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I’m still waiting for something bad to happen.  Did the Falcons score during a Progressive commercial?  The NFL could add the decisive points tomorrow.  Instead, the improbable final tally remains accurate.  It’s tough coping with success, whined the new ingrate.

Expecting events to take a turn for the worse is part of cheering for the Buffalo Bills.  But an uncommon result has inspired a strange new feeling internet searches classify as optimism.  Learn to manage overconfidence after actual games have been played.  On rare occasions, the surprises are nice.

With work and family commitments in mind, remember to take a break every 30 seconds to check who has three wins.  Enjoy another week of looking at who’s leading. There are as many screenshots of present AFC East standings as there are Buffalonians.

Left is right, atomic sauce tastes sweet, and the Bills look good.  I was told this offense wasn’t exciting, so here’s to ruined narratives.

Like going with Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf, success is a matter of choosing the proper resources.  For Tyrod Taylor, that means letting him try the quick strikes and rollouts at which he thrives.  Even better, short completions enable deep attempts by luring defenders nearby.  The Bills should remember that thing where the quarterback pretends to hand off I’m calling a play-action fake.  I hope the name sticks.

Like defensive counterpart Tre White the previous outing, Zay Jones improved within the same game.  Taylor might have been looking for the rookie in Craigslist missed connections.  But the wideout caught confidence before game’s end.  That single impressive diving catch could be enough to spur relaxation, which is the most important thing someone with his gifts needs.  With Jordan Matthews hitchhiking his way to surgery, Jones has a chance to flaunt rapid maturity.

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The play-calling could improve from a coach who’s also learning in his first year.  We’ve seen consecutive weeks of feigning gutsy calls.  Does Sean McDermott think you can get a touchdown from an offside?  It’s fine if he wanted to see the defense, but we’d be impressed if he goes for it on fourth and goal in the future.  The results may not always be so kind after settling for three points.

Players doing their jobs is the best way to quell criticism of coaching decisions.  I waited for Steven Hauschka’s kick to go through before proclaiming a distant field goal attempt was a brilliant call.

Forget the asterisk.  Nobody should feel bad about a call going this franchise’s way.  Atlanta can say the arm was going forward and the interception hit the ground if their view of freeze frames makes them feel better.  The universe will even out after about a hundred more like that.  Complain to a Buffalo fan about calls not going your way if you enjoy being mocked.  The Bills Store doesn’t sell a violin small enough.

The next matchup inspires specific nostalgia from those brief moments when we hated the Bengals.  Buffalo loathed Boomer Esiason for how he played, not what he said.  I dream of flipping off the next Ickey Woods. Well, I don’t care if Cincinnati ever improves, especially since they established a reputation as a halfway home.  I’m old enough to remember when Marvin Lewis coaching the Bills was the hot message board topic.  The real wishes to appreciate are the ones never granted.

Like the Bills, today’s Bengals aren’t awful like they were way back in mid-September.  Andy Dalton didn’t suddenly forget how to football despite what his side’s anxious fans may have felt.  Their first few games were plagued by atrocious play-calling, which is one of those things you’d think franchises could straighten out with fortunes on the line and the league approaching its centennial.

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Stopping Dalton now will be a tough task even if he only looked good against Cleveland.  His ability to strike quickly will challenge the vicious pass rush that Buffalo tries to make its signature.  That next opponent of his has impressed at harassing quarterbacks with a limited quantity.

By contrast, that safety blitz during Atlanta’s last stand left too much space for receivers.  There’s your eternal tradeoff.  Complaining about what went wrong during a win isn’t ingratitude: it’s recognition that improvement is always possible.  The impossible yet persistent quest for perfection is crucial with 12 games left.

Enjoy a quick bout with cockiness before realizing .750 in October is worth as much as a Sammy Watkins color rush jersey.  The Bills have ample recent examples why they should remain modest.  It was just a Netflix binge or two ago that they couldn’t manage a touchdown against Carolina.  The Bills both are and aren’t that dreadful Week 2 team.  While they’ve improved, they should remember the capacity to revert to the club they were just a few Sundays ago.  This team specializes in paradoxes.

Our favorite team could still disappoint us on the season’s level, which is quite the Bills-style approach to life.  Knowing it could fall apart is one way to keep them motivated.

This club can’t start acting like they’re playing with house money.  In fact, the notion that it’s not their currency once they’ve won it is absurd.  They got those blackjacks fair and square.  Now is no time to start hitting on 18s.  The struggle to not get ahead of ourselves is a nice problem to have.

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