Bills fans worn to a nub after blowout losses

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How much brutal football and hockey can one FAMbase take? We’re worn to a nub. If I didn’t know better, I’d think we are all part of some grand experiment in assessing the effect of decades of mental torture on the human mind.

Sigh. Perhaps I should probably send United Airlines a thank you note for saving me from making the trip to Buffalo to see the Bills play the Saints on Sunday (and a couple of uninspiring games by the Sabres as well). Pretty sure most of BillsMafia woke up like I did with a gigantic sigh and that song playing “here we go again”.

After watching more than 100 combined seasons of frustration, WNY sports fans are rightfully apoplectic after a horrifying display of ineptitude resulted in the Bills getting annihilated by the Saints 47-10 in a stink-fest extraordinaire. I’ll spare you the autopsy report this week because it’s too bloody painful to go there.

So, where do we go from here?

After decades of futility, there are some “do” and “don’t” things we’ve learned in our quest for survival as WNY sports fans. It may be worth revisiting some of the more effective strategies to help us get through yet another painful experience.

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  • As hard as it may be, sometimes the best thing to do to get rid of a Bills hangover is to move your body. All sorts of great research shows exercise works as well to treat most types of depression as antidepressant medication. Do whatever works for you… walking, running, lifting, stretching… whatever. Just don’t sit still.
  • Distract yourself. Every time you feel that Buffalo Bills dread start to wash over you, change whatever you’re doing at that moment… even if it’s just to reposition yourself. If you interrupt the process and force yourself to think about something else you’ll soon realize better mind control. Too many times people get stuck letting their thoughts control them instead of vice versa.
  • Engage with friends/family/coworkers who are not Bills or Sabres fans. Connect with others on subjects that don’t involve discussing sports. Pick up that book/kindle you’re reading about history, traveling, anything but sports.


  • The media outlets will hate me for this, but after a blowout loss, the last thing I do is listen to the radio or NFL sport shows on television. NOTHING good comes from listening to angry people calling in or hosts talking endlessly about how bad things are, or how stupid the fan base is. Why subject yourself to all the negativity?
  • Along the same subject, I tried an experiment this season and it seems to be working. Used to watch all the pre-game hype shows before games. This season the only thing I listen to is the pregame show on WGR-550. Mark Kelso, Chris Brown and Co. do a solid analysis of what to look for in games. The broadcast shows on CBS, FOX, NFLN, ESPN, etc… I’ve stayed away from those this season and find it a lot easier to move in and out of getting stuck in a bad mindset.
  • Most important… don’t forget to laugh. In the grand scheme of life, our story as miserable sports fans turns out to be a really strange tie that binds us. If we realize we are each other’s best support system, it would go a long way in reducing the pain and suffering. We can’t control what the Bills or Sabres do, but we can control how we treat each other as fellow fans. Do or say something nice to another Bills fan today. It will boomerang back tenfold.
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Remember, it’s really easy to be a Patriots fan. Only the most ardent, stubborn, passionate fans are left loving the Buffalo Bills. It’s part of what sustains my fan-hood, getting to know all of you reading this slop I write every week. You are all my brothers and sisters in this twisted quest.

Editor’s babble: This particular post came from the heart. You can also find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO if you’re really a glutton for punishment. 

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17 Replies to “Bills fans worn to a nub after blowout losses”

  1. It looks like the team we thought the Bills were going to be at the beginning of the season is finally coming to fruition. I think Joma was one of the first one’s to point out that the amount of turnovers the Bills were getting was not sustainable. Also, now that there’s several weeks of film on both the Bills offense and defense, teams are taking away what the Bills do best and are forcing them to their second and third options which is apparent the Bills are not successful at.

    After yesterday’s performance, I’ve seen enough of Tyrod. 56 passing yards in a game is nowhere near NFL standards. 3rd and long and he continues to throw dump off passes. Tyrod still refuses to throw to a player that isn’t completely wide open, it seems he is so afraid to take a chance and have the ball possibly intercepted. Even though it was garbage time, Peterman had more passing yards in two drives than Tyrod did all game long. It’s time to put Peterman in, ride out the season with him and see what the Bills have in. If not, then it’s time to DVR the rest of the games (I’ll either watch or delete it depending on the outcome).

  2. I’m with you Steve, I don’t want to see Taylor start another game for the Bills. When it was 14 – 3 I told my wife that’s the ball game. He is not nor ever will be a legit NFL QB. We have no DT, no pass rush and Lawson is a bonafide bust. I’m tired of hearing he sets the edge. He was a top 15 pick and a DE needs to be able to rush the passer.

