Every week stakes get bigger for Bills

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Yes, we’ve been here several times over the last two decades. We think the Bills are finally over the hump and about to set us free from our shared misery, and BAM… just like that,,, the air comes out of the balloon. Well, here we are again. This time the Saints are coming to town and there will be one sad lonely voice singing the SHOUT! song all the way from Wyoming during the game at New Era Field.

That’s because the latest fickle finger of fate award goes to United Airlines, who couldn’t get their act together and fix a mechanical problem in time for me to make my annual pilgrimage to the ‘holy-land’ of WNY. Suffice it to ‘say’ my disappointment was only surpassed by the meal plan devised to allow maximum intake of delectable meals from one end of Buffalo to the other. Sigh. Next year, Buffalo ._.

Thinking the trip was simply not meant to be comes as a result of being at the age where flying on stand-by appeals to my sensibilities about as much as making another 250 mile round-trip to the airport on black ice. Naturally the weather immediately improved the day after missing the flight.

And so it goes for another life-long fan of WNY sports.

Naturally I watched the Sabres beat the Capitals on Tuesday and was very happy the crowd got to see a nice victory and wishing I was there to see it in person. The guys seemed to be light on their skates and full of energy. Robin Lehner only let one goal get by him.

Photo of Buffalo Sabres’ G Robin Lehner from buffalonews.com.

Then there was Friday night’s 4-1 loss to the Florida Panthers. Just when you think the Sabres are going to buckle down and play consistently tough hockey, they lay an egg to the only team in the Eastern Conference with a worse record. It’s been a rather “Billsian” kind of season for the Sabres so far, as our friend Anthony Bialy might point out.

Which leads me to wonder which Bills team will show up on Sunday against the Saints? Hopefully it will be the team whose record reflects “defending their dirt at New Era Field. From an intangible perspective, young teams forming solid chemistry in the early stages of development sometimes find it  easier to succeed in the confines of familiarity.

We can only hope for a repeat of the Oakland Raiders game.

The key to surviving yet another roller coaster ride with the Bills is doing what quarterbacks preach about getting through a long 16-game season. It’s best not to get too high when things are going well, nor too low when they inevitably collapse.

So as far as what happens when the Saints invade New Era Field on Sunday, heaven only knows what’s in store for us. Fortunately after years of scarification, we cope by knowing the fan base that’s left are notably the hard-core junkies who love this football team in spite of its many foibles.

Win or lose, my presence will be felt at New Era Field on Sunday regardless of the fates refusing to allow entry to the game in physical form. I’ll be there in spirit, loud and proud. May this be the beginning of the end of our decades of despair.

Let’s roll. Go Bills.

Editor’s babble: I breathe, therefore I babble. If you can stand the sappy optimism you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. 

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3 Replies to “Every week stakes get bigger for Bills”

  1. Good morning…

    Too bad about the flight Robin but I hope you still got to enjoy the Buffalo cuisine-:)

    The Bills will weather the storm this year and prevail tomorrow at New Era… The high tomorrow will be 40 with a 30% chance of rain, perfect weather for the Bills not so perfect for the Domers.

    Glenn will miss the game as well as Zay Jones who just had his best game against the Jets. Looks like Clay and Gaines will be back, hopefully Gaines is close to 100% as he will be needed in the secondary.

  2. Hi Goose!

    Thanks, but the entire trip had to be scrapped until next season :( But alas, I still have my list of restaurants ready to go. Wyoming is a black hole for anything beyond steak or prime rib and potatoes ._.

    Missing Glenn could pose some problems… there was a noticeable uptick in offensive production when he was on the field, albeit likely not 100%. I seem to recall some time ago (believe it was beginning of his second year) Glenn went out w/a ‘mysterious’ illness and missed a lot of time. There was a casual reference to him being diagnosed with diabetes and then NOTHING was ever said about it again.

    If he indeed in fact has diabetes, that might explain the nebulous descriptions of his “foot/ankle” problem. Diabetics commonly develop peripheral neuropathy in their feet (esp) and hands. That’s because a chronically high blood sugar slowly destroys the small nerves at the distal points in the body.

    There are some drugs that can help. The problem causes burning and tingling, but can also cause sensory loss affecting the dexterity in the hands and being able to sense your feet… which I suspect could pose a significant problem for an offensive lineman.

    Sometimes if the burning/tingling sensation gets really bad a surgeon can go in and do a procedure that essentially kills off some of the nerve endings causing the most problems. I suspect that may be the “procedure” he had done recently when he went out of town for consultation.

    This is all supposition here, but I clearly remember (and so does a local reporter) that something was put out in the media that he was diagnosed with diabetes awhile back. It would certainly explain a lot about why his condition might not be improving.


    • I don’t remember the talk of diabetes but it makes sense since the team has had troubles getting him healthy.