Like the City of Buffalo, Time For Bills To Get Ahead

If the highs and lows even out, Buffalo Bills fans are in for good news.  It has to come soon.  Right? Unfortunately, my research indicates there’s no rule that teams have to ultimately get to an even record.  At the same time, there is also nothing prohibiting them from turning into the unfeeling brute who crushes other markets’ dreams.  This oft-forgotten club can recall how it presently feels pretty good about 21 positions, which ideally makes 31 other teams realize it will be trickier to look past the Bills.  Nothing lasts forever, thankfully.

Changing the course of events starts with thinking it’s possible.  The Bills are starting to grasp how transitioning starts with rejecting inertia’s inevitability.  Recognizing the need to make fundamental changes is the crucial first step.  The mentality needed to take it begins the process of intimidating others instead of looking like an easy win or two.

dareusThe right attitude now makes useful physical action easier in September.  Every move since January feels like it’s advanced the goal of making other teams feel tense all week.  The upheaval will be pleasant if it actually occurs.  Stranger things have happened, like an entire line being listed among the league’s top 100 players.

A specific plan makes a general turnaround much easier.  The offense’s tremendous speed is only part of what will hopefully let them catch up.  Offensive coordinator Greg Roman is out to match established defensive aggression with a zeal for mauling opponents.  Buffalo tried finessing potential tacklers last season and was unsurprisingly driven into the turf. By contrast, this staff is attempting to install a system where foes long for the comfort of ice packs to soothe countless bruises.

Effective viciousness from both sides would be as welcome as it is unfamiliar.  A disparity between a team’s aspects is natural.  But we lamentably know of too many times when one side dragged the other to the depths instead of the better aspect sailing ahead.  It’s too depressing to contemplate each of the particular seasons since 1999 when they either failed to move or stop the ball just enough to make the offseason feel like a twisted knife.  It’s about time for a comprehensive self-defense strategy to disarm potential assailants and self-offense one to strike back.

Going nowhere is surprisingly exhausting.  The Bills have been treading water for so long that it’s tough to imagine mastering turning in the lane during a race.  The “One before I die” mantra doesn’t refer to a playoff appearance.  It’s hard to conceive of advancing past wild card weekend but necessary if anything above mediocrity is the goal.  They could even get two or three before we pass away if you’re into wild dreams.  Thinking in plural will help this franchise start to inflict their will now, which is the second-best time to do so.

There are better ways to cope with pain than inflicting it repeatedly upon oneself for the dullness of familiarity.  This team may be learning there are better ways to feel relief.  Tense despair may become normal to the point you don’t even realize you’re scowling.  Removing burdens can be itself joyous, particularly when you have forgotten it’s possible to slip out of the yoke.  We grumpy ancient folks can feel extra sympathy for young fans who haven’t experienced a winning sensation since birth.  Lack of advancement is all they know.  Ask a bear about life outside the woods, and he’ll be confused if he doesn’t just eat you.

harborBuffalo has been granted the new perspective which the city’s fans craved.  It’s most literally seen from the HarborCenter’s top floors.  Those of us who presently observe Buffalo from a visitor’s perspective are amazed at what’s filled the void that consumed much of the Queen City for decades.  I recently stopped by to check out my homeland and was excited to discover places downtown to spend money and run across other people.  Any place that will stick a chicken on a Labatt can for you is cool with me.

The owners of all the sports teams are imposing their vision on the city.  It only sounds ominous.  In fact, a massive shift without changing coordinates is fantastic news for Buffalo.  If the Pegulas’ ability to guide a chunk of the municipality from vacancy to activity translates to sports, there are rotten times ahead for those on the Bills’ schedule.  The seemingly ceaseless bout with anguish is going to seem like it passed in an instant once the good times are here.  The seventh Star Wars movie will hopefully make sitting through the prequels a distant ache even though they were brutal to endure in the cinema.

It may feel like we’ll never escape the woeful vicarious beatdowns.  Of course, it never felt like we’d have places to stroll and dine in front of the city’s premier hockey arena, either.  Success in sports may rely more on uncontrollable events than customer service.  All you can do in both is prepare for the rush.  With the grand opening still months away, the Bills have hired the right people to implement their business plan.  The scheme to break bones and teeth is the sort of commerce Orchard Park needs.

About Anthony Bialy

Anthony Bialy recently moved back to Buffalo from New York City and acts like he never left. He thinks "Buffalo 66" is biographical and considers it a crime against mankind that Steve Tasker is not in the Hall of Fame. He likes getting Tim Hortons on the way to get Labatt Blue. Follow him on Twitter at @AnthonyBialy.