FAMbase Fantasy Football

The Bills Mafia Fantasy Football Leagues have come a long way in a short period of time. We started this 2 years ago with 3 leagues and have tripled in size with over 100 Bills fans from all over the world participating. People from Buffalo to Australia to the UK have participated in our Fantasy leagues. We also changed the name this year to FAMbase Fantasy Football to stay consistent with other Bills Mafia projects.

The FAMbase is growing rapidly, showing everyone how strong and far reaching the Bills Mafia is. I am proud to be part of the Bills Mafia as it represents a group of the best fans in the world.

I would like to acknowledge all of the winners from each team as well as the guys who helped coordinate and be commissioners of these leagues.

My first shout out goes to Jesse Sythe, @polarpeace. Jesse has been a great help from day one with these leagues. His winner from Buffalove Fantasy Football League is Jordan Marrs, @J_Marrs_ with his team “Wing Team 64”. Jesse’s other team was Extrawack and the winner was a returning player in Neil Witkowski, @NeilWit716.
Another original commish who has also helped tremendously from the beginning is Lucas Blescacek, @LukeB5301. This year’s winner from his Billieve Fantasy Football league was @bodotdot which is also the team name.

New league, “Machine Gun Kelly” was commished by Colt Schroeder, @OneBills. This league winner had one of the best team names in “Turn Down For Watkins”. That winner was Megan Novak, @Megs16.
Matt Ciminella, @MattCiminella was commissioner of the newly formed Biscuit Fantasy Football League. The winner of this league was Mike Ciminella [no twitter handle], team name “New is Always Better”.
The next 2 leagues were commished by the same guy. Patrick McBride, @McBPJ handled “The Legend of Kiko Alonso” and “Bruce is Loose” Fantasy Football Leagues. Legend of Kiko Alonso winner was a Bills fan from across the pond out of Manchester, “England All Stars” owner Sam Massingham, @HugeMasso. Sam enjoyed this season so much he has already asked when we start the next one. Bruce is Loose was won by the commish himself, Patrick McBride.
We had 2 other new leagues this year that were commissioned by Sean Black, @SBmoney2. The winners of these 2 leagues were Shane Carmody, @Moose_Carmody and Troy Wilder, @gomelo15.

Finally we come to the 2 leagues that I had the privilege to be commissioner of. Schefter Breaking News Fantasy Football saw the Ohio Savages winning it all with David Pope as the owner. My other league was FAMbase Fantasy Football. I have a quick story to tell on this one and those who know Breyon Harris will get a kick out of it.

Final week before the Fantasy playoffs and its me against Bre with the winner getting in and the loser not. Bre had Peyton Manning and this was the week that the Bills played the Broncos. In our scoring system, the Bills held Manning to 2 Fantasy points. That was also the week the Falcons had a shootout at Green Bay which my QB was Matty Ice who scored 44 fantasy points. The end result was that our beloved Bills defense kept Breyon, the returning champ from making the playoffs and he was hilarious on twitter that Sunday.
It was a great and fun fantasy football season.

I hope everyone who played had a great time also and I look forward to bigger and better things from the FAMbase Fantasy Football League in the future. I made sure to put everyone’s twitter handle on here so please go and follow your fellow Bills Fans. Here’s to a great 2015 season and hopefully the Bills can make the playoffs and we can fulfill the “Tattoo Pact”.
Vance Miller, @TBM_Fantasy, @vancemiller2