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lucy-doctor-is-out@OldSloopyGirl here, and off to a grand start getting my weekly report out late since the rest of the world has already moved #OnToTheGiants a couple of days ago.


What nobody realizes is that I’ve been in meetings all week with Rex and the coaching staff. Hardly had a chance to catch a nap since Monday. I’m tired and grumpy.

Oh well, at this point I’m past the beauty sleep thing anyway.

So, this week the #AskSloopy mailbag was pretty slim pickings from Bills fans. One guy (kinda cute too) who goes by the Twitter handle @CampyVB asked me the following question:

Campy Campbell @CampyVB Sep 28

@OldSloopyGirl After Tannehill’s fumble was reversed because of a penalty, did we all see Rex’s ‘O’ face? #AskSloopy
10:50 AM – 28 Sep 2015 · Details
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Dear Campy,

Thank you for your question. Is the check in the mail? Yea, we all saw Rex have what is sometimes referred to as a major facial spasm. It happened because Rex had two brain cells firing at the same time and caused him to have a momentary electrical outage in his brain. He’s fine though. I’ll tell him you asked about him.

By the way, look for many more of those to come throughout the season.

I was really concerned when he had that spasm that he was going to take one of my dentures out of his pocket and hurl it into the crowd. Thank goodness he stopped himself. Eating without uppers is not fun.

Next question:

Dear @OldSloopyGirl,

I’m a rich old man so I can buy anything I want. What I can’t seem to buy though is a decent football team for my favorite ‘corn husker’. What made the whole thing worse are the colors I was forced to wear last Sunday in Miami. Look at how they clash with my delicate skin!

Warren-Buffett-is-an-NdamukongAlso, I own the newspaper in the town of the team that cruised into Miami and annihilated the Dolphins. They also rolled over my favorite gentleman who plays in the middle on their defensive line.

How am I supposed to explain my allegiance to the good people of Buffalo? Will they ever forgive me?

The check is coming in the form of a stock option. Thank you.


Barren Wuffett

Dear Mr. Wuffett,

First of all, you’re the one that decided to make a fool of yourself wearing that stupid jersey in Miami last Sunday. What did you expect to have happen when the Bills came to town?

Get over yourself. No one in Buffalo or even at your newspaper there probably cares that you looked silly in front of the entire nation. Pretty sure the Pegulas won’t be inviting you on their yacht any time soon though.

Oh, and I dare you to show up at Ralph Wilson Stadium wearing that pathetic jersey on Sunday, November 8th, Hammers Lot, around 7:30 AM. You’ll meet a lot of BillsMafia there. They’ll take care of that jersey for you.

You’re welcome,


So that’s all that was in the mailbag for this week. Looks like I’ll be without teeth again on Sunday. Rex said the lowers in his left pocket worked best this past week.

Michelle said she would puree my food for me on Sunday so I don’t starve to death. At least it’s a home game and I’ll get them back when he comes home from the game.

Have fun at The Ralph to all Bills fans going to the game this Sunday. Be safe & kind to one another out there. You don’t want to be featured in this mess called my lemonade stand.

Oh, and the game plan for this week looks solid. Look for Robert Woods to have a big game, but don’t tell anybody I said so.

And get your questions in to me at #AskSloopy on Twitter. I don’t bite, at least not that hard when Rex has my dentures.

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