Watch Out Buffalo: Boobie Dixon’s Back In Town!

The running back situation with the Buffalo Bills was all the talk of the NFL this week. Of course, the impending trade of Kiko Alonso for LeSean McCoy was jaw dropping news for a couple of reasons.

Along with picking up one of the elite RBs in the league, it also simultaneously meant that CJ Spiller would be moving on as well. Sad to see CJ Spiller move on, he is a solid RB and first class individual. However, that’s not all that happened this week for Bills running backs.

Fred Jackson took his beautiful wife Danielle to Gotham Hall in New York City to receive the prestigious Jefferson Award for the Greatest Public Service By An Athlete. Once again, Fred was repping the Bills in fine fashion.

Fred better be ready to see his name on ‘The Wall’ some day down the road. He exemplifies all that is right about an athlete as a role model for their community.

Lost among a flurry of activity with the Bills this week, ‘Boobie’ Dixon returned to town to begin shifting his preparation for next season. That’s right. The Boobie’s back in town lighting things up. I fully expect him to single handedly melt all the snow and usher in spring for a winter weary fan base in Western New York in a matter of days.

Why? Because that’s just what Boobie does. He’s a man for all seasons, though I suspect he wouldn’t pick the ‘Snovember’ storm as one of his favorite weather related moments. We discovered a lot about our Boobie during that fateful time.

Boobie has a special personality that syncs well with the Buffalo ‘FAM’ base. His smile and positivity literally shine in full tilt mode. He flourished in the role of comedian during that horrible time when WNY was literally buried in a manner not seen since the ‘Blizzard of ’77’.

What is it about Boobie that intrigues us? Well, for one thing his interactions on social media provides a stream of must-see entertainment. His reaction to ‘Snovember’ was priceless.

Throughout that horrible storm, our Boobie was taking it all in and leading people through a stressful time with his video reactions about experiencing this epic event. Many native WNYers found this humorous because we were born with a shovel in our hands. It was a classic fun-fest on Twitter for days.

boobieHowever, there is more to this story when you lift the hood on what makes Boobie tick. Our beloved Boobie is an extrovert whose passion for making people smile is only surpassed by his burning passion for the game of football.

If you missed it this week, take a moment to listen to his recent interview with John Murphy on his evening radio show.  When you listen to his enthusiasm for getting ready for the next season at the beginning of March, you know his dedication to excellence is foremost on his mind.

When you listen to Boobie talk, you get a real sense of his positivity. Boobie filters his commentary in a manner that shines the light on everyone around him. He embraces the present, and looks forward to the future.

Boobie knows the value of versatility and resourcefulness. He’s the kind of player Rex will love coaching, because they both have “IT” in spades. With Rex’s creative game plans, Boobie will no doubt flourish in his role, whatever it may be.

He’s also a work horse who will compliment Shady McCoy, and hopefully help Shady extend his career by reducing his number of carries a bit. We all know that Rex will need a full stable of RBs to get through a grueling season of ground and pound.

But what you get with Boobie Dixon is a multi-dimensional player that works as hard on special teams as he does in the backfield. Boobie is bold and not afraid to take calculated risks as he has proven with his flamboyant approach to special teams.

You’ve got to love a Boobie that takes chances. But if that’s not enough, I imagine Boobie is a blessing in the locker room and as a teammate. Boobie will flourish with Rex as a head coach. They are two peas in a pod as far as the charisma factor. Both enjoy a fantastic sense of humor and provide non-stop entertainment wherever they go.

It’s easy to visualize the Bills sideline this fall. Rex will be coaching up another victory against Belichick, and Boobie will be running around pumping up the crowd and making his teammates laugh with his antics.

If we step back and look at where this team was a year ago, the changes have been downright staggering. No one in their wildest dreams envisioned what has transpired over the last 12 months at One Bills Drive.

How would you have responded to someone that told you that Rex Ryan would be coaching the Bills and LeSean McCoy would be wearing blue instead of green this season? That reality still wakes me in the middle of the night and puts a grin on my face.

Guys like Boobie Dixon make being a Bills fan fun again. Those of us lucky to have experienced life as a Bills fan during the 90s remember all too well what it felt like to have a magical team doing magical things.

The cobwebs are taking over now, but I can still pull up that incredible feeling of being a Buffalo Bills fan during the Super Bowl years. It still gets me through a rough time when I’m searching for a smile.

Smiling about the state of the Bills these days feels like what it must have been like coming out of an ice age. The Bills have been in cold storage for the last 20 years. We have been beaten down in every conceivable way as fans of WNY sports.

Then the Pegulas came along and ripped the cover off the wagon. They brought in a new mindset to enhance players like Boobie Dixon in their quest to bring a championship to Buffalo. It looks like our seemingly never-ending despair is being lifted.

Boobie’s back in town, folks. Can the rest of the band be far behind?

Have a special day, BillsMafia. We are about to experience the rush we’ve been waiting for since the 1990s. I have no doubt it will be worth the wait. And yes, bring on the ‘Boobie’ jokes about this article in the comment section. Time to start having fun again!

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