Swearing Is Caring As Buffalo Bills Persevere

Photo of WR Deonte Thompson from NewYorkUpstate.com.

A win that felt like a loss may not be ideal.  But there are only so many ways to complain.  I reached the ceiling.  The Buffalo Bills have dealt with the opposite often enough to know they should appreciate pulling off what can be generously classified as an uneven outing.  Get it done however possible even if it takes an inopportune fumble Tampa fans will stew about eternally.  Many wins feel maddening, although not usually this intensely.

A craggy triumph can become a loss if a team convinces themselves there’s nothing to fix.  Having twice as many wins as losses shouldn’t lure anyone into relaxation.  While there’s value in being reminded nothing is easy, it’d be nice to not be infuriating in victory.

Deonte Thompson could star in the film version of his life story.  Going from obscure midweek depth signee to receiving star on Sunday is easier if there are few men at your company already doing the job.

The Bills had seemingly been trying to determine if a modern team can win without receivers.  I don’t think the non-throwing throwback will catch on.  Sure, we live in the era of handlebar mustaches and pickled everything. But there are only so many wins available for those who make so few attempts.  Passing for 268 yards shows even our favorite team is tired of handing it off.

It beats fielding excuses.  This roster is far from fully stocked, first through personnel acquisition limitations and then to the inevitable aches caused by injuries.  Succeeding with the assets they have is admirable after the fact even if the ‘during’ part was rough.

The offense finally showed promise moving the ball in both traditional matters.  Buffalo has struggled in each.  That was just about enough of seeing how far they could get without maximizing their genuine superstar’s abilities.

Photo of RB LeSean McCoy from democratandchronicle.com and gettyimages.com.

It’s an awful shame to have LeSean McCoy and not build an offense around him.  You may as well leave Optimus Prime as a truck.  There’s a guy who deserved a touchdown.  Now please stop carrying the ball like it’s nuclear waste.  If he holds it tight, he might gain even more powers.

Even Superman could use help from fellow Hall of Justice members. Pulling linemen clearing space for the most evasive of runners is one of football’s great joys, as seen on every snap when Shady found daylight.

There’s so much going on.  Wins permit us to see what else is happening.  Repeated viewings of highlights enable watching different engine gears whirr.  For example, reliving McCoy’s longest run once more provides a chance to see just how much space the fullback creates.  By his job’s nature, Patrick DiMarco doesn’t get much credit for what he does.  He gets some here for his work in clearing out run defenders even if he’s fine without receiving some.

McCoy makes it look simple.  Learning out what kind of quarterback the Bills have is hard.  Tyrod Taylor is still figuring out what kind of player he is.  The second-quarter play when he stayed in his pocket despite having so much glorious fake grass in front of him showed that he’s determined to be a pocket passer.  But an unwillingness to run cost a first down.

Observers oscillate wildly on whether he’s making the right decisions from one play to the next.  The best argument in his case involves who had the lead after the final snap.

Photo of QB Tyrod Taylor from NewYorkUpstate.com.

Taylor would be helped if the staff kew how clocks work.  I wanted to see if the disgraceful ending to the first half felt less crummy after a few days.  It doesn’t.  Obliviousness to situations showed unpreparedness out of a bye.  They’re not going to get three weeks to figure out how far pass routes need to go.

It’s nice to have a sense of community, especially when your team is torturing you.  I watched the Buccaneers affair at a party where every guest yelled with incredulity at every miscalculation and blown coverage.  If you’re a Bills backer, know others are as incensed as you.  On occasion, we can even celebrate together.

A football predator exploits weakened prey.  The Raiders, Jets, Saints, and Chargers have all flaunted flaws at various points that a team unworried about draft position ought to note.  The Bills begin the annual tradition of a few ostensibly weaker teams queued up as an opportunity.  Overlooking any of them will keep our wildest wild card dreams from coming true.

Nothing’s going to be easy if the Bills can’t learn what failed in a win.  The soft spots on the zone’s margins Sunday were almost as worrying as their troubles defending slants.  And none of us want to remember conceding a touchdown where it looked like it was illegal to cover the catcher.

The defense has had to cover more than territory this season.  Improving communication will help make any zone effective.  The game’s not always going to be so forgiving, even if fans are.

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11 Replies to “Swearing Is Caring As Buffalo Bills Persevere”

  1. Good morning…

    Great comments as usual… The Bills revved up offense last week was against one of the worse defenses in the NFL but they did what god teams do exploited the weaknesses…

    Concerning is the defense as it was gashed and as you mentioned the normally steady DB’s were now where to be found as the Bucs receivers strode merrily through the secondary. The secondary is banged up and the depth is concerning.

