Good start: Buffalo Bills beat team they should beat

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You never know.  Proclaim the future is obvious to feel humble.  While planning helps, the most important aspect is recognizing that what comes next is never guaranteed.

Even what looks like it’ll be obvious can provoke shock in actuality.  Producers can make what seems like a safe investment using a beloved character and end up with the Spider-Man musical. Alternately, watch a thrilling original story like Baby Driver improbably beat Hollywood dreck The Emoji Movie for proof that unexpected successes are possible.

While the Buffalo Bills may not surprise for long, their presently pleasant record is as good as they can do.  Boast how they’re undefeated as many times as possible for as long as it’s true.

The opener functioned like the preseason finale.  Players enjoyed the chance to finally work out the kinks.  Facing an FCS school in the first game is a gift to a mid-major program.  While it took Buffalo awhile to beat up a team that’s technically in the same league, it’s important to remember it was their first day of work.

Did you see who’s leading the division from every last tweet and Facebook post?  That standings screenshot is getting the workout it deserves.  My AFC East Leaders t-shirt better get here quickly.

The Bills may not have infinity times more wins than the Patriots for long.  But they do now, and you deserve to enjoy this moment.  Even ethereal triumphs are rare around here, which makes them worth cherishing.

Having no expectations means a chance to be pleasantly surprised.  I knew there was an upside to negativity.  This club still has to get their first win against a good team.  They’re about to play a game where purported experts deem them the underdog.  Ease into stress gradually to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

An overhaul isn’t equivalent to a surrender.  Players like, say, Kyle Williams didn’t look like they had the 2018 draft in mind.  Some curious fans entered the season ready to cheer against guys who are trying to win football games.  See if it can be fun before giving up.

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Skepticism is understandable considering a new approach has failed about 7,000 times previously.  An “under new management” sign means something went wrong beforehand.  The Bill have never put theirs into storage.  We may as well see if this is the regime that knows what they’re doing.  There’s been enough roster turnover that any prediction was sure to be as incomprehensible as the Twin Peaks finale.  A limited unveiling went fairly well.

Spend months plotting a season’s course to have it gleefully trashed by reality.  The lack of buffoonery from this staff is as refreshing as imagined.  But anticipation can’t measure up to experience.  Memorized Pac-Man patterns won’t help conquer Donkey Kong, so enjoy the game in front of you.

Even if the opener turns out to be a rare joyous moment, we’ll still get to experience one of the most casually dominant players in recent memory.  LeSean McCoy’s purpose in life is to make you pleased that you like this sport.  His injury scare made us appreciate his proficient fluidity even more.  My offer to give him any organs he needs remains on the table.

Good managers know the inventory.  Be grateful for a coaching staff who remembers Charles Clay is available.  And they did get a replacement for that one wideout they traded.  Jordan Matthews showed why it’s fine to only catch two passes if they go long enough.

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Sure, the average NFL team looks like ninjas fighting a sewing circle when facing the East Rutherford Jets.  But ruthless teams exploit unfair fights.  It’s true even if this franchise needs more nunchaku practice. The Carolina Panthers happen to be the team whose secrets are known to our dojo’s coach and general manager, so let’s see if they can leverage the foe’s strength.

It’s hard to know if they’re ready to take on pro teams from facing the Jets.  The first game may be the easiest.  A mere nine-point win against someone who won’t escape from the basement is nonetheless a chance to calibrate instruments.

I want a quarterback hassled for our entertainment.  Figure how to pressure yogurt enthusiast Cam Newton so he’s sacked for the first time this season.  I’m sure the 49ers tried their hardest. The Bills must get to him more than once. The second game would be a good time for Marcell Dareus to show up on the stat sheet.

Don’t make plans for this Sunday, either.  We get to do this again for many weeks. Isn’t having football great?  Months of focus on the opener makes it easy to overlook there are 15 followups.

By comparison the diabolically eternal offseason, a week is like a blink.  Thanks to facing a rival that’s as troubled as advertised, Bills fans look forward to watching the first real test.  Party like this is the real opener.  You never need an excuse to make wing dip again, but there’s one available if it makes you feel better.

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