2015 NFL Draft: Scouting Potential Buffalo Bills Pick Minnesota TE Maxx Williams

A name that might be something of an unknown quantity to many at this point is Maxx Williams, Minnesota’s versatile tight end that could find himself a relatively high selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. Williams is only a redshirt sophomore but has declared his intentions to head for the professional ranks.

Williams stands 6-foot-4 inches tall and is listed at 250 pounds.

Statistically, the Golden Gopher won’t blow you away. In his 2 years at Minnesota, Williams has only made 61 catches for 986 yards and 13 touchdowns. Williams hasn’t been utilized as much as his talents dictate but with Minnesota having a poor quarterback and a great running back, the lack of a passing attack isn’t a great surprise.


Maxx shows time and time again that he’s a very natural catcher of the ball. His hands are like Velcro lined buckets. His catching technique is consistent in all situations; he’s comfortable catching the ball at the highest point and doesn’t allow his concentration to be disturbed by any impending contact. His hand-eye coordination is superb too.

Firstly, against Iowa, Williams shows off his strong hands and his spatial awareness. Coming off a corner route, he makes a fantastic catch and has the presence of mind to drag his foot in bounds.

This time against Michigan, Williams shows off his strength by fighting off contact and making a spectacular one-handed grab. Again, showing great awareness of his position on the field to stay in bounds.


Still being fairly young and inexperienced, his blocking is still very much a work-in-progress but he shows a willingness to get his hands dirty. He does get a bit overeager, particularly blocking at the 2nd level but he does show decent instincts for blocking. While it isn’t always pretty, it’s more about a lack of technical refinement than about desire.

While the technique isn’t fantastic this shows off his determination. Blocking Michigan DE Frank Clark 1-on-1 and fighting all the way to the whistle. He needs to work on his blocking but showing the will is always important at this point in his development.

Athletic Ability:

Maxx might not post a blistering 40 time at the Combine but he has more than enough to make you pay for a mistake and has the ability to cause a mismatch against linebackers with his speed and against defensive backs with his size. He covers ground well and shows decent straight line and lateral movement. He can also do this! The first Vine is courtesy of Christian Shanafelt, you should give him a follow!

The Verdict:

Get used to the name Maxx Williams because you’ll be hearing a lot more about him in the coming weeks and months. He has the ability to be a great multi-dimensional tight end and already has a skill set that should allow him to be utilised as a rookie, even if it’s just situationally as a receiver.

His attributes as a receiver and an athletic mismatch make him a great fit for the new age NFL tight end. He can stretch the field and will give teams a great red zone weapon. With Maxx only turning 21 in the weeks before the draft, I feel as though his best is yet to come with experience. His blocking is the main area for improvement and might limit his reps initially.

Maxx Williams grades out as a late 1st – early 2nd round pick for me. He is currently my #1 tight end and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. If he’s on the board at the 50th pick, he should be a no-brainer for the Bills. He’ll give the team the kind of threat at the position that they’ve been lacking for years.

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