    Unfortunetley, the team is garbage and 2 coaches need to go. Castillo is 1 and the other is Dennison.

    I could go on and on but I’m already getting pissed off.

    • I agree about the defense. I like Kyle Williams, but he can’t do it by himself, plus I think his better days are behind him now. I know Lawson is still young, but he provides nothing for a pass rush. I think the secondary is good, but the front seven needs to be revamped. Teams have figured out the Bills defense, throw short to intermediate routes as the Bills can’t defend them. Even though Dareus was a head case, it’s clear what the difference in the run game is with him being gone.

      Any coach that doesn’t tailor their scheme to fit the strengths of their players is an idiot and should be fired. It’s clear Dennison’s offense is built for a pocket passer. Dennison tried to run his running attack instead of using what the Bills did the previous two years when they were leading the league in rushing. Because of all of that, he should be fired!

      IMO, the Bills should go 5-11 and get the higher draft pick, but instead, they will do exactly what they’ve been doing the previous 17 years and finish between 6-10/7-9 (maybe 8-8), draft between 8-19 and miss out on a franchise player. Wash, rinse, repeat…same ol’ Bills! Trust the process… (just threw up in my mouth).

  3. Honest and well deserved commentary here. Completely agree the front seven on defense needs to be completely revamped. Pretty clear Lorenzo’s age is catching up with him. Someone on Twitter suggested it’s time for Milano to start and I agree. Preston Brown doesn’t look to be the answer at MLB either. I don’t see him returning because he will find a more lucrative contract than the Bills will want to pay.

    On offense… RT, RG desperately need upgrading… but like some of you I share the same opinion about Castillo being a disaster. This OL was so much better last year. John Miller played well when he wasn’t in this godforsaken zone scheme… gah.

    It might be time to blow up this team even more and eat Glenn and Clay’s contracts. Clay is one shot to the knee from going on IR and Cordy’s problems appear to be chronic.

    Needs on offense: T, G, RB2, TE, WR, QB

    Needs on defense: DE, DT (2), WLB, MLB, OLB, CB

    What did I miss? lol…

    Guess I’m so used to the wash, rinse, repeat cycles I just roll with them all, win or lose. Enjoy the few moments of success and don’t let myself wallow in the mud for too long.

    It’s a gorgeous day here in Wyoming. Temps will be in the 60s and not a cloud in the sky. My cure for the ills of the Bills today is a good long hike on the prairie looking at the Big Horn mountains.

    Have a good one!


    • You’ve nailed everything on the head Robyn. The Bills have a lot of needs, should be interesting to see if they can get them all filled in the offseason between FA and the draft. The question now is should the Bills have parted ways with their third round pick for Benjamin with all the needs they have or will Benjamin be part of their long term plans?

      Hope you have a good day out in Wyoming. I enjoyed my time in Wyoming when I went to Yellowstone four years ago. I’d love to go back, see more of Yellowstone, the Grand Teton’s as well as go to Jackson Hole.

  4. I think the Bills are what many of us thought they were before the season…the problem is their opponents weren’t. The Bills got fat on bad teams and fortunate bounces giving us a rosy, unrealistic outlook on the season. Had teams like the Falcons, Bucs, and Raiders not been such disappointments or ‘we” had gotten the breaks against the Broncos and Falcons, the Bills would probably be on pace for the 5 or 6 win season many of us were expecting. Because all that fortune was lumped together, we assumed they had to be legit…because who is lucky that long? Fool’s gold. They do still have 3 winnable games on the schedule. Can they actually win all 3, and then can they get lucky one more week? I tend to think no, but it’s possible. My preference is they lose every game and just get the best pick possible, but since that is unlikely, I’d like them to luck their way into a playoff spot just to get that monkey off their back. But maybe it’s just as well that they keep it until they they’re actually deserving of a spot… I dunno.

    As for Lorenzo, I don’t know that his age is so much catching up with him as much as he’s just not a fit for this system. He’s a pass rusher in a 3-4, not a SLB in a 4-3 that they’re asking him to be.

