After nearly two decades, do Bills fans finally have a reason for optimism?

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It’s only been three games, but the Buffalo Bills (2-1) find themselves sitting alone at the top of the AFC East. You would think that would make fans feel elated and optimistic for the future. Have the Bills finally put together a front office, coaching staff and roster that can propel them into the playoffs?

Maybe, but if they have managed to do so it may take some time before Bills fans go “all-in” after experiencing every possible permutation of misery for nearly two decades. It’s understandable why fans are reluctant to stick their toes in the water of hope without feeling terrified they’re about to be bitten off. Only a cardiologist would smile at the heartache Bills fans have endured over nearly two decades.

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The problem with being entrenched in our cocoon of despair is that sometimes we become oblivious to the signs better days are right around the corner… or maybe they already started and we’re missing what’s right in front of us?

We all know how fast the door can shut behind us… bringing a sledgehammer dose of reality to quash even a glimmer of hope that our misery is coming to an end. Just when we thought it was safe to step into the light, the power goes out and we’re paralyzed with fear of the boogeyman about to leap out and snatch our dreams away.

Will it be the Atlanta Falcons who crush our hope for redemption from playoff-less hell? Do we dare go out on a limb and BILLieve that this is the Bills team that will finally break through the glass ceiling?

As remarkable as the Patriots dynasty has been since the turn of the century, so has our collective misery. For every winner there is a loser, and the Bills have served the loser role in this dance with unrivaled fortitude. No one loses like the Buffalo Bills.

I’m not suggesting it’s time to do the dance of optimism right now… but am thinking there’s at least a bit of a release from the anchor of negativity weighing us down for far too long.

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Consider the following evidence for optimism:

  • Draft picks like CB Tre’Davious and free agent signings like Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde and E.J. Gaines demonstrate some serious competency on the part of the newly assembled front office. When was the last time that happened?
  • The new faces in the secondary gelled faster than anyone expected.
  • Penalties have been dramatically reduced .The Bills no longer shoot themselves in the foot with undisciplined play.
  • For all the worry at WLB position, Ramon Humber is holding his own.
  • Depth at some positions is better than expected. Finding guys like Eddie Yarbrough are another testament to the Bills coaches and front office.
  • This team shows grit and determination in a way we haven’t seen in quite awhile. Tre’Davious White’s rise from the depths of despair in the first half of the Broncos game to his second-half comeback was eye-popping.
  • This Bills defense is capable of keeping them in any game. It’s the offense that needs more consistency.

It’s no secret I’ve babbled for awhile about how this team could turn out to be better than most people thought before the seasons started. I’ve had this feeling for awhile this coaching staff and front office redo feels right to me.

However, like many fans I loathe to step into the light without at least keeping the door open so I can run back into my dark cave if Atlanta crushes the Bills’ nascent chances for redemption.

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9 Replies to “After nearly two decades, do Bills fans finally have a reason for optimism?”

  1. the bills stock is rising and as a fan i like it a lot better than the contrary. 2 and 1 (and competitive in all 3) is a lot better than the tank mode many were expecting or hoping for.
    but we’re on a cross country train ride headed for gold country and the whistle just blew for Erie, PA.

  2. After the Broncos game, I no longer think the Bills are a 4-5 win team, but I’m still not convinced they are a playoff team. If they beat the Falcons tomorrow or even come very close, then my mind could change. Otherwise, I’m thinking they could finish between 6-8 wins for the year which is the worst spot to be in for the draft.

  3. I have to admit I’m starting to take small sips of the koolade. As some of you know I have followed theBills since 1960 (yes I know I’m older than dirt). So forgive me if I’m not all in yet. Season ticket holder for three and a half decades so I saw some real good football but also a whole lot of bad football.

    Time will tell but I really believe McD and Beane are really, really on the right track. One of my Bills t shirts is just one before I die! I keep wishing and praying and not giving up.Quit is not in my vocabulary.

    • Well Gary… looks like we are the oldies around here ;) I’ve also been a fan for the entire adventure since 1960. We have seen it all w/this team (and then some). I’m weary but like you do not have “quit” in my vocabulary. Have a pretty good feel for the intangibles from my former profession (psychotherapist and oncology nurse) and this team is loaded with the right stuff upstairs. It may not be this year, but if someone can’t see improvement on and off the field w/this team, they’re not very observant :) This team may get rolled today, but it won’t be because they gave up. That’s all I ask for now. I believe this is the best front office & coaching staff since Marv & Polian ran the show.

  4. McBeane have done a lot of good things and a lot of head scratching things as well. They do seem to have a better clue how to run things than the previous clowns that have been running things at OBD over the past 17 years.

  5. Remember when we started 5-2? Remember FitzMagic? Don’t let 1 nice win get your hopes too high.. this is the Bills after all. Let’s try not to ignore the negatives… we don’t have much in WR, lots of 8 in the box because of Taylor. Sadly, we want to draft top QB and make playoffs, I don’t know if we will get either.

  6. Good morning…

    It is only going into the 4th game of the season (hard to believe after today the season is already a quarter over), but you can see the difference on the field. The defense is flying to the ball and are tackling so much better, the secondary is improving and the front 7 are fun to watch. If some how some way Dareus can be what he was a few seasons ago that would be icing on the cake. Personally I think he is a lost cause but we can hope he gets in line…

    The offense is a work in progress with the new blocking techniques being used on the O-line and the coaches figuring out the best way to use TT… Shady hasn’t gotten going yet an TT is throwing to a all new receiving corp so the timing isn’t what it should be but will get better.

    The Bills will have a couple of clunker games this season as all teams do. It could come today or when we least expect it..

    There is that old saying “I’ll know it when I see it”, that’s how I feel on the new look Bills, they have warts but you can already sense the progress being made and the blocks for the future are being put in place. I’m McLoving it so far !!

  7. I think the key to being a team better than the ones of the past is to continue to grow and be able to adapt game plans to keep their opponents guessing. I think that is what the Patriots do best, their opponents are still surprised by their game plans even in weeks 12-17. The good NFL teams are experts in analyzing game tapes and identifying tendencies and being able to strategize how to attack based on those things.

    Can the Bills grow and adapt?