#BillsMafia Chapters: Denver Edition

The Buffalo Bills travel to Mile High Stadium to take on the Denver Broncos this week with three away games left to play.  This week I caught up with my old friend, and fellow UB alum, Jeremy Goodrich who now lives in Denver.

Jeremy works for a property management company in Denver and moved there when his fiancé got into nursing school.  So not only did he move for love, but he fell in love with the city and recently purchased his first house in Capitol Hill.

For Jeremy his fandom started early like most of us.  Like most of the millennial generation he became fascinated with the Bills in connection with their Super Bowl runs in the early 90’s.  As Jeremy describes, “most of my family rooted for the Bills since they were closer to Ithaca NY and represented the underdog, so I became intrigued by them and apparently at just the right time.”

Beyond family connections Jeremy loved the intrigue the Bills had saying, “How could you not love them after seeing what Frank Reich did in that comeback against the Oilers and going from the wildcard game to the Superbowl, instituting the revolutionary no huddle offense and those consecutive trips to the big game?”

This passion continued to spread when Jeremy actually met, and gave directions to Thurman Thomas, while he was in college at the University at Buffalo.  Meeting his childhood idol grew only cemented his passion for the Bills.

As always Jeremy gives us a little insight for any incoming Bills fans:

Best tailgating location:

Jeremy has yet to tailgate around Denver stadium as his office is across the street, but he did state that he knows there will be a large contingent of fans meeting at the Q hotel in the morning.

Best Bills Backer Bar:

When Jeremy can’t watch the game at home he goes out to LODO’s Bar & Grill.  He also points out, “timing is everything.”  Though LODO’s will always show a Bronco game, it’s a great football atmosphere for those early 1 pm games.

bills fan

Best Food in Denver:

Jeremy frequents TAG in downtown Denver.  He states. “It offers a unique assortment of foods that you won’t find every day.”  Jeremy recommends the taco sushi, or kobe beef sliders.  As an added bonus, Jeremy then suggests Green Russell to wash down everything you ate at TAG.

Touristy Thing to Do:

Denver can be summed up as, “the Micro-brewery capital of the country.”  So it’s pretty simple for Bills fans to walk down the road and pass multiple breweries.  Jeremy recommends, “Black Shirt Brewing, Renegade Brewing Company or Dry Dock if you have more conventional tastes. If you want to be really touristy, go to the Coor’s Brewery for a self-guided tour and enjoy a glass of complimentary ho hum beverages.”

Secretly Cool Thing to Do:

If the weather is calm enough Jeremy suggests catching a show at the Red Rocks, or a nature hike at the Garden of the Gods.  As the local states, “These are all very beautiful and reflective of what Colorado has to offer.”

What Does Being in the Bills Mafia mean to you?

“I always wanted to be in the Mafia but not have to hurt people so this is a great medium. It means strength in unity and not being so detached from the Bills organization as it may feel. It also is a great way to keep up to date with what’s going on with the organization and players. It’s good to know there are others of us out there. It’s also a great way to support a great team and flagship organization. When they do finally win a Super Bowl-it will be the sweetest thing ever.  Go Bills!”

About Jason DeHart

Jason is a UB alum with over six years of media experience including his time as the student voice for the UB Bulls football & basketball teams. He currently resides in Delray Beach with his wife and currently works for CBSSports.com as an online video producer. #billsmafia4life