2015 NFL Draft: Scouting Potential Buffalo Bills Target, OL Ty Sambrailo

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One of the best things about the 2015 NFL Draft in terms of watching and evaluating talent has been, by far the depth of the lines offensively and defensively. Besides the typical “top of the heap” type sure first rounders, this draft will have a number of day 2 linemen that start their rookie year and acquit themselves quite well. After watching a few of his games, I see Ty Sambrailo as that type of player, particularly for the Buffalo Bills.

The 6’6″, 310+ pounder does his job efficiently, short arms (33″) notwithstanding. I look at Ty and I can’t help but see at times former Buffalo Bill Andy Levitre. Like Andy, Ty will most likely move from tackle to guard and is a bit of a technician. I think Ty has a little bit more of a mean streak, but Andy more often than not was better at getting into position for second level blocks, whereas Ty will get up to the second level and at times have a “what do I do next” vibe about him. Let’s take a closer look at #51 of Colorado State.


Ty is pretty mobile, being used as a puller even from left tackle. If he is converted to guard, his ability to climb to the second level on pulls will be essential for the power run game Greg Roman has employed in the past.

Sambrailo is also going to be able to get out in front on screens, which makes for a happy fanbase / coaching staff:

Run Blocking:

Because Sambrailo has experience blocking out of two-and-three point stances, that allows him to be a little ahead of some of his counterparts that have been in primarily spread / 2 point. In the NFL he’ll need to use both, so there’s no projection as to how well he’ll perform in the role, as he’s already done it.

In terms of being aggressive, Ty will get to the second level and look for work, but may not always find it. Should he get a piece of the defender, Sambrailo will try to bury him – but because of his need to get a little more “anchor down” weight, the mileage may vary as to how successful those block are.

Pass Blocking:

Ty ‘sits in the chair’ well and is efficient in protecting the quarterback. However, when I watched him (as you’ll see below) for every good snap you see, there are a number of pass sets where he is walked back to the QB – sometimes even walked into the QB!

With a year or two in an NFL strength program he should get the sand in his pants that’ll allow him to anchor in pass game, as well as get a little more ‘oomph’ in the run game. Working with his OL coach on how to get those hands up a little quicker should also be on his docket upon being drafted.

How He Fits the Bills:

Sambrailo is a stretched-out version of Andy Levitre  – technically sound, needs a little more weight on his frame and projects from tackle to left guard. I think with his additional length Ty would be a great candidate to slip into the left guard spot and have Wood and Glenn there to assist. Because of his skill set and potential to develop quickly, I see Ty Sambrailo as a day 2 (2nd – 3rd) round pick.