Back to Day Jobs As Buffalo Bills Move From Primetime

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I had forgotten what it’s like to be nervous for football.  The Buffalo Bills did the same.  Thursday was the perfect time to revert to previous hideous form is in front of a semi-national audience.  With eight games gone and left, they’re running out of chances to confirm who they are.  I’d feel bad for pundits who just hopped on the bandwagon if I didn’t remember what they had said before.

We’ll never escape.  This year’s Bills still occasionally play like previous editions. That’s why being ill at ease is our natural state.  Fans were up for a primetime matchup against a divisional foe, even if it was the Jets on Thursday.  The only thing missing was the new and improved squad.

We’re trying to get hyped here.  Watching both lines buckle went from disappointing to aggravating.  It’s back to probation.  This team has to prove it before expecting us to tell everyone on social media they’re for real.

It was embarrassing to get excessively enthusiastic about a team that didn’t show up.  But it should be far worse for players who can affect circumstances.  Feeling mortified isn’t a waste if teams can learn from it.  I’m trying to think of anything that makes facing the ageless Drew Brees seem less foreboding.

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The indignity of allowing a Josh McCown rushing touchdown was only the first insult.  As recently as the seventh game, bumpy early play just meant they were off to a slow start.  But they forgot to get going.  Getting lulled by precedent is now the standard to reverse.

Things aren’t going well when one brings up a most painful fumble and gets asked which one.  The brutal turnover at half’s end felt like it could’ve been from any letdown this century.  Losing the ball after not being down by contact was funny in the sense that laughing buffers against insanity.

It’s hard to win when fundamentals are mentally not fun.  The subway turnstile tackling was particularly egregious considering they weren’t even playing in New York City.  I hope Jerry Hughes will finally focus energy on foes instead of on getting flags thrown at him.  I also hope chicken finger subs count as healthy for containing protein, grain, vegetables, and dairy.

The offense’s counterparts matched the intensity.  It’s not praise.  Each sack represents devastation, as seen by how many Buffalo conceded.  Getting beat differs from getting beat down.

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Help is on the sidelines.  Perhaps looking forward to Kelvin Benjamin entering the field of play has sustained you through time off that seems longer than usual for several reasons.

It’s nice to earn interest but also fun to occasionally splurge.  Dipping into the bank account helps us live a little, in this case by dreaming of bonus football.  Cash in some resources to have fun now.  Any help our new neighbor could offer would be appreciated by Tyrod Taylor, who had approximately zero seconds to complete each pass.

A ridiculous blowout ruined a One Buffalo holiday.  There just can’t be two good teams at once.  A special night of remote roulette started with setting the other channel to the Sabres game.  But it ended with tuning into hockey prematurely.  We just want to cherish the overlap.  I hope I didn’t miss anything Tony Romo said in case he had Powerball number predictions.

Half the season is left either way.  That’s both the good and bad news.  Some bouts with impressiveness are insufficient.  Remember what getting carried away has gotten us in recent seasons, namely heartburn and forcing ourselves to remember we should appreciate the Pegulas.  A Jersey beatdown ensures we don’t get excited enough to count wins that technically haven’t yet occurred.

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Anyone waiting for the trap game sadly had anticipation confirmed.  Overlooking a foe by getting too cocky isn’t something this franchise has earned.  It’s a Billsian approach to remain restless.  A divisional loss to the least likely suspect may cost them around Christmas.  Wondering about such things will keep anyone from feeling at ease.

Fans will spend the rest of the season being suspicious of a club that slides back as policy.  And that’s the right way to go.  Presuming they’re going to disappoint us prepares us for getting crushed again while leaving open the possibility of pleasant surprises.

Please don’t make me review the ample reminders of why gold could turn into flaming trash instantly.  Besides, the present funk won’t last.  The frenzy will return following the next win.  We’ll be checking where the Super Bowl is.  It’s Minneapolis, by the way, if that sounds like a fun winter escape.

Instead of worrying about conditions outside, the Bills should focus on the state of their psyche.  Feeling glum is easy.  Addressing why both offense and defense were suddenly susceptible to aggressiveness is the only way to move past a poor game even by Thursday’s standard.

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3 Replies to “Back to Day Jobs As Buffalo Bills Move From Primetime”

  1. Good morning….

    Yea it was a real stinker of a game the Bills record over the last 10 years on prime time is dismal at best…

    I’ll continue to be optimistic and as usual I’ll convince myself that they are close to being relevant again. It has been so long that we are conditioned to waiting for the wheels to fall off. They can lose this week’s game but they will still be in the thick of the playoff race.

    They just blasted the pass happy Raiders and I feel confident they will pull out a win over the Saints… Yes they won 6 in a row but they are coming to play in Buffalo’s element after 2 straight games in the Dome. On their 6 game winning streak the Saints have beat the Panthers, Phins (London), Lions , Packers (1st game without Rodgers), Bears (Rookie QB) and Bucs (horrible)…. So let’s not think they are unbeatable or there is no way to stop them…

    The Bills will prevail in this game and we will all breath a sigh of relief at least for another week.

  2. In the other hand, the Bills have beat:


    All at home other than the Falcons, and two of those games the Bills got some breaks that could have easily resulted in the game going the other way. The good news is the game is also at home. The bad news is the Saints are probably better than any of the teams the Bills beat so far. I give the Bills some shot in this game, but I would take the Saints and lay the points if I were a betting man.

  3. this game is huge! a win boosts their confidence that they will need going into an AFC road stretch. a loss could really mess up the process for this season.
    home advantage is big for them again (they haven’t been 4-0 at home since 2011).
    the fans will be pumped!