2015 NFL Draft: Breaking Down Buffalo Bills 3rd Round Pick, OG John Miller

Heading into the 2015 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills’ biggest question mark was on the offensive line, despite using three draft picks at the position just a year ago. After reports surfaced that the team’s front office traveled to Texas to dine with Baylor QB Bryce Petty just days before the draft, it appeared the team was set on bringing in legitimate competition for EJ Manuel. Instead, the Bills selected cornerback Ronald Darby in the second round, and Louisville guard John Miller in the third. Miller started 46 games over the course of his collegiate career, recording 125 knockdowns and his 92.4% positive blocking efficiency led the ACC in 2014.

At 6’2” 305 pounds, Miller is a bit undersized, but he has great length (33 ¼” arms) and has a strong and well-proportioned frame.

Run Blocking

A true “mauler” in the run game, Miller is a powerful blocker that uses his hands well to get inside defenders’ pads and control them, as you can see in the following clip against Virginia. Miller takes on the defensive tackle, showing impressive lower body strength by sinking his hips and driving him back before finishing with a pancake block.

Greg Roman’s offense calls for guards who can pull on power and trap runs. Miller isn’t the most athletic guard, but he has adequate enough movement skills to pull out and get to the second level consistently. In the following clip against the Miami Hurricanes, Miller kicks out and seals the edge defender, clearing a hole for the running back.

He does this again in the following play, pulling around to the right and flattening Denzel Perryman, one of the most powerful linebackers in the nation.

Pass Protection

Miller isn’t the most athletic prospect, but he makes up for his lack of quickness with incredible strength and great hand usage. In the following clip, Miller’s core strength allows him to anchor against the defender, before using his length to deliver a punch and maintain good distance.

Miller does a good job mirroring defenders and has the strength to push them away from the pocket as well.

He shows good awareness in pass protection as he recognizes stunts and will pick up delayed blitzes, while showing the ability to pass off defenders to teammates when necessary, like he does in the next play.

Bottom Line

John Miller is a quality guard that is an ideal fit for Bills’ Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman’s offense that is a man/gap scheme. While he doesn’t have the flashy measurables of the athletic linemen that get a lot of pre-draft hype, Miller is just a consistent and reliable player will likely come in and start from day one. He’s reliable in pass protection and is a powerful people-mover in the run game- something the Bills have lacked along the interior for several years.

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  1. another great breakdown.. I feel much better about Miller as a prospect than I did before the draft after watching these clips. Especially nice to see he has shown examples of being a competent pulling guard.