Buffalo Bills Seeking the Right Men for the Job

Teachers driving buses aren’t going to help kids learn.  While both jobs have something to do with education, the class would only learn too early in life the frustration of talents going underutilized.  On a related note, the Buffalo Bills are tired of getting taken to school.  The franchise’s recent history of not putting skills to full use is hopefully ending this semester.  The simple notion of maximizing players’ abilities coincidentally leads to victories, which explains coaching’s prominence in football.  Ensuring players complete the tasks for which they were born is all we ask of the new principal.

C.J. Spiller's talent wasn't maximized under the previous coaching staff.
C.J. Spiller’s talent wasn’t maximized under the previous coaching staff.

Star pupils can make any educator look good.  LeSean McCoy has a track record of applying his talents more consistently than the last guy to man his post.  It’s not to complain about C.J. Spiller now that he’s gone.  But since he is, we can tease him a little.  Despite many dynamic carries in mind, he didn’t constantly reach the dynamic level of which he was capable.  Whether it was his style, usage, or teammates hinering him will remain debatable.  But that’s a historical subject, as the Bills now have a back with an innate sense of where to turn in a manner that would break off the feet of lesser athletes.

Even if you don’t sit through the credits, remember the gaffers who enable Hollywood productions to look glamorous.  Buffalo set about acquiring the sort of roughnecks who can make McCoy’s life easier.  All he needs are options with which space to burst through.  Fans are struck by how he makes Tecmo Bowl cuts like a human Nintendo character.  The truly great make the extraordinary look casual.  Blockers can give him options.  Standing up to defenders permits the guy handed the ball to appear superhuman.

Even the best football players need help, although in McCoy’s case it may not be much.  The Bills’ focus through summer is on creating the small amount of room the exhilarating rush needs and perhaps even a little more.  The plan is simpler now that blocking and tap-dancing are no longer part of the same job description.  To fans’ delight, this offensive staff is more interested in winning territory by using brute force while pulling.  Growling now supersedes footwork.

Anger motivates powerful linemen to the delight of those cheering.  A vicious goon driving a hapless defensive tackle back to his sideline is what fans crave.  By pleasant coincidence, the roster includes just the maulers for the task.  With the line’s starters already written on the message board, the team can shift focus to technique.  Hitting defenders like they stole your wallet is a relatively simple scheme to implement.

Fans can’t wait for contract.  The brutality exhibited by blockers will assuredly enable McCoy’s fluidity, as players who thrive on contact spring the guy who doesn’t.  Employing diametrically opposite skills in pursuit of the same goal offers a fine lesson in teamwork.  It should condition foes to hate life for multiple reasons.

Buffalo’s own defense wants other teams to similarly loathe them for knocking the wind out of human barriers.

Buffalo’s own defense wants other teams to similarly loathe them for knocking the wind out of human barriers.  The other side will be assigned hunting quotas they’ll gleefully exceed.  It’s hard to avoid tacklers when it’s unknown from where they’ll emerge, which is why implementing deception is this defense’s core principle.  Information on how many players will serve as lineman or the quantity that will be stationed in the box won’t be clear until it’s too late.  Stephon Gilmore will get to prove that half the field is his property, although they’ll try to keep which half a secret.

Employing potential in any field makes life fulfilling.  Everyone cheers for the budding novelist who gets an advance large enough to stop temping or an actress who’s finally recognized for her preferred field instead of skill at getting dinner orders correct.  Knowing someone is doing what he should be with a career enhances any spectacular team performance.  It’s thrilling to think of someone like Sammy Watkins being used properly this season, as workers using gifts accompanies companies finding success.

Individuals using strengths to achieve broader goals would bring true excitement.  There have been too many times when skilled Bills have had no option but diving into an approaching pile as the team has figuratively done the same.  To paraphrase Ed Wood, the next one will be better.  A Wood with the given name Eric undoubtedly agrees.

This club looks to feature a blocking scheme and cloaked defensive alignment that each make good use of what’s available.  Reaching the playoffs is a natural extension of proper career aptitude testing.  For once, it’d be nice for Buffalo’s hard workers to not see their efforts evaporate in vain.  A reward for sweat isn’t asking too much.

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