficult decision but they have to find out how Peterman plays. This will dictate on what they do at draft time. I’m sure they will still draft a QB but will it be with one of their picks or will they bundle a bunch together to move up.

    TT was given every opportunity to keep the job, it just doesn’t react quickly enough to his reads.

    With Peterman starting it will give a spark to this team as they looked like the Walking Dead for 2 weeks in a row.

    He is still a rookie so it may not go so well but Hey maybe he is the next Tom Brady–:)

  12. I agree Joma about those two. I actually like Blowhard better than Schlep. Schlep can make some valid points at times, while others he makes no sense and is contradictory of himself. Sometimes Schelp sounds like a person that likes to hear himself talk.

    In the small sample size we’ve seen Peterman as the starter this year (preseason and two series last week), he’s looked good (9-11, 84 yards vs Detroit; 7-10, 79 yards, 1 TD vs NO). Now comes the question of how he does in an actual regular season game for a full 60 minutes. Will he do the things we’ve been wanting Tyrod to do, such as, throw to Benjamin when he’s one on one with a DB? Throw in tight areas instead of looking for a player that has no defenders on him? Be quicker with his decision making? This week and the rest of the season will be very interesting to watch. Will we be seeing the making of a possible franchise QB or just another backup QB trying to be a starter?

  13. Just read a little while ago that Taylor was shocked he was benched and feels he’s a franchise QB. Guess he is all my himself on that notion.

    I still believe the Bills will draft a QB in round 1 or 2 in the 2018 draft. I’m hoping Peterman can ramp up the offense if Dennison can muster up a good gameplan and make the necessary adjustments in game.

  14. Good morning…

    The talking heads are appalled and some are making into a race issue.

    It is a move as much for the future as it is for the now…The Bills have seen enough of TT to know he is not a franchise QB.. They need to see what Peterman can do so they can prepare for the 2018 draft… They know the way to be a consistent SB contender is to have a Franchise QB…. They worked with Cam Newton so they know what it takes… It has nothing to do with TT being Black it is his play on the field, they have watched him for 3 seasons now and come to the conclusion he is not the QB of the now and of the future.