Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills Don’t Care What You Think

If you’re comfortable, you’re not risking enough.  Getting ahead should feel dangerous, especially since safety is not a trait normally associated with progress.  Weighing the reward against the potential downside should lead to concluding goals are worth some pain.  Or, take a knee every snap to avoid painful tackles.

Reaching for anything valuable carries drawbacks.  Remaining still turns out to be dangerous in a league where only moving targets can hogu to evade enemies.  The Buffalo Bills no longer fear sedentary-based diseases.  It’s unhealthy to recline for that long.

percyTake a fast man who’s trying to stop moving.  Percy Harvin has a reputation in some quarters of being more skilled at executing the jet sweep than interpersonal communications.  Rex Ryan seems to disagree, or at least doesn’t mind: he obviously experienced enough amity while coaching the transient dynamo last season to be fine with bringing the noted speedster to his new place of business.

The Florida man has a chance to create distractions during games while avoiding them in between.  Declining to do something is easier, anyway.  His latest chance provides an opportunity to shine both at and away from football.  Harvin may have learned from earlier misunderstandings, and adaptability makes athletes hard to vanquish.

Besides, this is a job, not a social club.  Teammates can excel together even if the locker room doesn’t feel like a party.  It’s not like they’re adding abusers to the roster.  If the general manager from Terry Pegula’s other team isn’t worried about making friends, then the Bills should be fine with employees cooperating to improve the company and nothing else.  It’s nice if everyone becomes pals, and Ryan is doing a fine job building camaraderie.  Either way, Dunder Mifflin salesman and reserve defensive tackle Stanley Hudson would point out that they don’t have to get along: they just have to work together.

mccoyThe new-style Bills are unafraid to add players known fairly or unfairly as troublesome.  LeSean McCoy has been labeled as difficult by some, although none of them must have seen how charming he was on Ridiculousness.  Either way, he has the right temperament to win.  The Bills are issuing exclamations while ignoring the whispers.  They acquired him based on their impression, not that of the media.  The front office may just know more than the latter.

The defiance embodied by adding a player of McCoy’s style was seen in the deal itself.  The Kiko trade may appear to be the work of madmen.  We would obliviously be going about our offseason business if it never happened.  But Buffalo is willing to shatter the roster along with our expectations.  Fortunately, both can be rebuilt.

The Bills can’t stop living in the red.  Danger accompanies glory as they try to accelerate past the division’s slowpokes.  I don’t follow auto racing: it’s just guys driving in a circle instead of guys chasing a ball, which is clearly much more stimulating.  Regardless of my personal preference for athletic repetition, even those who find NASCAR as exciting as offramp merging can respect that the appeal lies in pushing boundaries.  The potential to crash is what makes race cars so exciting.  The dashing refusal to put one’s safety first also creates the potential to capture a checkered flag.

People who don’t care what others think about them earn at least grudging admiration.  And if not, who cares?  It’s refreshing to ignore speculation about your actions.  Smirking in response to disapproval starts with the coach.  Ryan is not the type to ask for permission.  Do what pleases you.  Go ahead and wear white after Labor Day.  Being known for rolling the dice is a welcome change form how the Bills were renowned for meekness over the drought, as outside observers only remembered how forgettable they were. Playing it safe meant not playing in January.  The surest way to slip is fearing missteps.

Those waiting for action should know that the jolts aren’t over, which provides some comfort during the pre-preseason.  Buffalo’s new fondness for shocking the football world will sustain fans when even training camp seems a century away.  The determination of the team which added Richie Incognito to not give a damn what outsiders think may mean unexpected cuts and starters this summer.  It’s tough to get a handle on who will be passing to whom.  But disobeying purported restrictions is now team policy.  If the season can’t come fast enough, know this team will be assertive before then.

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Anthony Bialy recently moved back to Buffalo from New York City and acts like he never left. He thinks "Buffalo 66" is biographical and considers it a crime against mankind that Steve Tasker is not in the Hall of Fame. He likes getting Tim Hortons on the way to get Labatt Blue. Follow him on Twitter at @AnthonyBialy.

2 Replies to “Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills Don’t Care What You Think”

  1. Good tried of being the good guys who never make the playoffs. That is old and tired! Bring on the New Bills!!

  2. Anthony,

    Right on! Couldn’t agree more with your analysis here. In fact, one guy that might benefit the most from that type of environment is EJ Manuel.

    Great points here, thanks!