    Living in the Tampa area I can tell you Mike Evans is one of the best WR’s in the league, they added Jackson, OJ Howard and they have another very good TE in Brate… So the Bills secondary had their hands full even if they were at full strength it would have been tough.

    It was a nail-biter and I’m just glad they finally came out on top in a game like this… Listening to talk radio in Tampa it is gloom and doom for the Bucs as so much was expected out of them this year. What they experienced last week was a Bills type of ending to a game.

    • The Bucs have a lot of good weapons. Yes, the Bills DB’s are now a concern, but so are the LB’s in coverage. It seems there’s more confusion now with them and because of that, OJ Howard was left wide open for two easy TD’s.

      I’m glad to see the Bills win games like that instead of normally being on the losing end of those. Games like the Bills/Cowboys from 2007 where they lost by an onside kick and a last second FG to win 25-24, Bills/Broncos from 2007 (again) where they lost 15-14 on another last second FG and Bills/Patriots from 2009 where the Bills had an 11 point lead with 5:32 to go in the game only to have it squandered by playing prevent defense and McKelvin running the ball out of the endzone (instead of taking a knee), being stripped of the ball with the Patriots recovering and ultimately with the Patriots pulling off a last minute comeback to win 25-24, all of those are stuck in my mind. Nice to see the Bills win games like those.

  2. If the Bills want to make the playoffs this year they need to win the next two games. If they lose to Oak and beat the scrappy Jets on the road with a short week (aka no gimme) they’d be 5-3. Not a bad record, but one they’d have to duplicate in the second half to get to 10-6, and the second half of their schedule looks tougher. I’d like their chances a lot better if they can get to 6-2 with a couple more AFC wins under their belt.

  3. Good morning….

    This upcoming game can be another shoot-out as the Raiders have struggled on defense and you know they are watching game film to see how the Bucs confused the Bills defense.

    Nellie–Howard is going to be a force in the league but the Bills moving around in the first round and still landing DB White at 27 was a stroke of genius… He is on pace to be the AFC defensive rookie of the year… I like to know who was behind the trades as it certainly couldn’t have been Whaley.

    Joma–agree it would be nice with 2 wins and the Jets are playing good football and keep giving up big leads.

    The Phins got destroyed last night by the Ravens 40-0, what a shot Alonso gave to Flacco! He should be suspended as he hit him as Flacco was doing the QB slide.

  4. It is so tough to pick games this year since every team seems to be Heckyl/Jeckyl. I thought the Dolphins were doing well with their recent comeback wins, and the Ravens seemed to be dying.

    They said this morning that Flacco started his slide pretty late, so not completely clear on how dirty the hit was.

    I think the Bills could be in deep trouble with their secondary injury situation ,especially facing the pass-happy Carr & Company.

  5. Greg,

    Alonso came in with an nailed Flacco in the head with his elbow/forearm. I know it was a late hit, but he didn’t have to bury his elbow to the side of Flacco’s head. Flacco ended up getting 12 stitches to the ear.

    I agree about the Jekyll and Hyde year. I always though Matt Moore was a decent QB (especially when he plays against the Bills). Seems the only consistent team so far is the Eagles.

    I also agree about the Bills secondary. If everyone doesn’t step up (DB’s), we could see a repeat of last week’s performance when they were gouged for over 300 yards.

  6. Dareus traded to Jacksonville for a sixth round pick…terrible move! That’s basically giving him away.

  7. Good morning…

    A 6th rounder for Dareus shows how far he has fallen and they were probably lucky to get that with his contract.

    It is addition by subtraction. The Bills have had enough of his lazy ass effort. If the coaching staff and front office are to be taken seriously the dead weight players that aren’t motivated need to be gone ! The only worry is how is it going to affect the cap.

  8. After reading more on the Dareus trade, it got the Bills off the hook for big numbers on that awful contract….

    It’s all about the future and Beansie comes through!

    Dareus To Jacksonville: The Bills have finally gotten rid of the Marcell Dareus contract. Adam Schefter is the first to report that they have traded him to Jacksonville for a 6th round draft pick in the 2018 draft that could move up to a 5th rounder depending on performance. He will be reunited with Doug Marrone. The contract Doug Whaley gave Dareus was almost impossible to get out from under so the deal is more about getting the dollars off the books instead of the compensation. The team still takes a $14.2 Million cap hit next year but will save $2.375M. They also save just under $6M on this year’s cap that can be rolled over. After next year they are totally out from under that terrible contract

  9. good riddance dairyass. the draft pick will turn into a 5th rounder IF he stays on the roster this year and the Jags make the playoffs. good luck with that one.
    the last vestige of the old regime high profile players has been jettisoned.
    time to rev it up, pop the clutch and move out, move forward and move on!