Buffalo Bills as Star Wars Characters

May 4th is Star Wars Day, so what better way to celebrate as it draws to a close than to mash up two great things?

After seeing what the Arizona Cardinals did, I thought it would be funny to see what names Bills fans could come up with for some of their favorite players. The #BuffaloBillsAsStarWarsCharacters hashtag didn’t quite take off like I’d hoped, but there were some solid submissions.

Enter Garret Wolowski, who did a Jerry Hughes edit based off the hashtag and shared it with me after doing a Stephon Gilmore edit earlier… Of course, I immediately asked him to do more. A few hours later, he did NOT disappoint. Enjoy!

Stephon Solo

In honor of #StarWarsDay, I present to you, Stephon Solo. #BillsMafia

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Mace Wind-Hughes

Mace Wind-Hughes. Inspired by @mrdeadlier #BuffaloBillsAsStarWarsCharacters #BillsMafia @iam_jerryhughes

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Qui-Gon Jim

Qui-Gon Jim Kelly #BuffaloBillsAsStarWarsCharacters

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Darth Maul-cell Dareus

Darth Maul-cell Dareus #BuffaloBillsAsStarWarsCharacters #BillsMafia @cell57to99

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Sammy Wat-Kenobi

Sammy Wat-Kenobi #BuffaloBillsAsStarWarsCharacters #BillsMafia @sammywatkins

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Boobie Fett

Boobie Fett #BuffaloBillsAsStarWarsCharacters #BillsMafia @boobiedixon

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And one more. This, from Patrick McBride


May the 4th be with you, #BillsMafia!

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Del Reid became a Bills fan shortly after coming into this world, having been raised in a home that actually had a framed picture of OJ Simpson on the wall in the living room (until it came down in 1994). Del has always had a passion for bringing people together to celebrate things they share in common. As a result, he (quite accidentally) ended up co-founding the #BillsMafia movement among Bills fans in social media -- which to this point is the coolest thing that has ever happened to him aside from his relationship with God, his wife, and his two awesome kids. Follow him on Twitter at @mrdeadlier.