  5. Agree- Taylor is finished. No more. But playcalling that is easily predictable does not help.

    I don’t believe all of the defense’s woes are talent based- there is a big lack of effort in the front seven and the backfield has threadbare depth.
    Trading Dareus did put a big hole in the D-line but not enough that their play would suffer that much.
    I seriously question whether the Dareus trade broke their collective backs – that it was the last straw and that they cannot be motivated psychologically to play hard for a team that talks the big “win now” talk but their actions do not reflect this. I believe they may have quit because of that trade. One too many.
    Beane really needs to watch this capricious attitude with roster management or he will not last very long.

  6. Like Joma and I said earlier in the season, you can’t rebuild/trade away your top assets and still try to win at the same time, it’s one or the other.

  7. While watching NFLN this morning and seeing the current playoff picture, it’s possible if the Bills win another four games, they could clinch a wild card spot. All the teams “in the hunt” have three to four wins (the AFC is very weak this year). Currently, the Bills would play the Chefs. Given how bad the Bills looked the past two weeks, I could see similar results against the Chefs as against the Saints with Tyrod as the starter. Like Joma said, it would be nice just to get that 17 year monkey off our backs, but I highly doubt the Bills will be able to do it especially how they’ve looked the past two weeks. If Peterman goes in and does well, then I could see it, but if #56 [Taylor] is still the QB, I think their chances are slim to none. Otherwise, here’s how most of us feel about the Bills playoffs chances:

  8. Shy of themselves, it seems Baltimore is the Bills biggest competition… Pretending the Bills can beat the Colts at home and Miami x2, the Bills could get in at 8-8 if Baltimore doesnt take advantage of their easy upcoming schedule. If the Bills win those 3 and find another, they’re not a lock, but dang near it. My biggest question is can they win all 3 of the ‘easy ones’…much less find another? So far, the Bills have lost two of the easiest looking games on their schedule. Los Diego upcoming isn’t that great either, but the Bills have looked horrible of late and usually play poorly on the west coast.

  9. since they are still in the race the bills will start the QB that gives them the best chance to win. if it is still TT, then Peterman must really suck in their minds.

    last two games – not playoff worthy
    first seven games- playoff worthy

  10. Tyrod is not a great QB…but he’s not as bad as the last couple weeks. I take more issue with the coaching trying to make him do something he’s not able to do. If the Bills are dead set on trying to run this offense, Peterman is the better bet. Quick drops, reads, and throwing with anticipation are Tyrod’s weakness and much more suited to Peterman. If they want to alter the offense, Tyrod can be the mediocre QB he’s been the last few years.

    • Agreed. Greg Roman played to TT’s strengths his first season in Buffalo, then tried to make him more of a pocket passer and failed miserably which cost Roman his job. Anthony Lynn tailored the offense to fit TT’s strengths as well as to get the most out of the running game and it worked. As I said previously, any coach that does not try and fit their scheme off the strength’s of their players is an idiot, is very stubborn and should be fired. I coached youth flag football for five years and every season I had to change plays because not everyone can effectively do the same types of plays as other players. Coaches like Wrecks and Dennison are stubborn and IMO let their ego’s get in the way by having the attitude “This is my system, it works the best and my players are going to use it regardless.”

      McDermott also needs to step up and say something to Dennison like “Either tailor the offense to fit the strengths of the QB or make the QB change since TT cannot effectively run it.”

  11. “Tyrod is not a great QB…but he’s not as bad as the last couple weeks. I take more issue with the coaching trying to make him do something he’s not able to do”
    like throw the ball?

  12. I’m more than cool anytime they want to sit Taylor…I don’t think he’s good enough to be their answer at QB. But he can be a serviceable player if they designed an offense that played to his strengths. The offense was also the best running team in the league the last two years…this year their like 22nd? Whose fault is that? Probably the same people asking Tyrod to make 3 step drops, quick reads, and hit guys in stride.

  13. Good morning….

    They are what we thought they would be…

    I don’t want to hear anything about Dareus he needed to go and the Bills were lucky to get rid of his lackadaisical attitude and contract…

    Beanie isn’t going now where and is in the process of sculpting this team. Will it work in the long run who knows but it wasn’t working the way it was…

    I’ve defended TT but teams have learned how to defense by staying in their rushing lanes hands up and not allowing him to run. The biggest problem is he has no counter moves and we all know he is not a pocket passer. Peterman won’t get to play until TT is hurt or the Bills are out of the playoff hunt.

    A friend of mine told me the Bills are one of the oldest teams in the league and it sure looks like they have run out of gas.

    It is just another year of getting excited too early!

    Bring on the Chargers–:)