Autopsy Report: Bills loss tests patience of exhausted fan base

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It’s not like we haven’t been here before. The day after a Buffalo Bills blowout loss in a nationally televised game is something we’ve dealt with many times over the years. How much more frustration can we endure as a FAMbase that ran out of patience at least ten years ago?

For the sake of our collective sanity, I’ll forego the gory details and leave that for those who find comfort in analytics. There’s plenty of articles around outlining a variety of reasons why the Bills lost the game from a statistical perspective.

Instead of doing an ‘autopsy’ on the game itself, let’s take another look at how to survive the expected volatility by a Bills team trying to find its way. Here are some coping mechanisms/points of awareness I’ve found helpful over the years to keep my head from exploding.

  • 24 hour rule is helpful for fans as well as players, but with a twist. These days when the Bills or Sabres lose, limiting the amount of media engagement (TV, radio, social media) for the first 24 hours is often helpful. Misery usually begets more misery, maybe that’s why misery loves company? Why subject our minds to endless diatribes and pontificating about something so miserable? I don’t anymore. Like the players, these days I flip that toggle switch with ease and won’t let something out of my control rent that much space in my brain.
  • Wrestle control of self-talk. When our thoughts start wandering and that wave of dread washes over us… it’s time to flip the switch, something we call a “thought-stopping” process (yes, I did use that word on purpose). The point is we all have a choice in terms of what we allow ourselves to obsess about, and dwelling on the outcome of a football game isn’t probably the best use of our energy.
  • Focus on the best part of being a Bills fan… each other. This thought came to me as I get ready to travel to our WNY homeland next week. It really doesn’t matter a fig if the Bills or Sabres win or lose. Going back home is all about communing with everyone reading this drivel right now. It’s about eating good food and spending time with a community of very special people. As Stephon Gilmore said… my people. 
  • As crazy as it may seem, decades of losing is the glue that binds us. All that’s left of the FAMbase are the most ardent of fans because after a legacy of losing, we’re all that’s left. I kind of like that, to be honest. It’s humorous watching national media pundits choke on themselves having to recognize this isn’t the ‘same old Bills’. And oh, by the way, this is NOT the same old Bills!

Winning in life happens when one achieves the ability to find joy in odd places. My joy next week will be taking my “pumice-stoned optimism” on the road to Buffalo to get the message out.

There’s a reason we are called a FAMbase. We are BillsMafia … we have each other’s backs. We also fight like FAMily because we are a passionate group of people. So for those of you reading this in WNY, consider yourselves warned. I’ll be hitting the streets of Buffalo starting on Monday. Just look for the little old lady with the cheesy smile wearing Bills or Sabres gear.

Let’s do this!

Editor’s babble: It’s always awkward babbling or thanking myself for the contributions to our blog. Furthermore, I detest the term “followers” because it seems rather cultish… so let’s just clarify you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. Disclaimer: I’m also aware all the garbage I just wrote is something I also suggested you ignore, at least for 24 hours. See you soon Buffalo! 

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9 Replies to “Autopsy Report: Bills loss tests patience of exhausted fan base”

  1. The depressing thing is they could easily lose their next 4 games. The Saints look good. Los Diego is a beatable opponent, but it’s a west coast trip where the Bills aren’t usually very good, and they haven’t been very good on the road this year in general. Then at KC and the home to the Pats. Part of the reason last night’s game was so important… It’s only one game, but it’s one they really needed if they’re going to go on a bit of a skid this next handful of games.

  2. obviously not good but not really that surprising either, this team is thin on talent in key areas, especially offensive line. it just wasn’t their night and that theme was repeated over and over. overall a bad game and poor effort. the defense hasn’t mistackled like that in any of the previous games- very out of character and hopefully won’t contnue.
    lets see how they respond- too soon to throw in the towel.

  3. Good morning…

    Dam the Jets came out ramped up and the Bills could not get into sync on either side of the ball.

    The Bills even though out played could have made a game of it but penalties and the 2 costly fumbles by Matthews and O’Leary were momentum changers…

    They have 10 days to get ready for the Saints and should have Gaines and Clay back. To me the concern is that the O-line got man-handled in both pass blocking and run blocking.. The Jets defense collapsed the pocket but stayed in their lanes not letting TT get outside. Shady had no where to run as they couldn’t open the slightest of holes.

    Regroup and rebound….

  4. Games like that are the reason I was cautiously optimistic and not fully drinking the koolaid. I only saw the first half from the bar at the airport. We I arrived in Buffalo, I saw the score was 31-7 and shook my head thinking “same ol’ Bills.” I ended up listening to the remainder of the 4th quarter during garbage time.

    If the Bills could have made it to 6-2, then all they had to do was go 4-4 in the second half of the season to make the playoffs. Now, they have to duplicate their record to have a shot, otherwise, we could be looking at 8-8/9-7 and drafting middle to the end of the first round (close to the same as always with them).

  5. If the Bills can reach 9-7, they’re very likely to make it as the AFC really sucks this year. It’s possible they could even make it at 8-8! How pathetic would it be for the drought to end on an 8-8 season? Fitting, though, I suppose.

    Looking at the season, though…it looks more like the Bills are the same ol’ Bills while the rest of the league has just out-sucked them. The seemingly decent wins suddenly don’t look all that impressive. The Falcons, Broncos, Bucs, & Raiders? Meh.

  6. the team is different though. up until last thursday’s game I had not seem the defense tackle so well, so instantly and rarely letting the ball carrier break a tackle whetere on a run play or after the catch. they did this in all 7 games previous to last thursday!
    they were getting better pressure on QBs and forcing them to make bad passes- witness the high amount of INTs.
    the offense had been running well but the passing game is much improved. throws over the middle, decent drives and of course some game winning drives or possession drives that they have not been able to do in a long time.

  7. We’ll see how much of this team is the same ol’ Bills on Sunday. Will McDermott light a fire under these guys butts’ and get them to play fired up or will they lose another one (let alone take another butt whooping?!)

  8. I think the Saints will handle them, myself. I guess the turnovers were different than same ol’ Bills…but turnovers are partially based on luck. I dunno, though…the teams they beat turn out aren’t all that good and the Bills have been on the fortunate side of a few of those to boot. I got a bad feeling they’re about to lose the next 4 for a 5 game skid overall…at which point we’ll all be saying “same ol’ Bills.” And if not for the fortunate bounces, they’d probably be on their same ol’ Bills pace of 6-10. As it is, it looking like 8-8.

    The good news? I still haven’t bit on Sunday Ticket so there’s hope this team is actually different!