Bills ready to roll after bye week helps players get healthy

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It’s been a quiet two weeks around BuffaloLand.

The first was quiet, as we wondered. What happened in Cincinnati? Was it a circumstantial set of problems particular to that Sunday, on that field, in that rain? Or was it a systematic failure? Maybe the Bills weren’t as great a 3-1 team as we had been hoping they were.

This second week, we wonder some more. Did they get healed up? Has the coaching staff got the ship upright and sailing, again?

It seems each game this season brings new mysteries to the FamBase. We wonder still, if we truly know how good this team really is. I don’t think we know very much, yet.

But, I think we are about to find out.

What happens today at New Era Field should tell us a lot about this Buffalo Bills football team. Mostly, I think it will tell us a lot about this coaching staff. How the team plays, coming off the downtime of the traditional seasonal bye week, will be all about coaching.

They don’t have to win the game, to judge the coaching staff competent. But the players need to play well. They need to appear to be motivated to play well. The offense needs to show some new plays, formations, and plans for attack. The defense needs to seem energized, again.

In short, the team needs to show that the coaching staff used these two weeks wisely.

From everything we’ve seen from them before the bye week, I don’t think we will be disappointed.

Musings From Around the NFL

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Why does it seem like the Eagles and Rams are going to be in the NFC championship game at the end of the season? I don’t think it’s supposed to be this way.

The loss by the Bills to Carolina seems legit…the Panthers are for real. Their wins against Denver and Atlanta…maybe not so much?

And, the AFC east? Can anyone predict what will happen from one week to the next?

But, honestly, can’t the same be said for every other division in the league?  Hey NFL, you got your parody.

Fantasy Tips for the Week

Save yourself a bit of money in DFS play by going cheap at running backs, and may I suggest taking a look at Derrick Henry (at Cleveland) and Christian McCaffrey (home against the Bears)? They’re cost is low and they should get increased playtime this week.

Last Week

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Well, actually, two weeks ago, right?

What a disappointment. And Vegas called it. They had the 1-3 Bengals favored against the 3-1 Bills, fresh off their stunning victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Vegas doesn’t lose money.

Concerning what I wrote at the top of this article, it seemed a combination of the circumstantial and the systematic. The weather and injuries took their toll, but the team was not built well enough, that week, to overcome those problems.

Here’s to hoping the bye week cleared up much of that.

This Week

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It’s a home game, finally.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers bring their surprisingly disappointing season to Buffalo. That, at any rate, proves hopeful for the Bills.

And normally, when the opposing QB comes to play in a less than healthy state, that’s a good thing. But, this time, there is a looming sense of karmanic dread hanging over the Buffalo fans.

It’s the return to Buffalo…of the Amish Rifle.  This time, wearing orange and pewter.

If the choices are healthy Jameis Winston – injured Jameis Winston – or the backup Ryan Fitzpatrick, I’ll take either of the first two choices, thank you very much.

We can’t put our finger on it exactly, but we all know, we do not want Ryan Fitzpatrick to play in Buffalo, today. It’s just one of those feelings.

Then again, the Bills defense getting a pick-6 touchdown in the 4th quarter might just be what the team needs for this victory.

Buffalo 27 – Tampa Bay 17

Read me next week!

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11 Replies to “Bills ready to roll after bye week helps players get healthy”

  1. With the injuries to Clay and Matthews, this would be a good time for Zay Jones to get out of his freshman year funk. Also, I hope the Oline has figured out their blocking schemes to help McCoy have a good game.

  2. curious if mccoy was less than 100% in the past few games and if the bi week has helped him to recharge. looking forward to watching bills football again.
    hopefully their play won’t cause me to avoid all of the games that come on later!

    • I think we will start to see more of the “real Shady” from here on out. The front end of the schedule was loaded with good run defense teams. Should be an easier ride from here forward!

  3. Bucs @ Bills (-3)

    On paper this looks like the Bills should be an easy winner, they’ve had a week off to prepare and get over some injuries. The Bucs QB Winston has a shoulder issue to his throwing shoulder but is going to start… My feeling is the Bucs will see how it goes for a few series and if he doesn’t respond Fitz will come off the bench to finish the game.

    Bucs are reeling with disappointment and haven’t gotten on track yet. They were supposed to be explosive with the signing of DeSean Jackson and the drafting of TE OJ Howard… The offense has struggled to put points on the board… They did get Doug Martin back after a 4 week suspension and defensive LB starters David & Alexander are slated to play. Their season is on the line… WR Mike Evans is fantastic and is a match-up nightmare.

    Can the Bills attack one of the worst DB’s in the NFL in Hargreaves III, can they get McCoy rolling with this blocking scheme? If Mathews (10 catches) doesn’t play there is not A WR that has caught more than 6 passes and that would be Holmes 6 for a whopping 35 yards… Zay Jones needs to get the stick’em to his fingers because he is needed.. Shady leads the team in receptions with 27.

    The Bucs are a wounded team coming off an ass whupping, don’t be deceived by the 38-33 score as they were trailing 31-0 at halftime and the Cards went on cruise control..

    Bills play close to the vest as they get Shady going to control the clock and TE O’Leary becomes part of the offensive game plan. The defense comes up big today as they consistently harass the Bucs QB’s and shut down the running game. The Bucs FG team is dreadful and the Bills have one of the best kickers in the league in Hauschka…

    Bills 23 Bucs 17

  4. holy schmokes i thought i was watching a rugby game on that last play! did’nt think they had it in them after mccoys fumble but they came through on an impressive comeback drive. partial credit for the bucs last TD goes to dairyus who went off sides on third and 10 in the red zone, chicken wing bone head! the bills put together a tough win against a talented team with their season on the ropes. i’ii take it!

  5. The Bills won a squeaker. There’s good and bad on both sides of the ball, but overall I’m glad the Bills won and are 4-2.

    • Certainly makes for a much better Sunday night…Monday morning…and work week in general!

  6. Good morning…

    How many had the “The Music City Miracle” going through their heads on the last play of the game? I did !!

    The Bills defense was out of position on too many plays and they couldn’t get consistent pressure on Winston. They also lost 2 DB’s Poyer on the last play hurt his knee and Gaines pulled a muscle… The right side of the D took it’s lumps with martin sneaking out into the flat and OJ Howard torching that side of the defense…

    It was a thrilling game and the Bills continue to create turnovers. We are not use to shootouts but it was fun and in typical Bills style we had t o watch to the very end–:)