Success Seems Closer Than Ever For Buffalo Bills In 2015 NFL Season

Rex Ryan is 0-0 with the Buffalo Bills.  LeSean McCoy has gained zero yards for them.  And Sammy Watkins has to wait months before he can test his hip when it counts.  The inability to prove anything is not quite their fault; blame the clock’s predictably slow pace.  We can only anticipate they’ll be awesome.

The inability to prove anything this moment is not to discourage optimism.  But, as good as Buffalo’s workers have been at doing what they wish with the football, they can’t travel through time.  This team’s most skilled players simply have to be patient before getting to look as if they’re heading into the future faster than others.

Football teaches valuable lessons about waiting for fun.  Said lesson is not fun itself.  Regardless, humans naturally fill idle time with anticipation of how things will unfold.  For once, Bills fans may feel rightfully excited.  I know I’ve said the same thing before; my hope for J.P. Losman to reach his potential remains unfulfilled.  But like Chunk in The Goonies, we mean it this time.

Fans are anticipating that there’s a feature they have to see. It’s reasonable to anticipate a film will be good based on the cast and premise.  In Jurassic Park terms, this franchise is finally acting like carnivorously mean dinosaurs instead of in the sense they’re approaching extinction.
clayExcitement about this blockbuster is translating into ticket sales.  It’s a significant expense: even at present cinema ripoff rates, season tickets are an expensive comparative investment.  But Bills supporters are acting as if it’d be more costly to miss this team.  Investing in a package that runs until the first week of 2016 is a wager on the future being pleasant.  Unlike the Terrell Owens era, there’s actually cause to grab popcorn.

Instead of missing your fix, treat June as a fun moment to cite evidence for potential.  I mean, look at this sweet roster.  Hope for the future is based on past results.  From what the defensive line has already done for this team to what new additions have achieved for their erstwhile squads, it’s rightful to let optimism take hold.  History not a perfect indication, as anyone who’s ever followed any team since sports began knows.  But it is all we have, so we may as well enjoy the projections based on opponents having to put their nickel cornerback on Percy Harvin.

All this team has to do is execute.  Noting it is the easy part.  While mapping out scenarios is a fun way to kill time, try to avoid tension caused by overthinking in the months until kickoff.  The best way to avoid choking is to hire a coach who enjoys the pressure.  See the warm months as an opportunity to get better at being mean and burly rather than fretting what could fail.

The Bills may as well not stress out now.  Success during the post-minicamp lull comes in thinking about something other than the game.  Clear minds can absorb the most during real camp.  This calendar portion is for intensity, not frenzy.  The best way to prepare is to not spend every moment preparing.

lesean1For now, the team’s goal is creating a comfortable work environment.  McCoy seems to like it, which is a good sign during a month when everyone’s looking for news to over-analyze.  Sure, he enjoys Buffalo’s food like everyone else with functioning tastebuds.  But the new running back expressing gratitude for the honesty he’s encountered is an even better sign things are going well before he takes a real handoff.

McCoy is sort of player we can’t wait to see even though we must.  For now, the staff can’t do much but tell him to dodge tacklers in his inimitable way.  At least he has time to settle in to his new work home.  It’s easy to forget how disruptive it is to move for one’s profession regardless of high compensation, especially without any say in the matter.  Burger King managers don’t get traded to Wendy’s in different cities even with a couple Frostys thrown in.  Part of football’s alleged glamour is the possibility of having to transfer to a new company in a faraway place.  A good boss helps the new guy ease into the change.

All we have now is possibility, so we may as well enjoy the prospect of it.  Focusing on things like completion percentages at minicamp is an attempt to assign importance to a preliminary stage.  Reading into practice maneuvers is part of feeling overstimulated.  We have to wait for the opportunity for players to put what they’ve learned at practice into practice.  It’s both frustrating and soothing to know the precise day when they can unleash their talents.  Working together in limited rehearsals means the Bills have done everything they can for now.  The good show is forthcoming.

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Anthony Bialy recently moved back to Buffalo from New York City and acts like he never left. He thinks "Buffalo 66" is biographical and considers it a crime against mankind that Steve Tasker is not in the Hall of Fame. He likes getting Tim Hortons on the way to get Labatt Blue. Follow him on Twitter at @AnthonyBialy.